Cover Art For Scream Factory’s THE FOG Blu Rolls In!

After revealing their upcoming plans to release the original AMITYVILLE HORROR trilogy, Scream Factory keeps the retro hits coming with the debut of their newly commissioned art for their Collector’s Edition THE FOG Blu-ray! Here’s the official word: “Look what just rolled in…our newly retro-styled designed artwork for John Carpenter’s THE FOG! This new “remix” […]

Feel the Rage of The Lumberjack in new Trailer for AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN!!

Fairy tales. Like any trend, the fairy tale genre has has a renaissance of sorts, thanks to studios giving hip new twists on everything from Hansel and Gretel (in at least four different films based on the duo that were released just last year, including the big budget HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS), Jack and […]


What do you get when you cross BLADE RUNNER, THE TERMINATOR and Charles Band? The answer to that age old question is an easy one: 1985′s scifi epic TRANCERS. Ok, maybe it’s not an age old question, and maybe epic is a strong word for it, but’s pretty awesome. TRANCERS is a movie I […]

FEARnet Announces REAPER Reunion Special, Adds Whole Series to Roster!!

One news piece that I was excited to receive, was the announcement of FEARnet‘s plans to start showing the cancelled way too soon TV show REAPER. It was a huge fan favorite, that like Fox’s FIREFLY or the CW’s VERONICA MARS, was taken away from fans way before it should have. Press Release: “FEARnet adds […]

Scream Factory Set to Unleash the AMITYVILLE HORROR TRILOGY onto Bluray This Fall!!

Though no specs or release date have been released yet, the always ass kicking Scream Factory announced today that THE AMITYVILLE HORROR trilogy, featuring the first three films in the series (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR 2: THE POSSESSION, and AMITYVILLE 3-D) will be unleashed onto Bluray before Halloween this year. I don’t know […]

DARK SKIES Brings the Invasion to DVD/BLURAY May 28th!!

Anchor Bay and Dimension Films have teamed up to release the Scott Stewart (LEGION, PRIEST) directed DARK SKIES onto BLURAY and DVD on May 28th. Icons of Fright‘s own Justin Edwards reviewed the film a while back (here), and while a lot of people didn’t pick up on the themes and allegories than Justin saw […]

Fango Launches Brand New DVD/VOD Series, FANGORIA PRESENTS!!

Last month, FANGORIA launched their brand new DVD/VOD series, “Fangoria Presents“, an ambitious VOD/DVD platform featuring new and classic horror films. Volume one of the series features artwork by veteran comic book artist Mike Miller and is comprised of five films that range from slashers to paranormal hauntings to zombie fare as well. For a […]


I’ve been completely behind Fede Alvarez’s redux of Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD since the moment it was announced. I’m not one to cry “rape!” or get all up in arms over Hollywood remaking a beloved classic of any genre. It’s been happening for decades, it’s going to happen for decades to come, so deal […]