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September 30, 2008


We're proud to present actress/model ERIN K SULLIVAN as our SEPTEMBER 2008 FRIGHT GIRL OF THE MONTH! A fellow New Yorker, the lovely Miss Sullivan has performed on film, in television and on the stage for theater. She's also won the "screaming" scream queen contest on FANGORIA's SIRIUS radio show several times! Click HERE or on the logo below to check out her FRIGHT INSIGHTS and FRIGHT GIRL pictures! Welcome to the FRIGHT club, Erin!

September 29, 2008


Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with MICK GARRIS! Mick Garris got his start much like we did here at ICONS, by interviewing filmmakers for magazines & his Z channel show FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL. (His guests included John Landis, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, John Boorman) He went on to write for Steven Spielberg on AMAZING STORIES, then directed CRITTERS 2: THE MAIN COURSE, the prequel/sequel PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING starring Anthony Perkins, and later went on to work with Stephen King more then any other filmmaker on such films as SLEEPWALKERS, THE STAND, THE SHINING, RIDING THE BULLET & DESPERATION. (His next King adaptation will be BAG OF BONES!) He also created Showtime's hit series MASTERS OF HORROR, as well as it's NBC follow-up FEAR ITSELF! It helps that he's probably the nicest guy in the movie business, which is why he agreed to speak to us about all of the above! Click the frame or image below (or HERE) to read the FRIGHT exclusive interview!


Our staffer Phil Fasso make the trek to Indianapolis, IN for August's HORRORHOUND convention! The guests included a HOWLING reunion with director Joe Dante, Dee Wallace Stone, Dick Miller (GREMLINS) and Belinda Balaski. Other guests included HALLOWEEN vet Danielle Harris, new Jason Voorhees Derek Mears, A. Michael Baldwin (PHANTASM), Jeffrey Combs (RE-ANIMATOR) and Jake Busey! Click HERE or on the image below to read Phil's full report from HORRORHOUND, Indianapolis, IN, August 2008 in "Let the Bodies and the Peanut Shells Hit the Floor"!

September 28, 2008

Jason Voorhees Unmasked! Behind The Scenes Pics From FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Horrorbid.com posted several behind the scenes photos from the set of Platinum Dunes' FRIDAY THE 13TH remake revealing the unmasked Jason Voorhees! Now, few things. Naturally, Derek Mears face isn't completely covered in make-up in these photos, so no doubt the full Jason face "reveal" will look slightly different then what you'll see at the Horrorbid link. Second, I personally hate a spoiler of this caliber. The most fun thing about the FRIDAY THE 13TH flicks is the Jason reveal usually saved for the last 10 minutes of each movie. So below are 3 non-spoiler images from the site. If you want to see more, click HERE at your own risk! Enjoy!

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH directed by Marcus Nispel and written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift (FREDDY VS JASON) stars Jared Padalecki (SUPERNATURAL), Derek Mears (HILLS HAVE EYES 2), Amanda Righetti, Danielle Panabaker, Travis Van Winkle, Aaron Yoo, Adam Finberg, Nick Mennell (ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN), Jonathan Sadowski, Nana Visitor, Arlen Escarpeta, Ryan Hansen, Richard Burgi, Julianna Guill and Willa Ford. It hits theaters Friday, February 13th, 2009!

2 Clips From DEXTER! Season 3 Premieres Tonight!

Are you guys as excited as I am for the premiere of DEXTER Season 3 tonight?! Well, if you want a quick tease of what to expect, Showtime's official website has posted 2 short video clips from tonight's premiere episode titled "Our Father". Check them out below!

DEXTER stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jimmy Smits, Julie Benz, James Remar, David Zayas, Lauren Vélez and C.S. Lee. Season 3 premieres tonight on Showtime!

Tons Of Images From SAW V!

The official website for SAW V has been updated with several photos, downloads and the teaser trailer. With the release about a month away, I'm sure we'll be seeing more activity on the www.saw5.com. Check out a batch of new images below! "You won't believe how it ends!"

was directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) and stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Play Jigsaw's You Tube game, details HERE!

Check out the SAW V French Quad and TV spot HERE!

Check out a video clip of the "pit & the pendulum" trap right HERE!

Check out the UK quad poster for SAW V right HERE!

Check out a revealing video with new photos from SAW V right HERE!

Check out an image of Jigsaw's latest trap from SAW V HERE!

Check out the new theatrical poster HERE!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE!

Check out the original kick-ass teaser poster for SAW V HERE!

Check out the "BLOOD DRIVE" posters at our previous news post HERE!

Visit the official site at: http://www.saw5.com

The New Malachai and Isaac From CHILDREN OF THE CORN!

A reader sent over Bloody-Disgusting a batch of photos from the shoot of the CHILDREN OF THE CORN remake. Among the photos are our first real good looks at the new Malachai and Isaac, as portrayed by Daniel Newman and Preston Bailey (DEXTER) respectively. Click either teaser image below to check out more pics on B-D's site. Donald Borchers, producer on the original is writing and directing the remake based on the Stephen King novelette. Also in the cast is David Anders and Kandyse McClure. The first CHILDREN OF THE CORN starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton and eventually went on to spawn 6 sequels!

Other posts: CHILDREN OF THE CORN Isaac casting HERE!


first casting HERE!

Update on the shoot HERE!

Announcement HERE!

From MULBERRY STREET To STAKE LAND! Latest From Jim Mickle!

I really enjoyed the hell out of filmmaker Jim Mickle's MULBERRY STREET, which was part of last year's 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR from the AFTER DARK FEST. Now, FANGORIA has revealed Mickle's follow-up film, titled STAKE LAND. Whereas MULBERRY STREET was Mickle and co-writer Nick Damici's take on zombies (rat zombies, no less), STAKE LAND will be their take on vampires! Glass Eye Pix Larry Fesseden is producing and told FANGO, "Yes, it’s got vampires in it. MULBERRY STREET's Nick Damici will star and co-write it again with Jim, and the same MULBERRY STREET stable of cast and crew will be back. We start shooting in New York City this November."

As far as Fesseden, he hinted to FANGO that he's up for a Hollywood remake, but no details yet.

Check out our FRIGHT exclusive interviews with both Jim Mickle and Larry Fessenden below by clicking their respective frames!



First Image From WRONG TURN 3?

Although it's not very revealing, the first image from WRONG TURN 3 has surfaced on the IMDB page of lead actress Janet Montgomery. (Who also appears in Dave Parker's THE HILLS RUN RED) The new sequel is currently shooting in Bulgaria under the direction of Declan O'Brien. A follow-up to Joe Lynch's successful WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END, the new film supposedly centers on mutie Three-Finger as he takes on a group of prisoners who escape while being transported.

stars Tom Frederic (THE OXFORD MURDERS), THE HILLS RUN RED's Janet Montgomery and Mike Straub, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin and Chucky Venice (RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL). Check out Janet Montgomery's IMDB page HERE and the image below!

Click the frame below to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with WRONG TURN 2 director JOE LYNCH!

And our EXCLUSIVE extensive interview with WRONG TURN 2 star ERICA LEERHSEN!

TWILIGHT Actor Cast In Clive Barker's DREAD!

Jackson Rathbone has been cast in the upcoming Clive Barker adaptation of DREAD, based on the short story from his legendary BOOKS OF BLOOD. (It's a real sicko tale too!) Anthony DiBlasi is writing and directing DREAD, which "tells the story of Quaid, a student of philosophy, who is obsessed by his own nightmare of an ax-murdering clown so he concocts a series of experiments to observe firsthand how other people react to the things that most horrify them. But while Quaid slowly unpeels the psyches of his imprisoned and tortured captives like a reeking onion, his own dread waits, just beyond his control." Rathbone (who plays Jasper in TWILIGHT and also appears in the upcoming S. DARKO) will be playing the role of Stephen Grace in DREAD. Shooting begins this October for a release sometime next year.

Romero's New Zombie Flick NOT A Sequel To DIARY OF THE DEAD?

George A. Romero recently started shooting what was believed to be the sequel to DIARY OF THE DEAD in Toronto, Canada, but now reports are indicating that Romero's latest "zombie" opus is not DIARY OF THE DEAD 2. Uncle George told SchlockAroundtheClock.com, "the story starts with the blonde who drove away (in DIARY OF THE DEAD) and the national guardsmen who robbed the people. So those are the only characters that return. What it's about is tribalism. How the Internet creates a Hatfields and McCoys situation. It's on an island, where people have been lured by someone on the net as a safe haven, but really what these guys are trying to do is hold them up at the boat docks."

Meanwhile producer Nicolas Chartier chatted with movieset.com and told them, "We're shooting underwater zombies. They're swimming, grabbing people's legs, pulling them down. It's a lot of fun."

Visit: SchlockAroundtheClock.com and Movieset.com for the full articles.

SPLINTER Trailer & Images!

Apple's website has the trailer for SPLINTER, the new horror film directed by Toby Wilkins (THE GRUDGE 3) and starring Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner (BLADE: THE SERIES) & Rachel Kerbs. Check out the trailer HERE! (Already downloaded it to my iPhone!) Meanwhile, Shock Till You Drop has a slew of images from SPLINTER, which you can access HERE or by clicking the image below!

synopsis: A young couple has retreated to the wilderness for a romantic camping weekend-but the trip quickly spirals into a nightmare when they are car-jacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend. Thrown together by chance, no one can imagine the terrifying horror that awaits the two couples at a remote and isolated gas station.

SAW V Promotion! Jigsaw Asks YOU To Make SAW Videos!

Lionsgate unveiled the following video via You Tube with Jigsaw encouraging fans to cut together their own SAW videos as a promotion for the upcoming SAW V. You can enter the contest at Lionsgate's You Tube page: http://www.youtube.com/LionsgateLIVE. Jigsaw will explain the rules in the video below! And he promises that "you won't believe how it ends!" Enjoy and good luck!

SAW V was directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) and stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Bill Murray Talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3!

This news is a couple of days old but worth mentioning regardless - At the screening of Gil Kenan's new film CITY OF EMBER at FANTASTIC FEST, Bill Murray was the surprise guest and fielded some  questions from the audience after the movie. The subject of the recently announced GHOSTBUSTERS 3 came up and here's what Bill had to say:

"Well, I think the wounds from GHOSTBUSTERS 2 have healed. And supposedly they've got 2 guys from THE OFFICE to write a script? That could work, I think that's a good idea to get a fresh look at it. I've always liked the characters, the characters were fun. And we did have a lot of fun making the movie, the first one was really a lot of fun to make. I think the first 45 minutes of GHOSTBUSTERS is about as funny as a movie gets. We didn't have a lot of special effect in it, it was just a couple. It was just the funny characters in that world, and I liked that movie because of it. I think the first movie had something like 60 plate shots or something like that? The second one had hundreds. The special (FX) guys got their hands on the script early (for GHOSTBUSTERS 2) and it was just gone. It went away. The script went away. It was hard to wrangle because it was tied all around the FX without story coming first or the characters moving through it, so - they're hard movies to write. And Dan really caught it with that first one. He really caught it. And it's fun. Characters are fun to do. We did the video game this summer and it was fun to do it again. I found myself walking down 5th Avenue singing the song! People (walking by) were like 'God, that guy's really full of himself'"

The original GHOSTBUSTERS was directed by Ivan Reitman from a script by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, and starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Annie Potts. The new GHOSTBUSTERS is currently being scripted by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

Watch the video from FANTASTIC FEST! Original post: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38496

September 26, 2008


The moment you fiends have been waiting for! ICONS OF FRIGHT and Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL are proud to present 2... count 'em 2 exclusive audio commentaries for Tom Holland's seminal 1985 vampire flick FRIGHT NIGHT! Hot on the heels of the CHILD'S PLAY director's commentary we presented to you last week, we've got 2 feature length MP3 commentaries available for download for FREE! And for the fans!!!

The first commentary track features writer/director Tom Holland, stars Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige) & Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole), moderated by Tim Sullivan. The second commentary track features writer/director Tom Holland, William Ragsdale (Charley Brewster), Stephen Geoffreys ("Evil" Ed Thompson) & FX artist Randall William Cook, moderated by Jeremy Smith (aka Mr. Beaks from Ain't It Cool News) and hosted by Tim Sullivan. Click either image below to be brought directly to our "pirate" commentary page, and download all 3 FREE commentaries for keeps! Tim will queue you up at the beginning of each commentary track so you can listen along with your DVD's!

Make sure to read Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL ISSUE TWO: "MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS", his extensive interview with writer/director Tom Holland by clicking the images below!

Special thanks to Joseph Bishara and Cliff Greenough!

September 25, 2008


Just added! ISSUE 2 of Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL column, "MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS"! In this issue, Tim chats extensively with Tom Holland, the writer/director of FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD'S PLAY, THINNER, THE LANGOLIERS, 5 OR DIE, writer on PSYCHO 2, THE BEAST WITHIN, CLOAK & DAGGER & more! The article covers all grounds! Read Tim's introduction below and head over to the full on interview by clicking the frame and image below!

Gun to my head, it would be FRIGHT NIGHT. Yup. Freddy truly scared me. Pinhead freaked me out. Jason and the Living Dead's Return were bloody good fun. But with finger to the trigger forced to choose my favorite 80's horror show, without hesitation my answer would be FRIGHT NIGHT. Could anything be cooler? Well, maybe Charley Brewster, but I wouldn't want to wrestle Evil Ed over that one. Or maybe I would...

In an era where androgyny and style ruled the radio and the MTV, writer/director Tom Holland dished up Jerry Dandrige, perhaps the smoothest, sexiest vampire to ever stalk the crimson screen. To a young horror fan still in the coffin circa 1985, Dandrige's invitation to Evil Ed was a no-brainer; I would have gladly let him wrap his turquoised leather coat around me and forever joined his army of the night.

This past week, 23 years later, I finally got the chance. For real. You see FRIGHT NIGHT, along with its creator, is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. After a decade in the shadows, Tom Holland has returned to take his rightful place at the Masters of Horror table. PSYCHO II and CHILD’S PLAY alone would be enough to earn Holland that seat, yet add to that the valentine to 60's/70's horror with it's 80's time capsule picture frame that is FRIGHT NIGHT, and you've got a guy who should be as much a horror household name as Craven, Carpenter and Cronenberg. But out of sight, out of mind as they say, and for awhile there, Tom was not around. But the vampire has moved in next door again, thank God. And with a vengeance. WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM, his standout episode of MASTERS OF HORROR has just been released as part of a killer "skull" set from Anchor Bay. CHILD’S PLAY has been re-released in a 20th anniversary birthday edition. And FRIGHT NIGHT has taken its show on the road. Beginning with a reunion convention panel in Dallas, March of this year, the "rebirth" truly culminated the week of September 15th here in LA - a week that will forever be burned in my memory as FRIGHT NIGHT WEEK- or- the week I got to sit in close quarters with Jerry Dandrige, Charley Brewster, Evil Ed and Billy Cole. Bite me now, please. With a sold out Midnight screening at the Nuart Theater serving as the anchor, FRIGHT NIGHT's cast and crew got back together to celebrate this film with the fans that have made it a Horror Hall of fame classic. The love for the film kept flowing like blood from a bat bite- websites and webmasters crossed party lines and joined together in unanimous articles and interviews of praise and reminiscence, talkbacks and emails exploded on the web with unique and personal stories yet all with the same prevailing theme - FRIGHT NIGHT is a true classic, an underrated classic, and a seminal, inspirational monster movie that cannot be forgotten by those on whom its been imprinted.

As a 'thank you" to FRIGHT NIGHT aficionados (and an "F you" to studio decision makers who have not given the film the proper home video presentation it deserves), Tom Holland and company gathered for not one, but TWO exclusive audio commentaries (three if you include one he did for CHILD’S PLAY) that will be made available as free audio downloads here at Icons of Fright. Pirate commentaries we call 'em, with everything you ever wanted to know from the people you wanted to hear it from. Tom Holland. Chris Sarandon. William Ragsdale. Stephen Geoffreys. Jonathan Stark. FX artist Randall Cook. Just press play and geek out.

When I first saw FRIGHT NIGHT, it rocked my world. And if you told me that one day I would be breaking bread with the folks behind the scenes, part of a car pool driving to a secret location to do an after hours commentary, then hosting a midnight screening that lasted till 5 in the morning highlighted by Stephen Geoffreys doing his best Evil Ed lines, I would have said, "Sure. And one day I'm gonna produce the KISS movie or remake a H.G. Lewis flick." But dreams do come true. "You gotta have faith, Peter Vincent." Right? Hell, yeah. So to all the faithful, enjoy this celebration. Sit down with me and Tom as we discuss FRIGHT NIGHT and all things Holland that go bump in the dark. And if you are really, really lucky and keep that faith (and write lots of emails and blogs to those in charge!), FRIGHT NIGHT just might return to a midnight screening near you- cast, crew and coffins included. -Tim Sullivan (9/1/08)

Click HERE or the image below for the full interview!


It seems like the 1985 cult classic vampire flick FRIGHT NIGHT has been the subject of a fan revival lately! Last Friday, the Nuart theater in LA successfully had a Midnight screening of FRIGHT NIGHT with various members of the cast & crew all present. The event was sold out, but Shock Till You Drop has got a fantastic report from that event, along with tons of great pictures from the Q & A. Check that out HERE!

Jeremy Smith (aka Mr. Beaks) from Aint It Cool News did a series of interviews leading up to that midnight screening with writer/director Tom Holland, star Chris Sarandon and "Evil" Ed himself Stephen Geoffreys. All 3 interviews are linked below!

Tom Holland - http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38381

Chris Sarandon - http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38386

Stephen Geoffreys - http://aintitcool.com/node/38452

And it doesn't end there. For all you FRIGHT NIGHT fans upset by the bare-bones edition of the FRIGHT NIGHT DVD, we've got a treat for you. Later tonight, we'll be launching Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL ISSUE 2 featuring a lengthy interview with Tom Holland... AND we're included 2 FRIGHT NIGHT audio commentaries that we recently recorded for you, the fans. Just about the entire gang is a part of those, so be on the look-out for that later tonight!

In the meantime, check out the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion article we posted from FEAR FEST 2 in Dallas, Texas! The entire panel is transcribed complete with video clips! Writer/director Tom Holland, Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige), William Ragsdale (Charley Brewster), Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole), Amanda Bearse (Amy Peterson), Stephen Geoffreys ("Evil" Ed Thompson), Julie Carmen (Regine Dandrige) and writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace were all a part of the historic panel! Click the logo below to read it!



IGN got the full specs from Universal Studios Home Entertainment on the upcoming HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY DVD, hitting store shelves on November 11th in a 3-disc special edition DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray Hi-Def. The flick was written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro and stars Ron Perlman, Selma Blair & Doug Jones. Here's a portion of the press release including a list of the special features!

The roughest, toughest, most unlikely hero of all is back in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, available in 3-disc special edition DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray on November 11, 2008 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

With bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains than ever before, Hellboy II: The Golden Army is available in multiple home entertainment versions. In standard definition DVD, fans can purchase either a widescreen or full frame single disc version for $29.98 SRP. And for a limited time only, fans can take home a widescreen 3-disc special edition DVD ($34.98 SRP) or 2-disc Blu-ray ($39.98 SRP), featuring a digital copy of the film and hours of additional in-depth bonus features that take fans deep inside the movie's extraordinary creative process -- all encased in 3-D packaging. Hellboy II: The Golden Army is also available in a limited edition collector's set featuring all of the bonus features of the 3-disc special edition plus a collectible Golden Army statuette, limited edition poster, director's production journal and certificate of authenticity. This set is priced at $64.98 SRP for standard definition DVD and $69.98 SRP for Blu-ray.

The Blu-ray, single- and 3-disc DVDs all feature the following bonus content:

* Feature Commentary with Director Guillermo del Toro.
* Feature Commentary with Cast Members Jeffrey Tambor, Selma Blair and Luke Goss.
* Set Visits: Seven mini documentaries provide viewers with unlimited access to the Hellboy II: The Golden Army set.
* Troll Market Tour with Guillermo del Toro: Using sketches and backstage video, del Toro walks the audience through the creation of one of the film's most distinctive sets, the legendary Troll Market.
* Animated Zinco Epilogue Comic.
* Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Director Guillermo del Toro.

In addition, the Blu-ray and 3-disc special edition DVD also include the following in-depth features:

* Prologue: A special introduction to the DVD from director Guillermo del Toro.
* Director's Notebook: Exclusive interviews, image scans and text from Guillermo del Toro's personal notebook.
* Concept Art Gallery: Original designs and concepts for Hellboy II: The Golden Army's costumes and sets.
* Hellboy: In Service Of The Demon: Over two hours of footage that takes fans into the creation of this film.
* Production Workshop: Professor Broom's Puppet Theatre: A special look inside the opening sequence of the film including storyboards and animatics.
* Image Gallery Featuring Teaser Banners, One-Sheets and Poster Explorations.
* DVD Rom: Hellboy II: The Golden Army Script.

Only on the Hellboy II: The Golden Army Blu-ray can viewers enjoy the following interactive features:

* BD-Live: My Chat: Using your Internet-connected player, host a text chat with your friends who also own Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Blu-ray while you watch the movie in synchronization!
* Sneak Peek of Wanted: Watch never-before seen footage from the explosive action movie Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.
* My Scenes Sharing: Show your friends your favorite scenes from Hellboy II: The Golden Army via BD-Live.
* Comic Book Builder: Create an original downloadable Hellboy adventure by selecting still images from the movie, dropping them into comic book layouts and adding text. The result can be e-mailed to friends or published via BD-Live buddy lists.
* U-Control: Universal's exclusive signature feature U-Control allows viewers to delve into the making of the film with the click of the remote without ever leaving the movie.
* Scene Explorer: Schufften Goggle View: View scenes from the film as it progresses from storyboards and early renderings of the visual effects to the final film.
* Director's Notebook: Fans will get an interactive glimpse at the director's personal journal and view how early thematic concepts evolved into the final film. Includes an introduction by Guillermo del Toro.
* Set Visits: Interactive vignettes provide information about key moments in the film.
* Comic Book Back-Story Interactive Feature: Clickable motion pages provide backstories of the film's characters.

See all the box art on IGN's page HERE!

I AM LEGEND Prequel Announced!

Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers is planned a prequel to last year's hit film I AM LEGEND. The article says, "The plan is for Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, with Francis Lawrence returning to direct. Akiva Goldsman and his Weed Road banner will produce with James Lassiter, Smith’s partner in Overbrook Entertainment."

"The studio has set D.B. Weiss to write a script that is based on a detailed outline that was hatched over the past few months by Smith, Goldsman, Lassiter and Lawrence."

"The prequel will chronicle the final days of humanity in New York before a man-made virus caused a plague that left Smith’s character the lone survivor among a mutated mob in the city."

A ultimate edition DVD set of I AM LEGEND is due out on December 9th just in time for the holidays. Details HERE!


Tomas Alfredson's Swedish film "Lat Den Ratte Komma In" (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN) based on a novel by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist, is set to be remade for American audiences by Matt Reeves, the director of CLOVERFIELD. Variety reports "Director Matt Reeves will write and direct the vampire tale "Let the Right One In" for Overture Films and Hammer Films. The movie is the first in a two-picture co-production, financing and distribution pact between Overture and HS Media, parent of Hammer and Spitfire Films. Hammer acquired remake rights at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. where the film won the Founders Award for narrative feature. Overture is planning to release the remake next year."

Magnolia Pictures is planned a brief limited theatrical run of the original Swedish film in LA and NY starting October 24th, and in Seattle, WA on November 24th. A DVD release is planned for shortly thereafter. We'll keep you posted both on the DVD of the original and status of the American remake!

GUILLERMO DEL TORO Working On Vampire Novel Trilogy?!

Good lord! As if Guillermo Del Toro didn't have enough on his plate! (Read our Guillermo Del Toro booked through 2017 story HERE!) Now the filmmaker is adding a trilogy of vampire books to his forever growing "to do" list. From the imdb:

"Moviemaker Guillermo Del Toro can add novelist to his resume - he is set to release a trilogy of vampire stories. The Hellboy director will collaborate with revered crime writer Chuck Hogan on the three tales, with the first - entitled THE STRAIN - due to hit stores next summer.

Del Toro says, "The idea is epic in scope. The trilogy advances in unexpected ways and each book contains unique and surprising revelations about the history, physiology and lore of the vampiric race, tracing its roots all the way back to its Old Testament origins."

It is not known whether Del Toro plans to adapt the trilogy for the big screen. "

Del Toro of course helmed BLADE 2, this writer's personal favorite of that series, so I'm excited at the prospect of Del Toro tackling the vampire genre again!

September 24, 2008

Spooky Dan's New Web-Series! BLOODY-DISGUSTING TV Is Live!

We're proud to announce that the first episode of Spooky Dan's new web-series for BLOODY-DISGUSTING TV is now live on the B-D site! This premiere episode feature a set visit to Rob Hall's LAID TO REST, a quick chat with FRIGHT NIGHT writer/director Tom Holland about his new web series 5 OR DIE and an update on FEAST 2 with Jon Gulager, Diane Goldner and Jenny Wade! Check it out below!

Don't forget to check out Spooky Dan's ANTI-ACADEMY HORROR AWARDS shows from earlier this year HERE and HERE! Congrats, Dan!

QUARANTINE TV Spot! Official Website Invades My Space!

Sony Pictures has posted the following teaser TV spot for the upcoming QUARANTINE, a remake of the Spanish cult-classic [REC].

Also, if you've logged into My Space today, you'll notice "viral" style advertisements across the top of the page for Angela Videl's (Jennifer Carpenter) THE NIGHT SHIFT SHOW. The ad links to the movie's official website at: www.containthetruth.com.

Directed by the Dowdle Brothers, QUARANTINE stars Jennifer Carpenter (THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, DEXTER), Jonathan Schaech (PROM NIGHT) and Jay Hernandez (HOSTEL) and opens October 10th. Check out the RED-BAND trailer at our previous news post HERE!

Is Dario Argento's BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE Being Remade?

IGN has a fantastic chat with famed Italian director Dario Argento about his huge body of genre work. The subject of remakes came up, and Argento mentioned the SUSPERIA remake (being helmed by PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director David Gordon Green and rumored to star Natalie Portman) as well as (surprisingly) a remake to BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE.

Argento tells IGN, "Yes. I know now I think somebody wants to remake the film Suspiria. I don't know how this film will be, but I think people are interested in this because it's different. It's easy to understand – it's different from other kinds of films, horror or thriller. The walls inside are very strong, very important to describe it. I think somebody also wants to remake Bird With the Crystal Plumage (laughs). I hear that somebody wants to do that, but this is much more difficult to remake because there's a link to Italy in the 1970s, which is a little bit difficult to do. But if somebody wants to do that, okay (laughs)."

IGN: What do you think about the trend of doing remakes? Have we just run out of ideas or do you think there's something valuable in taking an older text and reimagining it for a new audience?

Argento: "No, it's interesting to remake a film for the contemporary audience today. I think it's a good idea; it needs to respect the original idea. Don't just take the title and change everything else. No, you must follow the idea, otherwise why buy the rights for this film just to do another thing?"

Check out the entire IGN interview HERE!

AMERICAN PSYCHO... The Musical?!

I bet you that Bret Easton Ellis never in a million years could've predicted that his disturbing novel for AMERICAN PSYCHO would one day not only be adapted into a film, but... a Broadway musical?!

The Hollywood Reporter says, "Producers are betting Bret Easton Ellis' novel and screen adaptation AMERICAN PSYCHO will translate to a stage musical, with original 1980s-inspired songs and familiar covers of hits from the era. The Johnson-Roessler Co.'s David Johnson, Craig Roessler and Jesse Singer, the Collective's Aaron Ray and XYZ Films' Nate Bolotin have partnered to acquire, develop and produce the tale of violent Wall Street investment banker Patrick Bateman. Ellis and Edward R. Pressman, the producer of Mary Harron's 1999 film adaptation, will serve as consulting producers."

The article continues, "No director, book writer or songwriters have yet been brought on board the project, but producers say they're in early talks with some potential dramatists and hope to stage by 2010 with an eye for Broadway."

"Musical killers have had mixed success onstage, from the acclaimed "Sweeney Todd" and tepidly received "Assassins" to the disastrous "Carrie."

Johnson said that, aside from a love of the controversial 1991 Simon & Schuster bestseller, his main inspiration for staging the project is "the great economic divide in this country." Citing his years as a Wall Street lawyer in the '80s, he said he's aiming for a tone that's "very real, (though) obviously exaggerated."

Singer added that they hoped the musical would retain the book's satire and its "electric charge, which inspired both fans and haters." Its depiction of violence against women inspired protest when it was published."

"Music rights have not yet been secured, but producers hope to include songs by such bands as Talking Heads, Genesis and Huey Lewis and the News mentioned extensively in the novel."

The original 2000 film AMERICAN PSYCHO was written & directed by Mary Harron adapted from the novel by Bret Easton Ellis and starred a relatively unknown Christian Bale (THE DARK KNIGHT, TERMINATOR: SALVATION), Jared Leto (FIGHT CLUB), Chloe Sevigny, Reese Witherspoon, Samantha Mathis and Willem Dafoe.

Tom Savini Hosts FRIDAY THE 13TH Documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON!

Shock Till You Drop recently revealed that former FX guru/actor Tom Savini recently shot his hosting segments for the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON! Directed by Dan Farrands and produced by Anthony Masi and Thommy Hutson, HIS NAME WAS JASON will be available on DVD on February 3rd, 2009 courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment! It will then make its television debut on Friday February 13th on Starz to coincide with the release of Platinum Dunes FRIDAY THE 13TH remake! The doc currently boasts interviews with over 90 people involved in the entire FRIDAY franchise, and the DVD promises over 3 hours of bonus materials and content! You can check out a slew of pictures, as well as a report from Savini's shoot exclusively over at Shock Till You Drop! (Click the teaser image below!)

Anchor Bay also put out last years HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR documentary produced by Masi. (Farrands produced the wonderful AMITYVILLE HORROR docs for The History Channel and Masi is also a producer on THE PSYCHO LEGACY doc.)

Visit the official My Space page at: http://www.myspace.com/hisnamewasjason

Check out EXCLUSIVE photos from the NY shoot of HIS NAME WAS JASON with Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13th), FANGORIA editor Tony Timpone, Bill Randolph, John Furey and Lauren-Marie Taylor (Jeffrey, Paul and Vicky in FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2), and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING director Danny Steinmann at out previous news post HERE!

Other FRIDAY THE 13TH interviews: (Betsy Palmer, Ron Millkie, Warrington Gillette, Stu Charno, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, Lar Park Lincoln, Diana Barrows, Peter Bracke, Bryan Norton)


FANGORIA recently caught up with former "Leatherface" actor Gunnar Hansen (most recently seen in Stevan Mena's BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY as the drunken, foul mouthed Krenshaw) and he teased about his upcoming role in John Russo's ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD, the new feature adaptation of the successful Avatar comic-book series also penned by Russo.

He tells FANGO, "This is a really brilliant role. My character is a biker; he gets zombified and then becomes the lead ghoul. It’s going to be great fun, and yeah, I’m not just making a cameo appearance in this. To me, there is nothing better than being a zombie, so I’m really looking forward to that, and it will be great to be in one of the LIVING DEAD movies. This is a John Russo script and I have known him for a long time, so when I heard he was doing another LIVING DEAD, I was excited at the prospect of being one."

Russo gave us the latest on ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD in this preview news report HERE!

Be sure to check out our interview with GUNNAR HANSEN and JOHN RUSSO by clicking the frames below!

September 23, 2008

SAW V French Teaser Poster & First TV Spot!

FilmsActu.com has a peek at a French SAW V poster that we haven't seen before. While JoBlo exclusively has the first TV spot! See them both below!

SAW V was directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) and stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Check out a video clip of the "pit & the pendulum" trap right HERE!

Check out the UK quad poster for SAW V right HERE!

Check out a revealing video with new photos from SAW V right HERE!

Check out an image of Jigsaw's latest trap from SAW V HERE!

Check out the new theatrical poster HERE!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE!

Check out the original kick-ass teaser poster for SAW V HERE!

Check out the "BLOOD DRIVE" posters at our previous news post HERE!

Visit the official site at: http://www.saw5.com

COTTONMOUTH TV Goes Live October 1st! Full Press Release & Images!

On October 31st, filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano will be premiering his latest short film COTTONMOUTH (based on the Steve Bissette strip that appeared in the pages of GORE SHRIEK comics!) on-line via the COTTONMOUTH.TV website. But judging from this just released teaser trailer and press release, Garetano has something a lot cooler planned for this upcoming Halloween! In celebration of the season, starting October 1st, the site will start featuring various vignettes, featurettes, true ghost stories, make-up FX lessons, specials on horror comic books and more! Sounds like we'll be celebrating Halloween all month long on COTTONMOUTH.TV! Check out the trailer, press release and exclusive photos below for a taste!



Vengeful ghouls from beyond the grave… Special effects make-up… True ghost stories… A horror movie premiere…


One place where you can find all of these things and more is COTTONMOUTH.TV. 


Created by Christopher P. Garetano (Horror Business), COTTONMOUTH.TV is a celebration of horror movies, comic books and Halloween.  The forthcoming website was initially conceived as a unique venue to premiere the short film of the same name.  Directed by Garetano, Cottonmouth is a meticulously crafted mini-movie that aims to scare the hell out of its audience.


In 1986 artist Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing, Taboo) crafted a three-page horror story that was published in the pages of an underground horror comic titled Gore Shriek.  Cottonmouth is his macabre story of four angry ghosts who take their revenge on the “company man” who was responsible for their deaths.  Now filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano has brought Cottonmouth to life for the Internet generation.


On October 1, 2008, COTTONMOUTH.TV will go live, first with a variety of short vignettes, and then with Cottonmouth the movie premiering on October 31st.  The vignettes will include behind-the-scenes footage of Cottonmouth, “How to Make a Monster” with Wicked Effects makeup artist Jay Alvino, the eerie music of Chris Alexander, a history of horror comics with Steve Bissette and Trevor Cook, true ghost stories, and a special Halloween episode of the Internet show America’s Bad Kids.


Cottonmouth merchandise will also be available from the site but the movie and other viewing content is all free.  Visitors are encouraged (but not obligated) to donate to one of two charities that include a prominent cancer research foundation and an organization for a rare disease called Penthigus.


Further information regarding the charities will be available on Cottonmouth.TV in the “treats” section.


For more information log onto COTTONMOUTH.TV on or after October 1, 2008.





CONTACT/ Christopher P. Garetano

E-mail: cinemawar7@aol.com

Don't forget to check out our 2 FRIGHT exclusive interviews with CHRIS GARETANO!




FANGORIA has got the first trailer for Glass Eye Pix upcoming feature I SELL THE DEAD, starring Dominic Monaghan (TV's LOST), Ron Perlman (HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY), Larry Fessenden (THE LAST WINTER) and Angus Scrimm (PHANTASM) and written & directed by Glenn McQuaid. Check FANGO's site right HERE for your first glimpse!

You can visit the official website for I SELL THE DEAD at: http://www.isellthedead.com

The Glass Eye Pix site at: http://www.glasseyepix.com

Don't forget to check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with LARRY FESSENDEN! (Click the frame below!)

Design The Poster For PERKINS' 14!

Massify.com is looking to one of YOU to help design the poster for PERKINS' 14, one of the 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR in the upcoming AFTER DARK FILMs' annual horror fest coming this January 2009. The email we received stated the following:

"We're looking for someone to create the official movie poster for After Dark Films' PERKINS' 14. As you may remember, this film was developed and cast on our site, making it the first ever fan-created horror movie. Now we're giving horror fans one last chance to contribute. The winning design will play a major role in the campaign for After Dark Films' Horrorfest III and be seen by movie fans all over the world. The winner will also receive a Wacom Cintiq, the LCD monitor and interactive pen display that allows you to work directly on the screen."

You can enter at the following link: http://www.massify.com/competition/poster

PERKINS' 14 is directed by Craig Singer from a script by Lane Shadgett and stars Patrick O'Kane, Shayla Beesley, Mihaela Mihut, Michale Graves (formally of THE MISFITS and GOTHAM ROAD), Gregory O'Connor, Katherine Pawlak (Lonelygirl15), Richard Brake, Trey Farley, Josh Davidson (FEAR OF CLOWNS 2) and Heather Tocquigny.

September 22, 2008

William Lustig Talks MANIAC COP 4! And MANIAC Remake?!

Last month, we reported that William Lustig and Larry Cohen were planning another MANIAC COP film. (News post HERE!) Now, FANGORIA caught up with the filmmaker and gave a status update on MANIAC COP 4! "We’re going to reinvent the series with MANIAC COP 4,” Lustig told FANGO. “We want to start fresh. We replowed the field already." He also confirmed that actor Robert Z'Dar would in fact be reprising the role of Matt Cordell aka the "maniac cop".

Also of note is the fact that his other seminal horror flick MANIAC might be in line for the remake treatment. "The MANIAC remake keeps threatening to happen, I’ve been talking [with various parties] for nine months to untangle the rights. I think it will happen." The original 1981 slasher cult-classic starred Joe Spinell (THE GODFATHER) in the title role, and Lustig believes it'll be tough to find someone to replace him. "I can’t imagine anyone else in that role."

Read FANGO's original post HERE! Don't forget to check out our report from the MANIAC screening from last month here in NY! Click the logo below!

ALIENS VS PREDATOR Franchise Done? But PREDATOR 3 Possible?

Collider.com recently chatted with producer John Davis and in the interview, Davis essentially declared the ALIENS VS PREDATOR franchise dead. He says, "I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator." Oh my... As a fan, I'd like to think they could've done a hell of a lot better then those 2 movies.

But I'm optimistic with the idea of another solo PREDATOR movie! Especially if it means the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger like implied in the following quote. "Well, the Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor, if he doesn’t run for the Senate and all of that stuff, he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise. Well we’d have to come up with a really good script and a really great angle on it, but Predator was the first movie I was ever involved with, so it’s always going to have a really soft spot in my heart."

How 'bout you guys call Robert Rodriguez up? I hear he's got an epic script for PREDATOR 3 that's been floating around for years!

THE GATE: 20 YEAR LATER Not Happening Anymore?

There's been no word on the proposed 3D sequel to THE GATE, THE GATE: 20 YEARS LATER since our last news post back in May. (Click HERE!) Attached to direct was FX guru Randall William Cook who did the FX on the original, as well as on genre flicks such as FRIGHT NIGHT, I MADMAN, GHOSTBUSTERS, a few of Full Moon's PUPPET MASTER movies, and most recently Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and KING KONG. Randy Cook was present for a recent FRIGHT NIGHT commentary session for ICONS OF FRIGHT, which took place prior to the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion screening at the Nuart and admitted to ICONS staffer Tim Sullivan that THE GATE sequel wasn't happening anymore. At least not with his involvement. Apparently, the "script was terrible" and the producers putting the project together wouldn't give Cook the opportunity to work on it further to get it more to his liking. Looks like we'll just have to break out the original if we want our GATE fix...

The original THE GATE was directed by Tibor Takacs from a script by Michael Nankin and starred Stephen Dorff, Louis Tripp, Christa Denton and Carl Kraines.

Check out our vintage FRIGHT exclusive interview with the writer/director of the original THE GATE (and it's sequel) TIBOR TAKAS! (Click the frame to read it!)

Also, THE GATE 2 was once a pick in the VAULT OF THE FORGOTTEN AND OBSCURE! Click the logo to read more VAULT picks!

FRIDAY THE 13TH Trailer With SAW V?!

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that the trailer to Platinum Dunes FRIDAY THE 13TH remake will be attached to prints of SAW V when it hits theaters on October 24th. I don't often get excited at the news of trailers being attached to movies because I always end up going to the one theater that doesn't play the trailer I'm eagerly expecting and the disappointment distracts me from enjoying said movie. Regardless, we can assume this means the FRIDAY THE 13TH trailer will pop up on-line around that October 24th date as well. We'll keep you posted. B-D's original post HERE!

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH directed by Marcus Nispel and written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift (FREDDY VS JASON) stars Jared Padalecki (SUPERNATURAL), Derek Mears (HILLS HAVE EYES 2), Amanda Righetti, Danielle Panabaker, Travis Van Winkle, Aaron Yoo, Adam Finberg, Nick Mennell (ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN), Jonathan Sadowski, Nana Visitor, Arlen Escarpeta, Ryan Hansen, Richard Burgi, Julianna Guill and Willa Ford. It hits theaters Friday, February 13th, 2009!

SAW V was directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) and stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

September 20, 2008

2 MORE Italian TWILIGHT Posters!

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post of 2 Italian character posters for the upcoming TWILIGHT, BadTaste.it has posted 2 more new posters. (See below!) One of Cam Gigandet as James, the other a variation of the Edward/Bella one we've seen before. Click HERE to check out the individual Edward and Bella foreign posters. See the 2 new ones below:

TWILIGHT is the vampire drama based on the hit novel series by Stephenie Meyer & due in theaters November 21st. Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a teenager coping with her new life in Forks, Washington. Her life is turned upside down when she falls for a vampire named Edward (Robert Pattinson). Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz also star. Catherine Hardwicke directs.

September 18, 2008

New Italian "Character" Posters For TWILIGHT!

BadTaste.it has posted 2 brand new "character" themed posters featuring Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella for the upcoming movie version of TWILIGHT . Put together by Italian theatrical distributor Eagle Pictures, the new theatrical one-sheets can be viewed below!

TWILIGHT is the vampire drama based on the hit novel series by Stephenie Meyer & due in theaters November 21st. Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a teenager coping with her new life in Forks, Washington. Her life is turned upside down when she falls for a vampire named Edward (Robert Pattinson). Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz also star. Catherine Hardwicke directs.


Fox Home Entertainment has set December 2nd, 2008 as the release date for both the DVD and Blu-Ray release of THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE. The sequel arrives in 3 different formats; a single disc, a 3-disc special edition and a loaded-to-the-brim Blue-Ray release. There's also a new Blu-Ray of the original film THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE streeting the same day. Below is the complete press release and specs courtesy of DVDactive.com!

The truth is finally out there on DVD and Blu-ray! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents The X-Files: I Want To Believe, a gripping feature film based on the global phenomenon that descends onto DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) on December 2nd. Marking the Studio’s first foray into BD-Live, The X-Files: I Want To Believe BD release takes full advantage of the high-def format’s “web-enhanced” functionality with exclusive features, games, additional content and connectivity to other BD-Live users and X-Files fans nationwide. “The X-Files Dossier” allows BD-Live connected users to create their own Special Agent avatar that can browse through Agent Dakota Whitney’s case files on clairvoyance and post their own notes and theories to her files online and download other profiles directly to their BD player memory files; plus fans can become an agent-in-training by helping Agent Drummy solve several forensic challenges (with new cases posted weekly to the studio supported BD-Live web portal for the first several weeks of release). Additional BD-exclusive features include picture-in-picture commentary with series creator Chris Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz along with “The X-Files” Complete Interactive Timeline on-screen track chronicling the entire series mythology.

Plus fans can also delve deeper than ever before with “The Ultimate X-Phile Edition” DVD and BD packed with over three hours of bonus features content including an unrated “Extended Cut” of the film with never-before-seen footage seamlessly branched back into the movie plus the all-new feature-length documentary “Trust No One” that reveals exciting secrets about “The X-Files” universe.

“Releasing The X-Files: I Want To Believe as our first BD-Live release was a natural,” noted Mary Daily, Executive Vice President, North America Marketing. “One of the most compelling elements of The X-Files franchise is how the mythology inspires fans to create and share their own theories about the characters and storylines. The extras on this release take full advantage of the BD-Live technology and bring that interactive experience to a level never before possible.”

A standalone story described as a “skillful thriller” (Roger Ebert; Chicago Sun-Times) that picks up six years after the series ended, The X-Files: I Want To Believe finds Fox Mulder (David Duchovny; “Californication”) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson; The Last King of Scotland) reunited after leaving their careers at the F.B.I. behind them. Forgotten by their former employer that ignored their unique investigations, the duo is called upon once again when several women begin to disappear and body parts turn up buried in the snow of the Virginia wilderness. With Mulder’s steadfast belief in the paranormal and Scully’s ever present skepticism, the investigation leads them to a shocking discovery that tests their faith and questions what is truly possible. Directed by series creator Chris Carter (“Millennium”) from a story he penned with executive producer Frank Spotnitz, The X-Files: I Want To Believe features an ensemble cast that includes Billy Connolly (The Boondock Saints), Amanda Peet (“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”), Xzibit (Gridiron Gang, 8 Mile) and the return of series veteran Mitch Pileggi as F.B.I Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe will be available on single-disc DVD for $29.98 U.S. / $43.48 Canada; the three-disc Special Edition DVD with Digital Copy will be priced at $34.98 U.S. / $45.98 Canada and the BD-Live enabled Blu-ray Disc with Digital Copy for $39.99 U.S. / $49.98 Canada.

Synopsis: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny re-team to unravel a bizarre case right out of “The X-Files.” Amidst an eerily deceptive calm, F.B.I. agent Monica Bannan is abducted. Not only does the search for the missing woman ignite sparks between partners Scully (Anderson) and Mulder (Duchovny), it defies the boundaries of science, the supernatural and the terrifying spaces in between!

DVD Specs:
The X-Files: I Want To Believe single-disc and Special Edition DVDs are presented in widescreen (2.40:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 Dolby Surround and Spanish/French Dolby Surround, plus English and Spanish subtitles. Individual disc bonus features as follows:

Single-Disc DVD
- Includes both the Theatrical Version and Unrated Extended Cut of the film
- Audio commentary by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
- Body Parts: Special Make-up Effects featurette
- Chris Carter: Statements on Green Production featurette
- Deleted Scenes
- Gag Reel
- Music Slideshow - “Dying 2 Live” by Xzibit
- Theatrical Trailers
- Still Galleries
. Collectibles
. Storyboards
. Concept Art
. Unit Photography

Three-Disc “The Ultimate X-Phile Edition” DVD
Includes all of the above single-disc content plus the following additional bonus features:
- Trust No One: Can The X-Files Remain A Secret? feature-length documentary
. Part 1 – “You Can Go Home Again”
. Part 2 – “Misinformation”
. Part 3 – “Don’t Give Up”
· Digital Copy of the film for portable media players

Blu-ray Disc Specs:

The X-Files: I Want To Believe BD is presented in widescreen (2.40:1 aspect ratio) on a 50GB dual-layer disc authored in BD-J with AVC (MPEG 4) compression with English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio and French / Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital. The BD includes all of the above standard-def DVD special features, plus the following BD-exclusive elements:
· BD-Live web-enabled content
o The X-Files Dossier: Agent Dakota Whitney Files – create your own Special Agent avatar profile to browse through 5 “X-Files” case files on clairvoyance; users can also participate in several online forensic challenges with Agent Drummy
· BonusView mode
o The X-Files Complete Interactive Timeline – featuring over 80 video clip segments from “The X-Files” archives
o Picture-in-picture commentary with Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz*
· In-Movie Features via BD remote direct access*
o Real-time Index (Red Button)
o BonusView Commentary (Green Button)
o Behind The Camera (Blue Button)
o Storyboards and Concept Art (Yellow Button)
· Isolated Score track
· Enhanced for D-Box Motion Code systems
· Digital Copy of the film for portable media player


Fox Home Entertainment has announced a Blu-ray release of The X-Files: Fight The Future for the 2nd December. Retail will be $29.99. The film will be presented in widescreen (2.40:1 aspect ratio) along with English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio. The extra material is listed below, along with the official artwork:
• BonusView picture-in-picture commentary by creator Chris Carter, director Rob Bowman, co-producer/writer Frank Spotnitz and producer Daniel Sackheim (separate audio commentary track also available)
• BD Exclusive - Blackwood: The Making of The X-Files: Fight the Future featurette (in HD)
• BD Exclusive – In-Movie Features via BD remote direct access
- Real-time Index (Red Button)
- BonusView Commentary (Green Button)
- Behind The Camera (Blue Button)
- Storyboards and Concept Art (Yellow Button)
• BD Exclusive - Visual Effects featurette (in HD)
• BD Exclusive – Scoring featurette (in HD)
• BD Exclusive - Gag Reel (in HD)
• BD Exclusive - Alternate Bee Sting Scene (in HD)
• BD Exclusive – Theatrical Trailers (in HD)
• BD Exclusive – Still Galleries
• BD Exclusive – Enhanced for D-Box Motion Code systems
• The Making Of The X-Files Movie featurette (1998)
• Original DVD Commentary by creator Chris Carter and director Rob Bowman (1999)

New SAW V Clip Unveiled! A Pit and The Pendulum Style Trap!

Ouch! Lionsgate has unveiled the first clip from their upcoming SAW V, which features a "Pit and the Pendulum" inspired trap set by Jigsaw! You can watch the clip below! You'll need to verify your age, but there's also a "clean" version available for your viewing pleasure.

SAW V was directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) and stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Check out the UK quad poster for SAW V right HERE!

Check out a revealing video with new photos from SAW V right HERE!

Check out an image of Jigsaw's latest trap from SAW V HERE!

Check out the new theatrical poster HERE!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE!

Check out the original kick-ass teaser poster for SAW V HERE!

Check out the "BLOOD DRIVE" posters at our previous news post HERE!

Visit the official site at: http://www.saw5.com

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Final Theatrical Poster!

Aint It Cool News have debuted the final theatrical poster for REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA (posted below), which will play in limited theatrical release on November 7th. (It's also playing at Fantastic Fest tomorrow, details HERE!) You can preview tracks from the rock opera HERE and visit the official website HERE!

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA! (directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, helmer of the SAW sequels) stars Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Bill Moseley, Paris Hilton, Kevin Graham Ogilvie, Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman and opens in limited theatrical release on November 7th, 2008, with a DVD release rumored for January 2009!

HBO's TRUE BLOOD Already Renewed For 2nd Season!

From the press release issued by HBO:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17, 2008 - HBO has renewed the new drama series TRUE BLOOD for a second season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, Programming Group and West Coast Operations. Created by Alan Ball, the series will begin production of new episodes early next year in Los Angeles, with debut set for summer 2009.

"We are absolutely thrilled that the critics and our viewers have embraced TRUE BLOOD," noted Lombardo. "Alan Ball has done it again - made an addictive series that is unlike any other."

"I am thrilled to be able to continue to work with such a talented group of writers, cast and crew to explore the characters and world created by Charlaine Harris in her novels," Ball said. "It really is a joy to go to work every day and I couldn't be happier to be back home at HBO."

The Sept. 7 debut episode is proving to be a hit with HBO audiences, attracting more than four million viewers to date, while the debut of the second episode on Sept. 14 posted an unprecedented 24% gain in viewers over the first week's debut.

Critics across the country in Detroit, Baltimore, Denver and Orlando have proclaimed TRUE BLOOD one of the best new shows on TV. USA Today called it "wildly imaginative," with "one of the best ensembles of the new series," while the Washington Post found it "audacious, outrageous and playfully grisly." TV Guide hailed the show as "graphically sexy and scary, and often wildly funny," and "a broadly entertaining, deliciously twisted slice of modern Southern Gothic."

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, TRUE BLOOD takes place in the not-too-distant future, when vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans for their fix. Set in a backwoods Louisiana town, the show follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin), who can read minds, and 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy(r)-winning HBO series "Six Feet Under") created and executive produced the show, as well as wrote and directed episodes of the series, which is based on the popular Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

The cast also includes Ryan Kwanten as Sookie's brother Jason, Rutina Wesley as her best friend Tara Thornton, Sam Trammell as Sookie's good-hearted boss Sam Merlotte and Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, a cook at Merlotte's

Season one credits: TRUE BLOOD is created by and executive produced by Alan Ball; based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; co-executive producer, Brian Buckner; supervising producer, Nancy Oliver; produced by Carol Dunn Trussell; producer, Alexander Woo; co-producer, Raelle Tucker.

Season one directors: Alan Ball, John Dahl, Nick Gomez, Anthony M. Hemingway, Michael Lehmann, Daniel Minahan, Nancy Oliver, Marcos Siego, Scott Winant. Season one writers: Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Chris Offutt, Nancy Oliver, Raelle Tucker, Alexander Woo.

Kirstin Dunst Toplines A JEALOUS GHOST!

Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst is set to star in and produce A JEALOUS GHOST, which filmmaker Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is attached to direct for Paramount Vintage. The Hollywood Reporter says, "Screenwriter Megan Holley, who adapted the A.N. Wilson novel, is doing another short pass on the script before Vantage hopes to push it into production."

Wilson's 2005 novel describes a young American woman who travels to London to write a dissertation on Henry James' classic ghost tale, "The Turn of the Screw," only to find that her own circumstances begin to reflect the strange happenings of the story.

This literary horror project could be a priority for the newly reconstituted Vantage, which is looking to reshape its image. In July, the specialty division's marketing, physical production and distribution departments were woven into those of Paramount proper, and the staff was requisitely streamlined. Its next film, the Keira Knightley starrer "The Duchess," bows Friday.

Lopez-Gallego was featured as one of the 10 Latino filmmakers to watch in The Hollywood Reporter's Aug. 20 issue. A writer and editor as well, Lopez-Gallego made several short films before he co-wrote and directed "King of the Hill," a feature that has been touring the festival circuit since last year.

Original article HERE! More when we hear it!

September 16, 2008

ICONS EXCLUSIVE: Tom Holland's Director Commentary For CHILD'S PLAY! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Last week MGM put out a new special anniversary edition of CHILD'S PLAY on DVD, dubbed as “CHUCKY’S 20TH BIRTHDAY EDITION.” While loaded with plenty of new features and extras, there was one thing that was notably absent from the DVD release… The director of the film, Tom Holland. For whatever reason, the producers on the DVD decided to exclude him from the disc. It’s fairly obvious when you hold up the first film to all of its sequels, that it was the craft of a director like Holland that made CHILD'S PLAY the genre classic that it is. Had the first film not worked, there wouldn’t have been a franchise. So, we felt we should give fans what they deserve - a commentary from the man who directed Chucky's first outing.

We contacted Tom and asked if he'd be interested in recording a CHILD'S PLAY commentary track for ICONS OF FRIGHT. And sure enough, he was thrilled to...

Moderated by filmmaker and new ICONS staffer Tim Sullivan, below is a link to the CHILD'S PLAY director's commentary, which you can download ... for FREE. (Right click and select "save target as")


Tim will guide you at the beginning of the track to queue up your DVD with their audio track. This is our gift on behalf of Tom Holland, Tim Sullivan and ICONS OF FRIGHT to you, the fans.

Sullivan is also planning for several more of these as part of his new ICONS exclusive on-going column SHOCK N ROLL. (Check out the first issue HERE!) His second issue debuting later this week will feature a lengthy interview with Tom Holland, and include 2 new FRIGHT NIGHT commentaries.

ICONS OF FRIGHT and SHOCK N ROLL are firm believers in the preservation of the films that we grew up with and consider classics. So, we’ll do our best to continue to bring “pirate” commentaries of this quality via Tim’s SHOCK N ROLL column right here on ICONS OF FRIGHT.com.


CHILD'S PLAY was written & directed by Tom Holland from a story by Don Mancini and starred Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray (aka Chucky). Produced by David Kirschner, the 1988 horror hit went on to spawn 4 sequels and is now on the cusp of a new remake. (More on that HERE!)

Visit Tom Holland on My Space: www.myspace.com/5ordie

Visit Tim Sullivan at: www.myspace.com/newrebellion

Special thanks to Joseph Bishara for helping make this commentary track possible!

September 15, 2008


ICONS first met writer/director Paul Solet while he was on the promotional tour in support of MEANS TO AN END, his collaboration with Jake Hamilton which was one of the featured shorts on the 2nd FANGORIA BLOOD DRIVE DVD. Almost immediately upon our initial conversations, we knew that we had found not only a life-long friend, but a budding filmmaker to look out for. One who had grand ambitions of trying new and different things within the horror genre. Cut a year later to his follow-up short film GRACE, which premiered at the LA FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS convention back in 2006. Solet had taken the stage with actor Brian Austin Green and the corpse of his latest creation, dead baby Grace proudly strapped to his body for all to see. Besides being a talented writer, Solet proved at that appearance that he was both a showman to a genre based crowd, and a man with a really sick & twisted sense of humor. (Something we can all relate to.)

A year after that, ICONS had formally introduced Solet to fellow filmmaker Adam Green (the writer/director of HATCHET & SPIRAL), who would eventually go on to produce the feature length version of GRACE, which completed production earlier this year. Written and directed by Solet, the feature length version stars Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF) as Madeline, the mother who would do anything to help sustain the life of her baby Grace. Gabrielle Rose, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart, Stephen Park and Serge Houde round out the ensemble cast of this Cronenberg-esque tale of a mother's undying love. We had the chance to sit down with Solet for lunch at Roscoe’s and we got a full update on the feature length version of GRACE!

Firstly, we asked Solet how the editing process has been thus far on GRACE. "We had a really fast post-production, but I had the exact right editor. Darrin Navarro, who cut BUG for Billy Friedkin and he's worked with Friedkin for the last 12 years. I'm pretty hands-on with every frame. But once you've worked with William Friedkin, that shit is not going to be a problem for you. So, Darrin was amazing. He brought a lot to the table, he really understood we were making a sophisticated genre film but in a restrained way. He got that this was about psychology and atmosphere and character. That was where we were going to hit you. It does become visceral, but the access to visceral was the intellectual, spiritual approach."

Considering that GRACE had gone from several incarnations from short film to multiple draft after draft of the script, did the prolonged start time benefit this version of GRACE that went before cameras? "Oh, without a doubt!" Solet confesses. "Just the fact that it was able to percolate in my brain and it gave me time to work with the DP Zoran Popovic (THE LOST) very closely beforehand. We really cut it on paper, we were certainly aware on the day when you have 50 set-ups to do that you're not going to be shooting storyboards necessarily. But yes, absolutely. I got to just marinate in every single element of this thing in a way that I don't think a lot of filmmakers get to. It meant some personal struggles but that's the name of the game."

Speaking of the shoot itself, it couldn't have gone any smoother for a first time director, especially with the help of his overly supportive producers. "Having Adam Green and Cory Neal and Will Barratt from Ariescope is literally like having 3 guardian angels. They're such good guys that you just know that you're in good hands. Not only are they awesome dudes, but they're so fucking savy. They're disarmingly friendly, but they really do know how to do this, and they're straight shooters. You just know you're in good hands with them."

It also seems that the entire crew was always on the same page with Solet right from the beginning, which only helped the overall work on the picture. Solet continues, "Our supervising producer up there Rhonda Baker, she's certainly one of the best producers I've worked with and that I've ever seen work! She did TIDELAND for Terry Gilliam, she'd done basically every big film up there and she's fiercely loyal and really good at her job. From her down, we got really amazing people. Our camera team was unbelievable. We had a fantastic operator. Crew up there was really good. By the time we got there, I had a very tight relationship with everyone. What I learned was really a confirmation that there are different management styles, and if you're directing, it's like managing. And my style of directing... it reaffirmed my faith that if you treat people well, and you hire the right people and respect them, and trust them to give you their all and embrace the fact that this is an organic collaborative process, then magic happens. That's why I love making films. Magic fucking happens! You can't just sit in your room and do this shit. If you add an amazing production designer into the mix, or add an amazing DP in the mix, even a camera operator or a dolly grip. I've had situations where our dolly grip would be like, "Ya know, if I boom down first..." And I'm like "Fucking right, dude." We allowed this shoot to be organic."

Considering that this is primarily a character driven horror movie, we asked Solet about his experience working with this group of actors. "We assembled an amazing cast of generous, mature, strong actors. They were all such good listeners that just watching them work was a delight. Literally, watching Gabrielle Rose for example, there were literally times when I forgot to call cut. You just have the whole room hanging around the monitor and everybody forgets that you're making a movie. You're talking about what should've been a 6 second take? In 6 seconds, a whole room of professionals loses themselves to the point that they can't turn off the camera. This woman is fucking amazing! Amazing. She blew me the fuck away. Wait until you see this performance. Un-fucking- believable."

And what about baby Grace herself? You'd think that working with a baby actor would prove difficult on the shoot, but Solet seemed to have no real problems with his pint-sized performer. "Working with a real baby, which on a time schedule might be a problem is fine... if you can wait! We were literally 25 camera set ups before lunch on some days. So, from the start, I really did some ethical, moral thinking about how I was going to approach this. Am I really going to be manipulating this baby? How much of that is OK? Is this really how the universe wants this film directed? You know what I mean? I decided to point the camera at the baby, and allow the baby to dictate the drama, and allow that to be your starting point, and it was right, it was perfect. If you create the right situation, I think the baby cued off of it. And if the baby needed to cry, the baby ended up crying. And if the baby needed to have an intimate moment with the mom? We created a situation where Jordan was cradling the baby, being kind to the baby. It was amazing. And this baby was just a fine actor! She was fucking awesome! And the parents were amazing. The mother was a very grounded, present, down-to-earth, reasonable person. She understood that if the baby cries, we need footage of the baby crying. It's really hard to shoot a baby crying! Unless you're a sociopath, you're hardwired to respond to a baby's crying by doing whatever you can to stop the baby from crying! And so, I literally would find myself gritting my teeth during takes, remembering that my allegiance is always to the story. And that, it's just like, weighing every single case. Every single case required a real moral consideration, a constant vigilance of "Ok, have I crossed the line?" And if I felt I crossed the line, I called cut and mom came in and comforted the baby."

Paul Solet and ICONS Robg on the set of the original short film version of GRACE, March 2006.

We’ll have more exclusive updates on GRACE in the coming months!

Don't forget to watch our exclusive video of Adam Green on the set of GRACE right HERE!!! - Article by Robg.

Previous interviews:



FRIGHT NIGHT Screening In LA Sept. 19th!

We're proud to be a part of this upcoming sure-to-be-historic event! Below is the full press release for the upcoming FRIGHT NIGHT screening at the Nuart on September 19th! Our newest staffer Tim Sullivan will be hosting the event, which will also be the first FRIGHT NIGHT reunion in LA since 1985! Full details are all below! Make sure to check out our FRIGHT NIGHT reunion transcription with video clips either right HERE or by clicking the frame below!



September 8th, 2008- "Fright Night", the quintessential 80’s horror-comedy, will have its first Los Angeles cast and crew reunion on Friday, September 19th, Midnight at the Landmark’s Nuart Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.

Fright Night” writer-director Tom Holland (“Child’s Play”) will be joined by the film’s stars Chris Sarandon (“Dog Day Afternoon”), William Ragsdale (“Living Proof”), Stephen Geoffreys (“Heaven Help Us”), and Jonathan Stark (“According to Jim”). Composer Brad Fiedel (“Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”) and Academy Award winning  special effects artist Randall Cook (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy) will also reunite with the film’s cast and creator.

Released on August 2, 1985, “Fright Night” opened to strong theatrical business and has since achieved cult status, as evidenced by a recent revival screening presented by Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (“Juno”) at L.A.’s New Beverly Cinema. The upcoming Midnight Screening at the Nuart will mark the first time that the film’s writer-director, cast and crew have reunited for a Los Angeles screening. Fans can expect a brief introduction, post-show Q&A, and the rare opportunity to personally meet and have mementos signed by the creative team behind this vampire classic.

Said Holland, "I'm delighted to be able to get together with all the great folks who made this picture with me almost twenty-four years ago here in Los Angeles.  And it’s great for us to be able to meet for an actual screening of the movie, with the faithful audience who’s turned it into something of a cult movie, and all at a classic Los Angeles movie house -- the Nuart. I'm looking forward to having our “Fright Night” family back together, getting to see the movie again with them, and meeting our extended fan family as well.  I think there will be lots of laughs and maybe even a chill or two."

Writer-director Tim Sullivan (“2001 Maniacs”) will host the event in conjunction with horror website IconsofFright.com.  Seizing the historic occasion of the reunion, Sullivan will record an exclusive audio commentary track for the film with the cast and filmmakers before the screening, which will be made available as a free download via Sullivan’s “Shock N Roll” web column at www.IconsOfFright.com.

Said Sullivan, "Fright Night” is a definitive horror film from the 1980s, a true time capsule of its era that’s also a valentine to the vampire movies of the 50s and 60s, and the TV horror hosts of the 70s who kept them alive for little monsters like Tom Holland and me to discover on late night television. As a die-hard fan long disappointed with the film's "bare bones" DVD release, I’m thrilled to help preserve the film’s history by offering fans this exclusive audio commentary. Much like the iconic bloodsuckers in the film, Tom Holland's “Fright Night” will simply not die."

WHAT:      FRIGHT NIGHT screening with writer/director Tom Holland in person with the film's stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys, and Jonathan Stark; plus composer Brad Fiedel and special effects artist Randall Cook

WHEN:    Friday, September 19, 2008 at 12 midnight (one show only)

WHERE:     Nuart Theatre 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 Freeway, West Los Angeles, (310) 281-8223

TICKETS:    $10.50 for adults, $7.50 for seniors and children; tickets are available at the theatre box office and online at

MEDIA CONTACT: For more information please contact Steve Indig, Senior Regional Publicist, LandmarkTheatres ph: 415.352.0832 x2 email: stevei@landmarktheatres.com

ICONS EXCLUSIVE: Director Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL Column Launches!

We're absolutely thrilled to welcome our new staff writer director Tim Sullivan to ICONS OF FRIGHT! Today we relaunch Tim's SHOCK N ROLL column, which originated several years back on Upcoming Horror Movies.com. And on top of delivering extensive interviews with the biggest names in horror, ICONS and Sullivan are planning tons of special surprises just for the fans, including "pirate" commentary MP3 tracks which should begin surfacing later this month. What better way to kick off the 1st Issue of SHOCK N ROLL then with an interview with the man behind it. Click the logo below to read about Tim Sullivan's early career as a journalist and why he decided to come back to it exclusively for ICONS! The full press release follows!


Icons of Fright Teams With Director Tim Sullivan For Exclusive SHOCK N ROLL Web Column

Hot horror site Icons of Fright has teamed up with writer/director Tim Sullivan (2001 MANIACS/DRIFTWOOD) to bring its readers a heavy dose of SHOCK N ROLL. Exclusive to the site, Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL will continue the Icons of Fright tradition of conducting in-depth interviews with genre professionals.

Confirmed participants for the September launch include Masters of Horror Frank Darabont, Tom Holland, David Cronenberg, Dario Argento and in an interview truly embodying the Shock N Roll moniker, a joint conversation reuniting Tobe Hooper with punk icon Billy Idol. (Hooper directed Idol's "Dancing With Myself" video back in 1983).

Said Sullivan, "As a filmmaker who began his career as a journalist, I have always been torn between standing in the spotlight and shining that light on others. I deeply look forward to paying homage once again to those who inspire me."

“I was pleasantly surprised when Tim suggested resurrecting SHOCK N ROLL , a column he originated several years back on Upcoming Horror Movies.com.”, said Icons editor Rob Galluzzo. Added co-editor Mike Cucinotta, “I was a big fan of Tim's column and always loved the way his interviews read like intimate conversations between friends which I was allowed to drop in on"

As part of SHOCK N ROLL, Sullivan will help Icons of Fright make horror history by recording and moderating "Pirate" commentary tracks with many of the filmmakers featured, exclusive commentaries not found anywhere else which will be offered as free audio downloads. First up is a cast and crew commentary for Tom Holland's 80's horror hit FRIGHT NIGHT, tying in with the film's upcoming Midnight Screening, Friday September 19th at Los Angeles' Nuart Cinema.

Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL launches September 12th at: www.iconsoffright.com

Tim Sullivan is a Los Angeles based writer/director of the cult horror hits, 2001 MANIACS and DRIFTWOOD, as well as producer of HOOD OF HORROR and DETROIT ROCK CITY. He is currently gearing up production on the 2001 MANIACS sequel, BEVERLY HELLBILLYS.

Tim can be found on the web at www.myspace.com/newrebellion

Icons of Fright.com is a horror site based out of New York, which has focused on delivering in-depth interviews with those working in the horror genre. The site was launched in 2004 by Mike Cucinotta and Rob Galluzzo and was featured on G4's “Attack of the Show” as one of the internet's top horror sites.

For further info contact Mike C at mikec@iconsoffright.com

FRIDAY THE 13TH: Uncut & Restored DVD Coming?

It was rumored several months back that Paramount was readying a new FRIDAY THE 13TH DVD boxed set to conveniently coincide with the release of the Platinum Dunes remake. Now, it seems we have confirmation at least of an "uncut and restored" version of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH.

According to a blog post on FridayThe13thFilms.com, at the recent "SCARE FEST" convention, Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, Harry Manfredini, Tom Savini and were all on hand for a reunion panel and "a representative from Paramount stated that the upcoming release of Friday the 13th on DVD would be fully restored and uncut version including the extended sequences."

Although we can't confirm it yet, we've heard rumors that Paramount was actually releasing a boxed set of only FRIDAY THE 13TH's 1 through 3. Seems odd, but until we hear confirmation, at least we can rest assured the first film will be a special edition.

The first FRIDAY THE 13TH hit an unsuspecting audience in 1980 and was directed by Sean S. Cunningham from a script by Victor Miller. It starred Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon and Betsy Palmer as the notorious Mrs. Voorhees and featured the innovative FX of Tom Savini.

Jigsaw's Asking For Your Blood! Tobin Bell/SAW V Blood Drive PSA!

Yahoo has posted a public safety announcement with Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell encouraging you to donate blood. ("Oh yes, there will be blood.") In the tradition of SAW's annual "Blood Drive" themed posters, you should be seeing the below spot on TV shortly:

The fifth installment in the SAW franchise directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Check out the UK quad poster for SAW V right HERE!

Check out a revealing video with new photos from SAW V right HERE!

Check out an image of Jigsaw's latest trap from SAW V HERE!

Check out the new theatrical poster HERE!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE!

Check out the original kick-ass teaser poster for SAW V HERE!

Check out the "BLOOD DRIVE" posters at our previous news post HERE!

Visit the official site at: http://www.saw5.com

September 12, 2008


America's favorite serial killer is back on September 28th with the premiere of DEXTER: SEASON 3 on Showtime! And now, the cable network is offering a behind-the-scenes video of what we can expect from the upcoming season. Don't worry, it's spoiler-free and they're fairly vague, but it's still cool to get a tease! Get your DEXTER fix now with the video below!

DEXTER stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jimmy Smits, Julie Benz, James Remar, David Zayas, Lauren Vélez and C.S. Lee. Check out a video preview of Season 3 at our previous news report HERE! And the 4 faux magazine covers HERE!

STEPHEN KING Video On His Digital Series "N."!

This video interview with famed author Stephen King appeared on the www.myspace.com/comicbooks page! Details on King's new digital Series N are right below the video interview with the man himself!

Master storyteller Stephen King presents a revolutionary new form of entertainment: his short story “N.” brought to vibrant life through a series of 25 graphic video episodes available at www.nishere.com. The original series tells the story of a psychiatrist who falls victim to the same deadly obsession as his patient—an obsession that just might save the world!

Drawn by award-wining comic book artist Alex Maleev, and colored by famed comic book colorist José Villarrubia, the episodes were adapted by Marc Guggenheim, co-creator of the ABC-TV series “Eli Stone” with creative oversight from Stephen King.

To watch the entire series go to Nishere.com.

N.”, the series, is brought to you by Stephen King, Simon & Schuster, Inc. and Marvel Entertainment.


Fright friend Eric over at Bloody Good Horror.com recently had the chance to sit down with director Patrick Lussier for HORROR HOUND magazine and uncovered a few updates on his latest feature MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D. (The remake of the 1981 cult "slasher" pic.)

Current status according to the director? "Ya, we're about to have a bit of a screening for our delicious friends at the MPAA (laughs)... We're just hoping we don't follow in the footsteps of the original film. The original film went back 9 or 10 times and is notorious for having (over 10) minutes or something taken out of it. But with any R rated film it's a thing right? You're wanting to make sure that you're leaning over the edge but not falling into it."

He also hints at when we might get our first look at the movie via a trailer: "I suspect there will be one on SAW V. The studio will have to answer that for you. I've been hunkered down in my editorial bunker. (laughs)"

Click HERE to read the original article and find out if Lussier would be game for a sequel to MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D!

"Based on the 1981 cult horror, My Bloody Valentine 3D, directed by Patrick Lussier, tells a tale of Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles), a man who caused an accident in a coal mine in the town of Harmony, killing five men and putting one into a coma. That man, Harry Warden, wakes from his coma one year on with his mind set on revenge. Somewhat overzealous in his definition of revenge, he brutally murders 22 people before being killed himself.

Ten years on, Hanniger returns to Harmony hoping to make up for his past. His ex-girlfriend, Sarah (Jaime King), has married his former best friend (Kerr Smith). But that's really the least of his worries, since a killer wearing a miner's mask and armed with a pick axe has started, well, picking off the townsfolk. Is it Harry Warden back for revenge? We don't know! We just don't know! Run!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D was directed by Patrick Lussier (DRACULA 2000) from a script by Todd Farmer (JASON X) & Zane Smith and stars SUPERNATURAL's Jensen Ackles, Jaime King (THE TRIPPER), Kerr Smith (FINAL DESTINATION), Edi Gathegi, Kevin Tighe & Megan Boone.

Vampire Flick THIRST From The Director Of OLDBOY!

Variety reports that Universal Pictures and Focus Features have boarded "OLDBOY" director Park Chan-wook's in-production vampire movie "THIRST." The article continues, "It's the first time a Korean film has received U.S. studio coin and a Stateside distribution commitment before its local release. Universal and Focus will invest in and co-produce the pic, which has so far been steered by Korean major CJ Entertainment. Focus will bow the film in North America with CJ handling the remaining international sales rights. CJ also will distribute the film in South Korea. The deal was announced Thursday by UPI Studio prexy Christian Grass, Focus CEO James Schamus and CJ CEO Kim Joo-sung.

"THIRST" stars Song Kang-ho ("Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," "The Host," "The Good the Bad and the Weird") and Shin Ha-kyun ("Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance"). Involving unusually risqué elements, pic also stars Kim Ok-bi ("Dasepo Naughty Girls,") as leading lady. Pic is about a priest who participates in a medical experiment to find a cure for a deadly disease with traumatic repercussions. It is skedded to be completed in time for a festival bow in mid-2009.

" 'THIRST' is especially exciting for us, as it's the first time a major studio has co-produced with a South Korean entertainment company in this way," said Grass. "Park Chan-wook is one of the most talented and influential Korean directors working today. We're really pleased to be partnering with CJ on this production."

"First, this is a vote of confidence in CJ and director Park, but also having a film of this scale get the backing of a major studio in North America opens up an opportunity for all Korean films," said Katharine Kim, exec VP and head of international at CJ. "Second, it is important to us to have Universal and Focus' financial commitment while the film is in production."

Park is best known for "OLD BOY," which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes in 2003 and 2005 hit "LADY VENGEANCE," both of which sold internationally after their domestic release."

Original article at THIS link!

Check out our article on Park Chan-wook from last year:

September 11, 2008


Sweet! Director Jon Gulager posted the trailer to FEAST 2: SLOPPY SECONDS via his My Space profile. The sequel is set to hit DVD on October 7th, 2008! But if you're in NY, you can catch a FREE screening of it courtesy of FANGORIA! (Details at our previous news report HERE!) Check out the trailer below!!!

Filmed back to back with FEAST 3, Jon Gulager returns as director on FEAST 2: SLOPPY SECONDS, as do original writers Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FREDDY VS. JASON, FRIDAY THE 13TH remake). The monsterous sequel stars Jenny Wade, Krista Allen, Balthazar Getty, Diane Goldner, Clu Gulager, Navi Rawet, Josh Zuckerman and Judah Friedlander (!). The original FEAST was produced by Wes Craven, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore as part of the show PROJECT GREENLIGHT.

THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN In UK Theaters October 31st!

Let's hope our fellow fiends in the UK get a better chance to see THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN on the big screen then we did! Below you'll find the UK quad poster for the Ryuhei Kitamura film, based on Clive Barker's legendary story from his BOOKS OF BLOOD collection.

stars Bradley Cooper (ALIAS), Brooke Shields (NIP/TUCK), Vinnie Jones (X-MEN 3), Leslie Bibb (IRON MAN) & Roger Bart (HOSTEL 2) and hits the UK on Halloween, October 31st, 2008. No word yet on a DVD release here in the States, but FEARnet will be playing it next month.

Alexandre Aja's PIRANHA 3-D Delayed?!

Filmmaker Alexandre Aja (HIGH TENSION, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, MIRRORS) was all set to begin production on his new update of PIRANHA 3-D with a production start date locked for this fall. But now, word has come in from Shock Till You Drop that the production may be slightly delayed with a proposed March/April 2009 start date instead. The article states that the reasoning is simply for more prep time to pull off the 3D FX. A insider source tells Shock, "There just wasn't enough time for pre-production to get it done in time. It's all about pre-production and trying to make it the best it can be." This most likely means that the July 24th, 2009 release date has been pushed as well to offer Aja more time in post-production. We'll let you know for sure when we hear more.

Loosely based on the original PIRANHA directed by Joe Dante, Aja's version was penned by Aja and his writing partner Grégory Levasseur from a script with FEAST, SAW IV writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton rumored to have worked on it as well.

Tony Todd Talks CANDYMAN Remake!

Several weeks back, we posted a report that Sony has started mulling over ideas for relaunching the CANDYMAN franchise by going back to the source material, Clive Barker's story THE FORBIDDEN. (The original was directed by Bernard Rose and starred Virginia Madsen, Xander Berkeley, Kasi Lemmons and Tony Todd in the title role.) Of note was the possibility that Sony might make Candyman "Caucasian" for the update. Ryan Rotten over at Shock Till You Drop got a chance to speak with Tony Todd who genre fans would unanimously agree has made the role of Candyman his own.

In regards to a "white Candyman", Todd tells SHOCK, "When I first heard it...like everyone has said, it's ridiculous. The whole point is that he was a former slave and it's an interracial love story. But they own the property and they're entitled to do what they want." In all fairness, the original Barker story never delved into Candyman's race, nor his backstory or where he came from.

Todd tells Shock that it wasn't too long ago that another sequel was being considered. "Just two years ago I was in a meeting with them talking about going forward. Some of my agents feel [the remake news] could be a move to see how much interest there is out there for it. Maybe we could put our heads together and do something modern..."

Regardless, Todd would be willing to don Candyman's infamous hook one last time if the script were right. "If they do it, I'm willing to do one more as a final payoff or good-bye. I wouldn't just phone it in, I'd want to commit to it. I could live forever with the thought of what we did with the first two Candyman films just fine."

For more from Todd, read the complete interview on SHOCK's site HERE!

September 10, 2008


Seems like a horde of real live Chuckies were let loose in 42nd street yesterday to celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition Child's Play DVD. I'm not sure how your humble Icons of Fright staff missed out hearing about this one, especially since we live there. Well...NY is a crazy town...

Here's a choice image, the rest can be found at The London Paper who were on hand to cover the event:


The House On SORORITY ROW Director & Cast Updates!

Stewart Hendler starts principal photography on the remake of Mark Rosman's 1983 THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW (simply titled SORORITY ROW) on October 6th in Pittsburgh. Briana Evigan & Rumer Willis are set to star in the Summit Entertainment production. Writers Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger scripted the new update.

Handler had recently helmed WHISPER with LOST's Josh Holloway, while star Brian Evigan dabbled in genre work in the FEAR ITSELF episode NEW YEAR'S DAY, as well as the DONNIE DARKO sequel S. DARKO and the hit STEP UP 2: THE STREETS. (And yes, Rumer is Bruce's daughter.)

The director set the record straight on his blog about recent rumors of a proposed PG-13 rated SORORITY ROW. "The good news is that three days ago, Summit changed their minds and we are full-steam ahead on the R-rated version. I can’t tell you what a relief this is from a creative sense. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re not out to make torture porn and this still isn’t going to be an explicit exploitation picture—but it's nice to be able to write a horror movie the way it should be.” More when we hear it!

FEAST 2 DVD Cover Art! NY Screening!

Amazon has listed FEAST 2: SLOPPY SECONDS, as well as a FEAST 2 PACK (featuring both films), which you can now pre-order in time for the October 7th release! Also, FANGORIA is hosting a FREE screening of FEAST 2 on Friday October 3rd at the Pioneer Two Boots Theater (155 East 3rd Street and Avenue A). Click HERE for details on how you can RSVP for tickets! You can click on either cover below to pre-order the FEAST movies!

Filmed back to back with FEAST 3, Jon Gulager returns as director on FEAST 2: SLOPPY SECONDS, as do original writers Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FREDDY VS. JASON, FRIDAY THE 13TH remake). The monsterous sequel stars Jenny Wade, Krista Allen, Balthazar Getty, Diane Goldner, Clu Gulager, Navi Rawet, Josh Zuckerman and Judah Friedlander (!). The original FEAST was produced by Wes Craven, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore as part of the show PROJECT GREENLIGHT.

September 09, 2008


FANGORIA's Michael Gingold just posted a fairly extensive review of the upcoming 3-disc ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN DVD. The review primarily focuses on the brand-new 4 hour documentary MICHAEL LIVES. Other features on the set seem to be carted over from last year's DVD releases, but regardless, according to Gingold, the epic doc alone is worth double-dipping. "Even those devotees who already paid for the previous two-discer of HALLOWEEN will easily feel they’ve gotten their $24.95 (or less at many on-line sites) worth just to add MICHAEL LIVES to their library," the review says. Read the entire review on FANGO's site HERE!

Read our extensive review of the original Unrated Director's Cut DVD for ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN HERE! And while you're at it, check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with ROB ZOMBIE (his most extensive on HALLOWEEN!) by clicking the frame below!

September 08, 2008


Actress Rachel Miner has been cast in After Dark Films upcoming BUTTERFLY EFFECT: REVELATION (aka BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3), which will hit theaters on January 3rd, 2009 as part of the 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR fest. Miner joins Chris Carmack, a young man who discovers he has inherited the powers of "The Butterfly Effect" and attempts to solve the mystery of his high school girlfriend's death using his newfound ability, only to unwittingly unleash a vicious serial killer.

Seth Grossman directs the latest BUTTERFLY EFFECT from a script by Holly Brix. Rachel Miner is no stranger to the genre having appeared in PENNY DREADFUL, TOOTH AND NAIL and most recently in Breck Eisner's episode of NBC's FEAR ITSELF. She's also a regular on the Showtime series CALIFORNICATION starring David Duchovny. More on the cast when we hear it!

Could You Be The Next Miss Horrorfest For 2009?

The first details on the upcoming auditions to be Miss Horrorfest 2009 for After Dark Films 8 FILMS TO DIE FOR festival has been announced via the official After Dark website! Mistress Malice currently holds the title, but if you think you've got what it takes, then here's the dates and locations for auditions both on the East and West Coast!

New York, October 7th, 2008
Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street
New York, New York 10001
2pm - 7pm

Los Angeles, October 9th, 2008
Jeff Gerrard Casting
On Your Mark Studios
13425 Ventura Blvd.
2nd Floor
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
2pm - 7pm

If you can't make either of those dates or locations, you can audition on-line! Auditions online are from Sep 15th – Oct 17th and you can enter by uploading a 90-second video to YouTube.com/Horrorfest. If you have any questions, call the casting office at (818) 782-9900.

Visit the official After Dark HORRORFESTONLINE website HERE!

Young DEXTER Actor Cast As New Isaac In CHILDREN OF THE CORN!

A few days after learning that actor Daniel Newman would be playing Malachai in the new CHILDREN OF THE CORN remake, Shock Till You Drop has uncovered who will be portraying Isaac, the young preacher who convinces the town's children to slaughter their parents.

Preston Bailey
, who you may recognize as Cody, the son of DEXTER's girlfriend Rita on the hit Showtime series will be playing the role of Isaac, which was originated by John Franklin in the 1984 version of CHILDREN OF THE CORN as well as the 5th sequel CHILDREN OF THE CORN 666: ISAAC'S RETURN.

Donald Borchers
, producer on the original is writing and directing the remake based on the Stephen King novelette. Also in the cast is David Anders and Kandyse McClure. The first CHILDREN starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton and eventually went on to spawn 6 sequels! More on the new film when we hear it!

Other posts: CHILDREN OF THE CORN Malachai casting HERE!

first casting HERE!

Update on the shoot HERE!

Announcement HERE!

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL... Coming To Theaters?! And In 3D?! GROOVY!

Wow! When I caught the NY performances of EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL at the beginning of last year, I considered it to be among the best 2 hours of my life! The hysterical production managed to combine all the great elements of THE EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (with a pinch of ARMY OF DARKNESS thrown in for good measure), while simultaneously providing for memorable musical numbers and dousing the front rows with tons of fake blood! According to Screen Daily, the producers of the musical are looking to bring it to the big screen... in 3D!

The article says, "Producer Don Carmody and partners are in negotiations with Spider-man director Sam Raimi to bring to the screen the musical version of the former horror meister's Evil Dead films, Evil Dead: The Musical.

Conceived by George Reinblatt, Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla and Melissa Morris, the camp stage interpretation of Raimi’s cult classic horror trilogy was originally mounted in Toronto and Montreal and has since gone off-Broadway.

Original directors Bond and choreographer Hinton Battle are lined up to co-direct the film version, which will be presented in 3-D. Carmody told Screen International he hopes to shoot the film in the spring of next year in Toronto with some of the original cast."

Let's hope that means Ryan Ward as ASH!!!

Also of note in the article, "Meanwhile, Carmody begins principal photography September 29 on All Saints Day, the sequel to The Boondock Saints." (Hell, I'm a HUGE BOONDOCK SAINTS fan too!)

Here's the type of hilarity you can expect from EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL. ("What The F*** Was That?")

Don't forget to read our interview with EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL's Ash himself, Ryan Ward:

And take a look at our FIRST LOOK REVIEW:

September 06, 2008


Hot on the heels of the "There Will Be Blood" teaser art posted on Rob Zombie's My Space page, the musician/filmmaker has now debuted another new poster, this time with the tagline "RIDE THE PAIN". Nothing else we can tell you yet about the mysterious TYRANNOSAURUS REX other then that it's officially locked down for a August 28th, 2009 release! Check out the poster below!

Click HERE for 1st TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 2nd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 3rd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 4th TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 5th TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 6th TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork! ("There Will Be Blood!")

ROB ZOMBIE'S TYRANNOSAURUS REX is set to hit theaters in a little less then a year now on August 28th, 2009. This is Zombie's 4th feature after HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS and HALLOWEEN. More when we hear it!



Don't let the name fool you. The Huntington Cinema Arts Centre sounds like a fancy establishment, but it's really a dive just off centre of downtown Huntington, Long Island. The theatre has hosted Summer Camp Cinema for a number of years, a Saturday night double feature collection of horror films. Last night was my first venture to take part in the annual summer festival, a mid-week single feature. I took a seat in a dingy little theatre with poor lighting and warped walls, waiting in anticipation to watch an even more warped movie:


Yes, director Bill Lustig's masterpiece, first screened to the terror of women's groups nationwide in 1980, was in all its glory on the big screen last night, with a 6 year old 35 millimeter print that was scratchy and gritty. I mean that as a compliment, because Maniac is the kind of flick that Lustig had told lead actor/writer Joe Spinell would appear "on 42nd Street and Texas drive-ins." Somehow, Maniac managed to make its way all over the U.S., far outspanning the director's modest intentions, and creating a fury of controversy upon its arrival. To see it in a small, rundown theatre, warts and all... I couldn't think of a better way to view it.

But it wasn't just the film itself that had me traveling across Long Island. Even better than that, Bill Lustig was going to appear in person. Enticed by this, I headed out with my camera and a Maniac 8x10 that I had clipped off the net and had signed by Tom "Mr. Personality" Savini. I hoped Lustig would be signing. In the bargain, I got a lot more than just his signature.

Lustig showed up before the film started, and gave a brief introduction to the movie. He was very candid, saying "I hope you know what you're getting into with this movie." We all knew we were in for a blood storm. I'd seen Maniac about 1/2 dozen times over the years, and thought I was properly prepared. But on the big screen, Maniac is even more disturbing than it is at home. The darkened theatre provided the perfect atmosphere, even with poor speakers and a small number of seats. Perhaps what disturbed me most, though, was how people were laughing during some pretty intense scenes. I've heard that audiences tend to laugh during horror movies because it breaks the unbearable tension, but I got creeped out as the people around me chuckled. Maybe it says something about the way I react to horror, as opposed to others. Or maybe it says something when society laughs at the ritual slayings committed by a maniac. Either way, Maniac was a more compelling, disturbing and ultimately enjoyable experience in a theatre.

The end credits rolled. The audience applauded. And then things got even better, as Bill Lustig came to the front of the theatre again and addressed the audience. He introduced two unannounced special guests, Gail Lawrence and Denise Spagnuolo, both of whom had acted in the film. He then held an impressive 30 minute Q&A. Candidly and very honestly, he fielded questions on a number of topics: current horror trends, Tom Savini, the backlash to the film at the time, his favorite horror films and his work at Blue Underground, the DVD company he owns. He pulled no punches as he referred to several movies as "crap," and admitted he's very willing to sell the Maniac rights for a remake, because they'd bring in a ton of money (he hinted at the interest of a French director, who copied a scene from Maniac in one of his movies; later, he mentioned Alexandre Aja copying a scene from Maniac in High Tension. I'd say this is a major clue!). He also shared some behind-the-scenes stories from Maniac, including one about Savini. The special effects master took the Maniac job right after finishing Friday the 13th, because he'd just broken up with his girlfriend and didn't want to return to Pittsburgh; Lustig would show up to the apartment he'd rented for Savini, and find the makeup artist crying in front of the stereo as a Lionel Ritchie song played!

As the Q&A wrapped, the theatre manager invited us all to join Bill in an after-party gathering. You can imagine my confusion at this juxtaposition. After seeing such a brutal film, a beer and pizza get together seemed more appropriate. But the Cinema Arts Centre had a nice spread of snacks (no Texas meatballs, unfortunately), and I felt fancy as I swigged down some rather nice white wine. With my 8x10 and a gray marker in hand, I got Denise and Gail to sign my picture. Then I made my way up to Lustig himself. What a genuinely nice guy! He was happy to sign my 8x10, and he enjoyed discussing Icons of Fright with me (let's hope there's an interview in the works). Bill posed for a picture with me, and thanked me for being a fan of the movie. If you're a horror fan and ever get the chance to meet this gracious individual, by all means, take it.

Any of you who read my review of Lustig's masterpiece know this little story about Maniac: "When I was a kid in the 1980s, my local video store had a VHS copy of Maniac on the shelf. I remember being terrified by the cover's image of a man with a bloody knife in one hand, a decapitated head in the other, and a bulging erection. The tagline 'I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight' completed my terror perfectly. I bought this DVD when it first came out; I watched it that night with a friend and almost threw up, more than once." To be able to share this story with Bill Lustig made it so much better for me. For him to take legitimate interest in my story... I can't top that.

Thank you, Mr. Lustig.

--Phil Fasso


Phil Fasso's back with a pair of new DVD reviews! He takes a look at the recently released Anchor Bay version of Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION (starring A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm), as well as the "CULT CLASSICS" double-feature DVD EARTH VS. THE SPIDER/ WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST. Click either image below to read them! Don't forget to check out Phil's report from the recent MANIAC screening in Long Island, NY!

Malachai In The CHILDREN OF THE CORN Remake Has Been Cast!

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that actor Daniel Newman (Cirque du Freak) has been cast in the role of Malachai (originated by Courtney Gaines) in the new CHILDREN OF THE CORN redux, now lensing. Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz is behind the project which will debut on the Sci-Fi channel. Donald Borchers, producer on the original is writing and directing the remake. Also in the cast is David Anders (Takezo Kensei / Adam Monroe from Season 2 of TV's HEROES) and Kandyse McClure (TV's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, REAPER). The original CHILDREN OF THE CORN, based on the novelette by Stephen King hit theaters in 1984 and starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton and went on to spawn 6 sequels! More on the new film when we hear it!

Other posts: CHILDREN OF THE CORN first casting HERE!

Update on the shoot HERE!

Announcement HERE!


Rob Zombie debuted yet another piece of conceptual art from his mysterious upcoming project TYRANNOSAURUS REX via his My Space page.The artwork comes with a caption that promises "There Will Be Blood!" Check it out below!

Click HERE for 1st TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 2nd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 3rd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 4th TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

Click HERE for 5th TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork!

ROB ZOMBIE'S TYRANNOSAURUS REX is set to hit theaters in a little less then a year now on August 28th, 2009. This is Zombie's 4th feature after HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS and HALLOWEEN. More when we hear it!

September 05, 2008

UK Quad Poster For SAW V!

I'm loving the marketing on this new SAW flick! Below is the UK quad for SAW V which features the tagline, "In the end all the pieces will fit together..."

Check it out below!

The fifth installment in the SAW franchise directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton (FEAST, new HELLRAISER) stars Tobin Bell, Julie Benz, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Betsy Russell, Carlo Rota, Greg Bryk and Laura Gordon. It opens October 24th, 2008!

Check out a revealing video with new photos from SAW V right HERE!

Check out an image of Jigsaw's latest trap from SAW V HERE!

Check out the new theatrical poster HERE!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE!

Check out the original kick-ass teaser poster for SAW V HERE!

Check out the "BLOOD DRIVE" posters at our previous news post HERE!

Visit the official site at: http://www.saw5.com

Don Mancini Talks CHILD'S PLAY Remake & What's In Store For CHUCKY!

Bloody Disgusting's BC recently chatted with Don Mancini, who will be writing and directing the upcoming CHILD'S PLAY remake and uncovered some interesting tid-bits on the filmmaker's plans for Chucky's new outing.

Firstly, the reasoning behind a remake of the original as opposed to a sequel of SEED OF CHUCKY? Mancini tells BD, "The bottom line, our main mission was to make it scary again and the best way to do that would be to reboot (the series)."

How much will this reboot differ from the original film? Mancini explains, "It’s a remake, but there are a lot of new things in it. None of the details of the murders in the first movie will be repeated. All of the setpieces are going to be completely brand new, and we’re going to do a slight re-design on Chucky himself, although Brad Dourif will absolutely be the voice of Chucky, and will once again play Charles Lee Ray in the flesh. And we’re giving him more to do than he did in the original movie."

You can read more from the interview at BD's post HERE!

CHILD'S PLAY was written & directed by Tom Holland from a story by Don Mancini and starred Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray (aka Chucky). The 1988 horror hit went on to spawn 4 sequels and is now on the cusp of a new remake. (More on that HERE!) The DVD arrives September 9th!

Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Announced!

About time! Variety reports that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (co-exec producers & writers on NBC's THE OFFICE) have been hired to pen the script for a new GHOSTBUSTERS film reuniting the original cast of Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson.

The article continues, "The scribes just wrote "Year One," a comedy that was directed by Ramis. Ramis with Aykroyd wrote the first two installments of the films. Ivan Reitman directed both the 1984 original and the sequel that was released in 1989. The close proximity between the writers and original Ghostbuster Ramis is evidence that the ghost chasers have sparked to the idea of returning. No deals will be made with the original cast until the script is ready, but the gross percentage will certainly be an issue. Sony has a standing policy not to allow more than 25% of first dollar gross out the door."

Early rumors indicated that Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow were possibly on-board for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and that the film might see the "passing of the torch" from the original Ghostbusters to a new crew (which might include Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen). All of this is completely unconfirmed as of now, but... would be really, really cool!

As of right now, all that's official is that writers have been hired to write a GHOSTBUSTERS 3. Fingers crossed it all comes together!


According to the theatrical release page on Box Office Mojo, several high profile genre movies have shifted release dates. FINAL DESTINATION 4 (in 3D!) will now open on August 21st, 2009 rather then the originally planned August 14th. Directed by David Ellis from a script by Eric Bress, FINAL DESTINATION 4 stars Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andy Fiscella, Shantel VanSanten, Bobby Campo, Haley Webb, Justin Welborn, Mykelti Williamson & Richard T. Jones.

The Dowdle (John Erick & Drew) brother's feature THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES has been pushed to "2009". Their remake of the Spanish flick [REC], QUARANTINE (starring Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez & Johnathon Schaech) is still set for October 10th, 2008.

Richard Kelly's latest THE BOX starring Cameron Diaz, Frank Langella & James Marsden is set for a March 20th, 2009 release date. (Kelly's previous directing credits include cult favorite DONNIE DARKO and SOUTHLAND TALES)

Finally, Eli Roth's proposed TRAILER TRASH is now listed as "N/A" (not available), most likely due to the filmmaker's "acting" duties on Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.


HALLOWEEN comic book writer Stefan Hutchinson sent us over another beautiful, exclusive image from the upcoming HALLOWEEN: THE FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE series.The following image of Loomis and Michael Myers is one of the alternate covers to Issue #3! Due out in September from Devil's Due Publishing (SPOOKS, HACK/SLASH), the new HALLOWEEN mini-series takes place after the events of HALLOWEEN 2. You can check out another exclusive cover for Issue 2 at our previous news post HERE! And the gorgeous Peter Fielding cover right HERE!

September 04, 2008

GUILLERMO DEL TORO Booked Thru 2017?!

A lengthy article appeared on the Variety website discussing the future for filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Essentially, the director behind PAN'S LABYRINTH and HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY is booked until 2017!?!

The article says, "Universal — which has a three-year first-look deal with the helmer inked in June ’07 — and del Toro are making a long-term commitment by setting up four directing projects, including remakes of "FRANKENSTEIN," "DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE," and "SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE."

The fourth project is an adaptation of "DROOD," a Dan Simmons novel acquired by U that will be published in February by Little, Brown.

Of course, del Toro’s first priority is New Line and MGM’s "THE HOBBIT," to which he has committed the next five years. He has begun writing "HOBBIT" with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, collaborating via video conferencing and trips to New Zealand every three weeks.

While it’s difficult, if not impossible, to plan projects five years into the future, at this point U execs think "DROOD" is the most likely to be del Toro’s first post-"HOBBIT" directing vehicle.

If both sides have their way, the helmer will belong to Universal after "THE HOBBIT" wraps."

In addition to the four pics, the studio still has its sights set on del Toro’s pet project, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS."

As if that is not enough to keep him busy, U also has on the horizon an adaptation of David Moody’s apocalyptic novel "HATER" that del Toro will produce with Mark Johnson but not direct, and "CRIMSON PEAK," a gothic romance spec script by del Toro and his "MIMIC" collaborator Matthew Robbins, which del Toro will produce but not direct.

While he busies himself with "HOBBIT," del Toro will outline the other projects and hire writers. The pics will be supervised at del Toro Prods. by his manager, Gary Ungar, who’ll be exec producer of the films and will oversee the slate with development director Russell Ackerman and U exec Scott Bernstein.

"No one expected ‘THE HOBBIT’ to come about; it was the most marvelous monkey wrench tossed into my life," del Toro said. "I consider (the new deals) the renewal of my marital vows with Universal."

Of the long-talked about FRANKENSTEIN project, del Toro says, ""To me, Frankenstein represents the essential human question: ‘Why did my creator throw me here, unprotected, unguided, unaided and lost?’ With that one, they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands to prevent me from directing it."

As far as a HELLBOY 3? "I think (Universal) will decide when the last euro hits the piggybank," del Toro said. "We laid the groundwork to have a magnificent third act. I’d like to return to an action franchise with 60-year-old actor Ron Perlman, because he’ll be scratching at that age when I get to it."

Langley said the studio is interested in another HELLBOY and may work with del Toro to add a TV series and online segments to broaden the following of that character before making the series finale.

There's TONS more at the Variety piece HERE!


The 3rd After Dark Horrorfest (aka "8 FILMS TO DIE FOR") is set to run from January 2-9, 2009 and the 5th movie has just been found via the recent UK FRIGHTFEST. Phedon Papamichael's FROM WITHIN starring Elizabeth Rice and Thomas Dekker (TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) has joined the line-up, following the previously announced features PERKINS' 14, SLAUGHTER, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3: REVELATION and BROKEN.

After Dark's Courtney Solomon told FANGORIA, "We take a lot of pride in delivering films that span the entire horror genre [and] are very pleased to be adding FROM WITHIN to this year's Horrorfest. The film has an excellent premise that delves into areas previously unseen in past Horrorfest films, and is a worthy companion to our previously announced slate." Directed by Phedon Papamichael and written by Brad Keene, FROM WITHIN is about a rash of suicides plaguing a small town. More on the 3rd AFTER DARK FEST when we hear it!

September 03, 2008

Press Release & Cover Art For Stuart Gordon's STUCK! On DVD October 14th!

Director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) delivers what Variety dubbed an “ingeniously nasty and often shockingly funny” film when Image Entertainment debuts STUCK on DVD and Blu-ray™ October 14. Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Academy Award® nominee Stephen Rea (Best Actor, The Crying Game, 1993), and Russell Hornsby (Meet the Parents, Big Fat Liar) star in the darkly humorous psychological thriller about a young woman who commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim.

The extensive bonus features on the two-disc STUCK Blockbuster Exclusive DVD include audio commentary from Director Stuart Gordon, Writer John Strysik and Mena Suvari. Also included are three featurettes: Chante’s Inferno, a behind-the-scenes featurette with actual news footage of the incident the film is based on; The Gory Details which highlights the impressive special effects and make-up from the film; and Driving Forces, a video interview with Gordon and Strysik. The STUCK Blu-ray disc will include all the bonus material from the two-disc Blockbuster Exclusive DVD and will be available at all retail outlets, which will also offer single disc DVD version with the trailer as an added bonus.

The internationally-acclaimed STUCK, which won the Silver Raven at the 2008 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film and the Staff Prize at the 2008 San Francisco Indiefest, will be available on DVD for $27.98 SRP and Blu-ray™ for $35.98 SRP.

SYNOPSIS: Brandi (Suvari), a hard-partying, overworked nursing assistant, accidentally steers her car into a homeless man (Rea), sending him flying through the windshield. Not wanting to jeopardize a possible job promotion, she chooses not to get him medical help, leaving him clinging to life in her garage. But soon her psyche begins to unravel as captor and captive are pitted against each other in a bloody...even outrageous battle for survival.

STUCK was directed by Stuart Gordon based on his own story and a screenplay by John Strysik (Deathbed). The film was executive produced by Christian Arnold-Beutel, Sam Grana, John F.S. Laing, and Tim McGrath; associate produced by Julie G. Moldo and Zenon Yunko; and produced by Jay Firestone, Ken Gord and Robert Katz.


- Audio Commentary Featuring Director Stuart Gordon, Writer John Strysik and Actress Mena Suvari
- Featurettes:
- Chante’s Inferno
- The Gory Details
- Driving Forces
- Theatrical Trailer

MY NAME IS BRUCE Theatrical Dates & Theaters Announced!

Theatrical dates and listings have been announced for MY NAME IS BRUCE, the new horror/comedy starring everyone's favorite braggart Bruce Campbell. In the movie, B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon. Written by Mark Verheiden and directed by Campbell, MY NAME IS BRUCE stars Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Ellen Sandweiss, Danny Hicks, Tim Quill, Michael Kallio and Dani Kelly. Campbell is said to be making appearances at all the following dates to introduce the film and partake in a Q & A after each screening. Here's the info:

- October 26: Austin, TX (premiere)
- Oct. 31-November 2: New York City—Sunshine Cinema
- Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA
- Nov. 7: Boston, MA
- Nov. 9: Hartford, CT
- Nov. 12: New Haven, CT
- Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD
- Nov. 15: Washington D.C.
- Nov. 19: Columbus, OH
- Nov. 20: Toledo, OH
- Nov. 21-23: Detroit, MI
- Nov. 28-30: Chicago, IL
- Dec. 3: Madison, WI
- Dec. 5-7: Minneapolis, MN
- Dec. 12: Seattle, WA
- Dec. 13-14: Portland, OR
- Dec. 15: Medford, OR
- Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA
- Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA
- Dec. 19-21: Los Angeles, CA

Check out the trailer at our previous news post HERE!

HIS NAME WAS JASON DVD Release Date! The Upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH Doc!

Shock Till You Drop got word that HIS NAME WAS JASON, the upcoming extensive 90 minute FRIDAY THE 13TH documentary directed by Dan Farrands and produced by Anthony Masi and Thommy Hutson will be available on DVD on February 3rd, 2009 courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment! It will then make its television debut on Friday February 13th on Starz! The doc currently boasts interviews with over 70 people involved in the entire FRIDAY franchise, and the DVD promises over 3 hours of bonus materials and content!

Anchor Bay also put out last years HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR documentary produced by Masi. (Farrands produced the wonderful AMITYVILLE HORROR docs for The History Channel and Masi is also a producer on THE PSYCHO LEGACY doc.)

Visit the official My Space page at: http://www.myspace.com/hisnamewasjason


Check out EXCLUSIVE photos from the NY shoot of HIS NAME WAS JASON with Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13th), FANGORIA editor Tony Timpone, Bill Randolph, John Furey and Lauren-Marie Taylor (Jeffrey, Paul and Vicky in FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2), and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING director Danny Steinmann at out previous news post HERE!

Other FRIDAY THE 13TH interviews: (Betsy Palmer, Ron Millkie, Warrington Gillette, Stu Charno, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, Lar Park Lincoln, Diana Barrows, Peter Bracke, Bryan Norton)

I AM LEGEND Ultimate DVD Set Coming December 9th!

Warner Home Entertainment has announced all the specs for the massive Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD of I AM LEGEND, starring Will Smith, directed by Francis Lawrence and based on the classic Richard Matheson story. (Which also inspired George A. Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!)

reports the 3 disc set (available December 9th) will include the following:

"12 never-before-seen deleted scenes, a 44-page concept sketch book, a lenticular lucite commemorative piece featuring imagery from the film, six collectible art cards depicting different cities devastated by the virus that has wiped out mankind. The first disc will contain the theatrical version of the movie with commentary by director Francis Lawrence and producer/scripter Akiva Goldsman, plus the theatrical trailer; disc two will feature the alternate cut with a different ending and a digital copy for download onto other platforms."

And here's the breakdown of Disc 3's features:
- Cautionary Tale: The Science of I AM LEGEND featurette
- Creating I AM LEGEND:
- The Joy Ride Jump
- Will in the Driver’s Seat
- Robert Neville’s Psychology
- The Story
- Will Smith in Action
- That Scary Place Inside All of Us
- Shooting on the Intrepid
- NYC Gone Back to Nature
- Will’s Physical Training
- Creating the Dark Seekers
- Evacuation, Part 1: Family Convoy
- Evacuation, Part 2: Military Cooperation
- Building the Pier
- Canine Co-Star
- Quiet Imagination
- Closing Down Fifth Avenue
- Evacuation, Part 3: Choppers
- The Conflicts of Isolation
- Trusting the Unknown
- The Creatures Break In
- Neville’s Weapons
- The Making of I AM LEGEND
- I AM LEGEND: The Making of Shots
- Animated Comics:
- Death as a Gift
- Isolation
- Sacrificing the Few for the Many
- Shelter
- Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Lawrence and Goldsman:
- Joy Ride
- Sam and the Butterfly
- They Set a Trap
- Driving on the FDR
- You Go Around the Door
- Do You Know How to Shoot a Gun?
- 5th Avenue Walk
- Questioning Faith
- Eat Fish on the Couch
- Death or Life
- A Haunting Sight
- Hope

THE PSYCHO MOVIES Website Relaunches!

It's been dormant for a bit but THE PSYCHO MOVIES website is back on-line! New features include behind the scenes photos from Julie Fletcher, the photographer on PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING, a brand new PODCAST with PSYCHO 2 writer Tom Holland (Episode 4) and a blog about the PSYCHO reunion panel by yours truly! (Check that out right HERE!) I strongly recommend checking out the 4 PODCASTS thus far! So far, webmaster Jay Allentoff has spoken to myself, Julie Fletcher, Tom Holland, and future podcasts will feature Mick Garris, Lee Garlington, Jennifer Polito, Andrew London, David Blewitt and Rodney Charters.

Check it out now at: WWW.THEPSYCHOMOVIES.COM

Click the frame to read the full PSYCHO reunion transcription:

For news on the unseen director's cut of PSYCHO, click HERE!

For info on the PSYCHO: 2 disc special edition DVD, click HERE!

September 02, 2008

Director For POLTERGEIST Remake Found?!

Several weeks back, it was announced that Juliet Snowden and Stiles White would be taking a crack at writing the script for the upcoming POLTERGEIST remake. Now, it appears a director may also be locked!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Vadim Perelman is in negotiations to develop MGM's "POLTERGEIST" remake as a potential directing gig. The deal would bring the helmer together with writers Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, who were hired last week to revamp the 1982 classic. The original, a haunted-house movie full of literalized children's nightmares, was directed by Tobe Hooper from a script co-written by Steven Spielberg. The film's exploration of an ordinary family's reaction to an extraordinarily intense situation likely appealed to Perelman, who delved into similar dynamics in his debut, 2003's "House of Sand and Fog," and last year's "The Life Before Her Eyes." Perelman was once attached to Spielberg's endlessly developing "Talisman" project, adapted from the Stephen King-Peter Straub novel.

More when we hear it!

September 01, 2008


Danny Price is back with another cheese filled edition of SCHLOCK VALUE for SEPTEMBER 2008! His picks this month? ATTACK OF THE SABRETOOTH, RAZORTOOTH and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER! Click the logo below to find out why these are the best of the worst genre flicks according to our Australian import writer!

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Faux Promo Magazine Covers For DEXTER Season 3!

DEXTER Season 3 is set to make it's grand return to Showtime on September 28th and the promotional campaign is already under way! The following 4 faux magazine covers featuring Michael C. Hall as DEXTER appear courtesy of the show's Facebook page. DEXTER stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jimmy Smits, Julie Benz, James Remar, David Zayas, Lauren Vélez and C.S. Lee. Check out a video preview of Season 3 at our previous news report HERE!

DEXTER's The New Yorker cover:

DEXTER makes the cover of ROLLING STONE:


DEXTER is Esquire's cover boy:

PASSENGERS Trailer & Theatrical Poster!

The trailer for the slightly delayed Columbia Pictures film PASSENGERS has debuted on-line courtesy of Reelz Channel. The film stars Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson & Clea DuVall and is set to hit theaters on October 24th! Check out the trailer and poster below after the synopsis.

"After a plane crash, a young therapist, Claire (Anne Hathaway), is assigned by her mentor (Andre Braugher) to counsel the flight's five survivors. When they share their recollections of the incident - which some say include an explosion that the airline claims never happened - Claire is intrigued by Eric (Patrick Wilson), the most secretive of the passengers. Just as Claire's professional relationship with Eric - despite her better judgment - blossoms into a romance, the survivors begin to disappear mysteriously, one by one. Claire suspects that Eric may hold all the answers and becomes determined to uncover the truth, no matter the consequences."

PASSENGERS stars Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, Clea DuVall, David Morse, Dianne Wiest, Andre Braugher & William B. Davis and was directed by Rodrigo García from a script by Ronnie Christensen.