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In an interview with Icons Of Fright for the web-series AMERICA'S BAD KIDS, Troma president Lloyd Kaufman revealed quite a bit about the future of everyone's favorite superhero from New Jersey, THE TOXIC AVENGER! Could Toxie be returning in a musical? How 'bout a remake? Whoa, whoa. Hold your fits of rage and read exactly what Lloyd had to say about both!

While conducting the interview for the ICONS webseries AMERICA'S BAD KIDS, host John Torrani couldn't help but notice several 8 x 10 photographs on Lloyd's desk marked "TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL". We of course... had to ask.

Some excellent theatrical producers, the folks that brought you DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, and I believe the Harriet Tubman story, the musical of course, they are going to be producing TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL."

Lloyd added, "If that wasn’t enough, they have engaged David Bryan who is a member of Bon Jovi". (Ironically enough a New Jersey band!) "He’s written the music for it and it’s great. It’s terrific. They’ve got a big time director attached. Apparently, they’re going to start trying it out of town in Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the original Tromavilles. We filmed there back in the good old days. The original TOXIC AVENGER was filmed in and around Newark, New Jersey. So, it’s all coming around in a big, beautiful triangle."

This isn't the first time Toxie has been the subject of a musical stage production according to Kaufman, "There have been TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL’s in Omaha and in Portland, but by fans, but this is the real TOXIC AVENGER: THE MUSICAL with a real professional producing team, and hopefully something will happen with it. I’ve been to a table reading of it and David Bryan’s music is really terrific. The songs are witty, and the script is very faithful to Toxie but yet allows for the singing and dancing."

With the remake craze going on lately, we had to ask if Troma ever planned on remaking any of their classics. Kaufman's response shocked us!

"Right now, we’re getting a lot of calls from people like Brett Ratner and others who want to remake Troma movies!" But he's quick to point out, "But I would bet against any remakes of ANY Troma classics."

He explains a bit more his beef with Hollywood and why he'd never give a Troma character to the mainstream. "The thing about the mainstream is they sort of mark their territory. The idea that they can really beat you up, and take what little you have for nothing. It makes them feel good. If they can have an appointment with you, and tell you to meet them in the restaurant of their choice and then don’t show up and you’re sitting there in the fancy restaurant (alone), that’s like lifting their leg and marking their territory."

"We do get calls from these agents constantly about (remaking THE TOXIC AVENGER), but so far nobody has forked over any real money. And if we DID give TOXIC AVENGER to somebody, our fans would probably be pretty pissed off! So, it’d have to be a trade off. We’d have to get enough money so we could make a movie for our fans if we gave TOXIC AVENGER away."

Interestingly enough, he admitted the following, "On the other hand, I’d give it to James Gunn for free. I’d give it to Eli Roth for free, probably. They’re the sort of people we’d probably give it to, but not to Mister William Morris."

Obviously, both Gunn and Roth have had a history with Troma.

The episode of AMERICA'S BAD KIDS with Lloyd Kaufman will premiere with our upcoming March edition. Look for the full, unedited interview with Lloyd as part of our April 2008 edition.



Hear, hear! Three cheers for a filmmaker with real, honest-to-God principles. We don't just love Lloyd Kaufman for his movies or his guerrilla-filmmaker tactics-- he's somebody who will never, ever sell out to The System, and that's one of the (many) things that make him a living legend.

Anyone who is of the opinion that Lloyd a "sell-out" is a twat. This is America and that is MY opinion! Long live Lloyd and TROMA!

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