Movie Review: RESOLUTION !

I watch a lot of movies. In my opinion, nothing beats sitting down, whether it be in a theater or at home, and getting lost in something someone cooked up in their head and put to film. A lot of times, the movies are alright, sometimes they’re good and rarely, they are GREAT. Those great […]

FRIGHT RAGS debuts new t-shirts, collector’s items!!

The gang at Fright Rags have recently announced some new winter themed t-shirt designs, along with the remaining quantity of probably one of the coolest t-shirt bundles I’ve ever seen. Some pretty rad stuff here, check them out! MISERY This one looks awesome and pretty sums up the feeling of one of the coolest moments […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD/MONSTERPALOOZA guestlists looking solid!!

When WEEKEND OF HORRORS seemed to call it quits, decent California horror conventions seemed to be few and far between, until MONSTERPALOOZA took over the mantle and began giving us fans a really cool convention to go to. Now that MONSTERPALOOZA is twice a year, things seem to be looking even better…and it keeps getting […]

MONDO releases JAWS print!!!

All you poster collectors or just people who dig cool stuff in general, I have got some cool news for you! As if MONDO, the most badass folks at releasing limited prints of cult and popular films and now vinyl and vhs releases of classic horror films coldn’t do any better, they pull out the […]

New S-VHS Trailer Debuts Before Its Sundance Premiere!

With its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival approaching rapidly, the team behind last years’ festival hit have released a teaser trailer for it’s sequel, S-VHS! Until we get an official embed, you’ll have to head over to Entertainment Weekly for the exclusive look. We’ll be sure to update once word hits after the […]

DEAD SUSHI arrives in limited theaters, DVD/BLURAY!!!

DEAD SUSHI, the new film From Noboru Iguchi (director of MACHINE GIRL, ROBOGEISHA and THE ABC’s OF DEATH) will have a limited one-week theatrical run at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles beginning this Friday, January 18, 2013. Following that limited run, it will be available via DVD, digital and Bluray (exclusively in BEST BUY […]


There’s something about the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series that I just love. Sure, in my opinion HALLOWEEN is a better film than FRIDAY THE 13TH (in fact so is A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), but as a series, F13 just blows them out of the water. The HALLOWEEN franchise had only about four films […]

Second Trailer For THE LAST EXORCISM PART II Released!

Last week, the first trailer for the Eli Roth-produced sequel to THE LAST EXORCISM, entitled, well..THE LAST EXORCISM PART II was released and showed the new non-found footage direction they’re seemingly going for with this one, and today a new trailer for the film has been graciously given to us horror fans. Give it a […]