Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Exclusive Pics From Joe Zaso's Latest BRAINCELL!


Exclusive Pics From Joe Zaso's Latest BRAINCELL!

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Cinema Images is finishing up work on their latest feature BRAINCELL. There are few working as hard and tirelessly in the world of truly independent horror as producer/star Joe Zaso and the crew over at Cinema Images. Their films, which frequently make use of fantastic locations and international casts, really hearken back the Italian productions of the 70's and 80's, which was especially evident in their last feature DARKNESS SURROUNDS ROBERTA.

Zaso has provided Icons of Fright with 3 exclusive pics from his latest production BRAINCELL, which is wrapping up, on location, in Liverpool, UK as well as Naples, Italy. The film has been produced by Zaso’s Cinema Image Productions in association with Studio Mare Nostrum LLC and Cryptkeeper Films. Zaso has also provided us with the one-sheet for Timo Rose's werewolf mystery BEAST.

Zaso described his role to Fangoria earlier this week as "Dr. Cornwall, an unhinged university professor who is responsible for a wave of violence caused by the experiments he performs at the school.". The film will also feature Cinema Images regular Raine Brown as, "Hannah, his estranged niece who goes to live with her crazy uncle and then unravels a frightening mystery at the school." In addition Zaso has once again lined up an international cast that includes, "Eileen Daly who plays a wicked nurse named Nurse Audra who assists in the dark doings, and the cast also includes Billy Garberina from NECROVILLE and Eleanor James from Ivan Zuccon’s COLOUR FROM THE DARK. Also appearing are two names known well to British television viewers: HOLLYOAKS’ Leon Lopez and THE IT CROWD’s Matt Berry.”

Zaso first met BRAINCELL director Alex Birrell when the latter served as DARKNESS’ cinematographer; also encoring from the movie is composer Marco Werba, who was since tapped by Dario Argento to score his latest feature GIALLO. The climatic and scheduling problems on this low-budget project are also familiar to Zaso, but he says, “While the weather in Liverpool might be freezing at the moment and the pace on the set hectic, the people here are amazingly kind, and the city itself has a very unique look and feel. It’s a great place to make films. Alex is very meticulous in all departments, and his love of the Italian and Eurohorror styles has made the experience very positive.”

Raine Brown says of working in the UK, "The opportunity to film in England is so amazing; I’m in love with the country, the landscape and the people,” Brown adds. “BRAINCELL is such an artistic and atmospheric piece.  My character is a big departure from the spunky leading ladies I usually play. She’s lost, sad and trapped in a world that she does not understand. This film mixes the dream world into the already fantastical reality that Hannah is facing, so that one is never sure what the truth is.”

Zaso is looking toward completing BRAINCELL this summer, with release in both the U.S. and UK targeted for August. "BEAST" from Cinema Image Productions (feautring Zaso, Brown, Daly and Timo Rose) will be on DVD on March 6.

Take a look below for some pics from BRAINCELL. Click on any image to see a full size version:





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