2014 Fantasia International Film Festival Boasts Impressive Lineup; Horror and Sci-Fi Titles Galore!


The 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival is ready to hit Montreal hard, lasting from July 17-August 5th, and like usual, Icons of Fright will be bringing you fright fanatics review coverage galore, as this year’s lineup is definitely one to write home about. Everything from my most anticipated film of the year, FAULTS, Richard Bates, […]

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’s Heather Langenkamp gets herself a ‘Freddy Cut’ For Scares That Care!

Heather's Freddy Cut Montage (1)

I’ve always loved seeing Heather Langenkamp in things, as the Elm Street spotlight typically goes to Freddy himself, bypassing how integral the character of Nancy was in the original film. While Freddy is the star of the series in most fans’ eyes, my preferences tend to fall more with the protagonists of horror, and when […]



  True crime stories have always held my attention, as they are examples of not only how evil human beings can be, but how said men are capable of such awful acts of violence. The true crime approach to storytelling, whether it be in books, biopics, or in the case of WHITEY: UNITED STATES OF […]

Robert Rodriguez-Hosted DIRECTOR’S CHAIR Returns With Guillermo Del Toro/Quentin Tarantino Episodes; Premiere Information

El Rey

Earlier this year, Robert Rodriguez gave fans one hell of an episode of his filmmaker on filmmaker interview show, THE DIRECTOR’S CHAIR, with its John Carpenter episode. Giving fans an in depth conversation with the master of horror, Rodriguez and Carpenter spoke about the director’s motivations, stories and ideas behind some of his most adored films. […]

Beyond Fright: Marilyn Manson’s “HEART SHAPED GLASSES” Video


In the five albums prior to 2007′s Eat Me, Drink Me, shock rocker Marilyn Manson established himself as a force to be reckoned with, a musician guaranteed to offend and completely refusing to abide by any rules set forth by anyone else, and committing a full on assault on the religious right wing . In each […]

AMERICAN MARY’s Tristan Risk Joins Road Trip Gone Wrong Ensemble SAVE YOURSELF


It looks as if Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, Astron 6′s THE EDITOR and fresh off of shooting Staci Layne Wilson’s FETISH FACTORY), has now joined the cast of Ryan M. Andrews’  road trip gone wrong film, SAVE YOURSELF, joining TRUTH OR DARE‘s Jessica Cameron, as well as Tianna Nori (CLEAN BREAK), Sydney Kondruss (THE DROWNSMAN), Ry […]

Beyond Fright: Brand New Trailer for Hendrix Biopic, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE!


Chances are, if you’re a movie lover, you also have a strong love for music as well. Uh, Hello! Go check out your movie score collection for proof. So if you dig music, movies, movies about music, then I think it is time to excuse yourself to kiss the sky, and check out the brand […]

Help Support Mental Fitness, Inc. Charity Auction In Its FINAL TEN DAYS, Awesome Horror Items Up To Bid On!!

Aaron Justin (1)

As a horror fan, what led me to the genre was how much of an escape from reality it was to me as a child. Like so many fans, it was that frightening yet fun escapism that helped take my mind off of any real horror that was going on back in my home life. […]