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"V" To Return to Primetime-Original Creator Not Involved

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In the early 1980's, sci-fi miniseries "V", the alien-human Holocaust allegory scored record ratings, spawned a sequel, "V: The Final Battle", and the short lived but well made "V: The Series". Now ABC is set to revive the cult classic for a new franchise, according to Variety. The new show, produced by "The 4400" creator Scott Peters will not try to replicate the original except that "the new "V" will still focus on what happens when the masses have blind faith in their leaders."

The 80's series focused on seemingly benevolent aliens coming to Earth with the the promise of sharing advanced technology in exchange for some help with their ailing planet. Unfortunately for the human race while they looked human underneath they were secretly lizard-like creatures who'd come to steal our water and enslave us.

Original series creator Kenneth Johnson had been trying to get a sequel to the original series off the ground for several years without success. Earlier this year Johnson released his sequel in the form of the novel "V: The Second Generation".

The original "V" series also featured many horror genre veterans such as Marc Singer, Robert Englund, Michael Ironside, Leonard Cimino, Jane Badler, and Faye Grant in early roles as both human and alien.

While the prospect of a series without Johnson disappoints us, we cannot lie...


We're "V fans.

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    I'm not sure it bodes well for the show without Johnson at the helm, as the work he put into making V was remarkable, and definitely a large part of what made it successful was his vision.
    That being said, I've been a fan of V since I was a little kid, so I'll be waiting to watch as well.

    Same here...I remember watching the show when I was a kid. It would be great to see the completion of it. Bring It On!!

    LOVE that show!!!

    I remember watching all 3 of them when I was a kid. Having all of the original characters coming back to reprise their roles would be awesome. Except for the characters who were killed off and who have passed away in real life, of course. LOL. It can pick up from where the series left off.

    I remember watching all 3 of them when I was a kid. Having all of the original characters coming back to reprise their roles would be awesome. Except for the characters who were killed off and who have passed away in real life, of course. LOL. It can pick up from where the series left off.

    I loved this show as a kid but to make it without Kenneth Johnson is a massive mistake, guarantee it will be a failure, as the guys who do these remakes always seem to leave out what makes these shows popular in the first place, hope i`m wrong.

    Big mistake. I'm very interested in Johnson's proposed sequel feature, having read the book. I'd worry about the thinking and message behind any re-boot, especially without Johnson. In what way would it be "V" without the underpinnings? Maybe ABC has a conservative slant for it.

    im actually watching it now i own every episode on dvd and i never get bored i really hope they do make more is the really gonne ba a V the second generation and will the original cast be back

    WOW - Can't wait for this show to come on TV - it's wayyyyy long overdue...

    In my opinion, V has been one of the best sci-fi series ever to hit the big screen or TV. I would love to see any version of V return to TV. I would also love to see the original cast back but...I'm sure TV executives will frown upon that!

    Regarding Johnson's sequel, I'm currently reading it, and it picks up as if "The final battle" never existed, making it rather confusing. Maybe him not being in the mix for a new version is'nt so bad-guess I'm just a "V" purist!!

    I am so tired of reading about creators getting their creations snatched away from them, about in house fighting about money, about a lack of creative control and about producers having the right to take away original ideas and having them dumbed down instead. I am sorry Kenneth keeps having his voice drowned out by greedy tv executives who see nothing but coins in his work. I am also sorry to see that finally someone is going ahead once again, without Kenneth and taking his creations and whoring them off to the highest bidder. I love Scott Peters, make no mistake, but I root for Kenneth. It seems he keeps losing in the final say with his ideas, and that does not improve my mood for the work about to come. Somethings cannot be remade, and the reason why people are not turning out to all the remade shows is the remakes are stupid and pale in the face of the original. If the writing strike did not kill off the crappy, wanna be writers who think lame Hollywood ideas, then perhaps another strike is in order, until all the useless fat has been trimmed, and only the truly creative minds are left in the ring. We dont need another stupid remake of good shows. We just need good ideas, and ideas which are not knock offs of things that have already come before. because people are too lazy and unimaginitive to come up with something new...

    Most Respectfully,

    F i n n e g a n

    i can not waite to see more "V"
    i hope it sticks to the script to the cool oringal movie mini seris and tv seris shows i pray
    that oringal cast come back too
    it would be neat o max
    kennth john said thru email thanks for carring
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    trickbusters copperfield

    hiya, i loved the series v also and eventualy got hold of v the mini series and the final battle on dvd. what i have found hard that u cant seem to be able to watch v the return in the uk. ive watched the dvds over and over again and completing the collection would be great.
    any ideas on uk streaming sites?

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