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Official Website For SPOOKS Comic Book Launches!

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Back in December, we first started hearing rumblings about a new horror/action themed comic book titled SPOOKS, from filmmaker Ryan Shifrin, the writer/dirctor of the creature feature ABOMINABLE! With the comic book ready for a February 2008 release date courtesy of Devil's Due Publishing (the same fiends also responsible for the upcoming HALLOWEEN: NIGHTDANCE series), the official SPOOKS website is now live at www.spooksthecomic.com. Below we have a link to the site, as well as the full press release, and a link to our original FRIGHT exclusive interview with Shifrin. Check it out!



Click frame to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with RYAN SHIFRIN!


Filmmaker Ryan Schifrin, creator and co-writer of the Devil’s Due military horror series SPOOKS, announced the January 30, 2008 launch of the official SPOOKS web site, located at http://www.spooksthecomic.com/. The site will feature original creative content, including:
·        Illustrated fact files on key military personnel
·        The official Department of Supernatural Defense “Most Wanted” list
·        Excerpts from the first issue
·        The official DOPD mission statement
·        Key links, including creator interviews and the “Comic Shop Locator Service”
·        SPOOKS music by Lalo Schifrin and Andy Garfield
            “We’re really jazzed about the series, which hits next month, and wanted to do something special to commemorate the launch,” Schifrin revealed. SPOOKS is a four-issue arc with a script co-authored by veteran writer Larry Hama (G.I. Joe, Wolverine), artwork by Adam Archer and Jonny Rench (Friday the 13th), and creative underpinnings developed by Hama and famed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore (Forgotten Realms, Demon Wars). The covers for issue #1 were done by Greg Staples and Adam Archer, with subsequent covers by Archer, Federico D’Alessandro, Bill Sienkiewicz, and even film legend Drew Struzan.
            The series spotlights the Department of Supernatural Defense, a branch of the military that “recruits, arms, and deploys specially trained forces based within the nation’s borders in support of national security…to keep the country free of supernatural enemies, whether their origins are domestic, international, or otherworldly.” This first limited series reveals a plot by supernatural terrorist groups to enter the United States covertly and launch a nationwide assault.
            Schifrin, producer-director of the SciFi Channel event movie Abominable, developed the original concept while working with film producer Daniel Alter (Hitman). Together, they brought SPOOKS to Josh Blaylock, president of Devil’s Due Publishing.
            “This is only the beginning for SPOOKS,” Schifrin revealed. “We’ll be adding to the web site on a regular basis, while developing the second story arc. We’ll also use the site to make special announcements as SPOOKS explodes into other media.”

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