Fright Exclusive Interview with NO ONE LIVES/MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN Director Ryuhei Kitamura!!

Ryuhei Kitamura made a name for himself internationally with his third film, VERSUS, a film that combined martial arts, the Yakuza and well..zombies. After making a few more films in Japan, Kitamura made his American debut with an adaption of Clive Barker’s short story, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, a very underrated horror film starring a […]

NY Film Society of Lincoln Center Brings a Midnight Movie Revival With Carpenter/Craven Movies and More!

Here’s some good news for any East Coast horror fans out there! New York’s Film Society of Lincoln Center, located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is gearing up to bring back their “Midnight Movies” series in June, and judging from the initial lineup, it sounds like a lot of fun, read on! “The […]

Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND Lands At Drafthouse Films!

Just yesterday we spoke with the very generous & amazing KILL LIST and SIGHTSEERS‘ director Ben Wheatley (read that here) regarding his current and upcoming projects, and today more exciting news has been announced. Drafthouse Films, the independent distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse, has announced they’ve acquired Ben Wheatley’s latest film A FIELD IN […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With KILL LIST/SIGHTSEERS Director Ben Wheatley!

Ben Wheatley’s 2011 film KILL LIST left viewers’ mouths wide open, and was easily one of the most shocking and well done films of the year. A lot of people were wondering what trick Wheatley had up his sleeve next, and he’s definitely surprised quite a few people with his most recent film, SIGHTSEERS, a […]

Watch the Violent but Touching Short Film, THE FORGE

Every once in a while, we’re sent videos from filmmakers asking us to check them out and if possible, spread the word. We try to help out as many people as we can, and it’s always awesome to check stuff out. One short film that was recently sent our way was not only great, but […]

Brand New Trailer For Steven C. Miller’s UNDER THE BED Arrives Online!!

Thanks to THE WRAP, the trailer for director Steven C. Miller’s creature feature UNDER THE BED has found its way online, and it looks like a lot of fun. It definitely gives off a mid ’80s kid-adventure film vibe but with more horrific results. What do you Fright Fiends think? “Every child knows about the […]

GRACE Director Paul Solet Heads Into A DARK SUMMER!

It’s been about 4 years since Paul Solet’s damn good directorial debut GRACE, but everyone’s favorite Jack Chop salesman is stepping behind the camera again for DARK SUMMER. Described as highly stylized modern ghost story, “the film follows Daniel Williamson, a 17 year old on house arrest for the summer. With his mother away on […]

AMITYVILLE HORROR 3-D Coming To Blu-ray 3D From Scream Factory!

Scream Factory is once again making the horror community collectively shriek with joy. Why? Well for starters, they’re releasing a AMITYVILLE HORROR Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set. Fans had hoped & pleaded for a 3D Blu-ray release of AMITYVILLE HORROR 3-D since that’s how it was released in theaters back in 1983. And that’s exactly what […]