BEYOND FRIGHT: Song Of The Week – DANZIG “How The Gods Kill”

I know, I know. I’m neglected this column and it’s been ages since I’ve shared with you faithful readers a rockin’ tune to kick off your weekend properly. But thankfully, the power of “random play” combined with being stuck in tons of commuter traffic have offered the inspiration behind today’s submission. Besides, I just realized […]

Foreboding New Poster For Home Invasion Horror YOU’RE NEXT!

August 23rd is almost here, which means we’re that much closer to seeing YOU’RE NEXT. Lionsgate has released another poster for the critically acclaimed home invasion horror, and I dig it’s ominous simplicity. Directed by Adam Wingard (V/H/S) and starring Sharni Vinson (upcoming PATRICK remake), AJ Bowen (A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE), and Barbara Crampton […]

Great Character Arcs in Horror: THE COLLECTOR & THE COLLECTION’s Arkin

I’m a sucker for a good story. While I love heads and arms getting chopped off left and right, I’d much rather watch a movie where I’m taken on a ride with a character, experiencing their journey and transformation throughout the film…along with making some heads explode. So, with this column, I thought it would […]

Chucky Returns In First Images For CURSE OF CHUCKY!

Everyone’s favorite, serial killing Good Guy Doll is making his long awaited return in CURSE OF CHUCKY, and we’ve finally got a first look! No word yet on if this latest installment connects with the previous films, or if this stands alone as a means to reintroduce Chucky. Brad Dourif is back (!) to voice […]

BATES MOTEL Cast/Crew Check into San Diego Comic-Con!!

Studios are gearing up to hit San Diego’s Comic-Con hard this July, and A&E is definitely one of them. The cast and crew of its hit PSYCHO-based series, BATES MOTEL are all taking part in what we were told will be a “thought-provoking panel discussion” about show, on Saturday, July 20 from 10:00a -11:00a at […]

Trailer For Pint-Sized Horror/Comedy HELL BABY!

If you’re a fan of THE STATE, RENO 911!, and KEY & PEELE, then the upcoming HELL BABY should be right up your alley. A trailer has been released for the pint-sized horror/comedy, and it looks plenty funny & ridiculous. Synopsis: “Jack (Rob Corddry) and Vanessa (Leslie Bibb) are an expectant couple that moves into […]

Fright Rags & Freddy Invite You Over For Some Soul Food!

“Mmm… Rick, you little meatball. I love soul food!” Fright Rags has done it again with their continuing line of kick-ass horror tees, this time offering a new t-shirt featuring one of Freddy’s more memorably gross & (for better or worse) comedic moments from THE DREAM MASTER! “Soul Food” is now available for purchase, and […]

Two Brand New Clips From THE DEMENTED!!

Two brand new clips were sent our way for the upcoming ravenous horror film, THE DEMENTED, and we thought it would be nice to share them with you readers. Check out the clips after the jump and pick up THE DEMENTED on July 30th from Anchor Bay! Horror films often take their cue from daily […]