Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Guillermo Del Toro Talks His Version Of FRANKENSTEIN!

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Guillermo Del Toro Talks His Version Of FRANKENSTEIN!

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Coming Soon.net caught up with Guillermo Del Toro at The New Yorker Festival and got an update on his upcoming 2-picture adaptation of THE HOBBIT. The article mentions that he'll be wrapped up in Middle Earth until 2012 with the 2 HOBBIT movies and is then booked solid until 2017 with DR. JEKYL AND MR. HYDE, his Lovecraft adaptation of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, his vampire trilogy of books (read more about that HERE) and his proposed version of FRANKENSTEIN.

According to Coming Soon, Del Toro is an acknowledged fan of "Frankenstein." He has busts of Boris Karloff as the monster in his house. One of his biggest filmic influences, the 1973 Spanish film The Spirit of the Beehive, revolves around a showing of the classic Universal Frankenstein. He has raved about Bernie Wrightson's illustrated version and the original Frank Darabont script eventually filmed as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh in '94 and all-but-disowned by Darabont. Del Toro's version, however, sounds decidedly different…

"I'm not doing 'Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.' I'm doing an adventure story that involves the creature. I cannot say much, but it's not the central creation story, I'm not worried about that. The fact is I've been dreaming of doing a 'Frankenstein' movie since I was a child. The one thing I can promise is, compared to Kenneth Branagh, I will not appear shirtless in the movie!"

You can read more on FRANKENSTEIN and THE HOBBIT at the original article HERE!

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