REVIEW: Haunted House On Sorority Row


I am ride or die for indie horror films.  When I say “indie,” I’m not referring to films with only one million dollar budgets in comparison to $100,000,000 budgets.  I’m talking about the films that won’t show up on Netflix instant watch and the films that you can only find if you buy directly from […]

Debut Clip From L.A. SLASHER Makes Its Way Online!


Earlier today, posted an exclusive clip for the upcoming “death to reality” horror film, L.A. SLASHER, a film that I, for one, am quite looking forward to. What better setup, than a slasher looking for privileged reality stars to dispatch? Count me in. While no bloodshed is shown in the clip, it does feature […]

The Millennial’s Guide to Picking Horror Movies


For those of you that aren’t religiously worshipping at the altar of The Killer POV podcast, (brought to you by Geeknation, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, and our own Rob G.) you’re missing out on some extremely poignant and important discussions in the name of horror. Last week the Killer POV gang and their guests Axelle […]

AMERICAN MARY’s Tristan Risk Joins Road Trip Gone Wrong Ensemble SAVE YOURSELF


It looks as if Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, Astron 6’s THE EDITOR and fresh off of shooting Staci Layne Wilson’s FETISH FACTORY), has now joined the cast of Ryan M. Andrews’  road trip gone wrong film, SAVE YOURSELF, joining TRUTH OR DARE‘s Jessica Cameron, as well as Tianna Nori (CLEAN BREAK), Sydney Kondruss (THE DROWNSMAN), Ry […]



CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose’s found footage horror film SX_TAPE is set to be released July 15th from Well Go USA, and what better way to kick that off, than with a giveaway?! We’ve got three Bluray copies of the film, ready to give out to some lucky readers, so if you’re excited for it..enter! “Jill’s […]

Beyond Fright: Brand New Trailer for Hendrix Biopic, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE!


Chances are, if you’re a movie lover, you also have a strong love for music as well. Uh, Hello! Go check out your movie score collection for proof. So if you dig music, movies, movies about music, then I think it is time to excuse yourself to kiss the sky, and check out the brand […]

Help Support Mental Fitness, Inc. Charity Auction In Its FINAL TEN DAYS, Awesome Horror Items Up To Bid On!!

Aaron Justin (1)

As a horror fan, what led me to the genre was how much of an escape from reality it was to me as a child. Like so many fans, it was that frightening yet fun escapism that helped take my mind off of any real horror that was going on back in my home life. […]



It used to be when a sequel to a successful genre film went the somewhat direct to video route, that it was a taboo of sorts, a signifying mark of it not being such a great film. It was definitely easy to feel that way, given so many sequels that didn’t quite offer anything to […]