Scream Factory Drills Out New Extras For THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE Blu-ray!


Today Scream Factory revealed the final list of extras for their HD upgrade of the first SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, including the original title treatment during the opening credits (seen below) that was absent in Shout!’s initial DVD release. The Corman distributed slasher-cum-parody classic from director Amy Holden Jones will be released March 18th! Check out […]

Cool Frights: Check Out This DAWN OF THE DEAD Screening Invite From 1978!


Imagine, you’re a horror fan in the 70s. You’ve seen all the recent gamechangers; NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABY, JAWS. You’re voracious in seeking out the latest horror film, scouring local film listings, and then your daily mail arrives. No big deal, except that a screening invite to George A. Romero’s […]



A brief caveat: I had high hopes for DEVIL’S DUE. The feature length debut of Radio Silence, the filmmaking collective that literally brought the house down in V/H/S‘ final segment, was without a doubt something to look forward to. Giving them a modest budget, studio backing, and reign to make an R-rated satanic baby film […]

German Expressionism, Fantasy, & Horror: Watch Jennifer Kent’s Must-See Short Film, MONSTER!


Continuing our trend of posting must-see short films today, I wanted to spotlight something special from Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent. Earlier today I post about her debut feature, THE BABADOOK, premiering at Sundance this Saturday, but I decided to seek out more of her work after digging its stylish trailer. Sure enough, I found a […]

Sundance Midnighter THE BABADOOK Gets A Chilling Trailer!


While the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah may not seem like a platform for shooting unknown genre films into the public stratosphere, it’s done just that for SAW, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, THE SIGNAL, and many others. Sundance ’14 is particuarly genre heavy, filled with quite a few horror films that you’ll certainly […]

The Short Films Of Steve Daniels!


Greetings Fright fans! Rob G here. For those of you that have been with us since our humble beginnings, you may have heard us bring up the name Steve Daniels before. Our staffer Adam Barnick did a pretty lengthy Icons interview with him all the way back in 2006! And his short film THE GIBBERING […]

Hammer’s New Film THE QUIET ONES Experiments With The Supernatural!


Hammer has slowed down a bit since their resurrection, but 2014 has three films coming from the legendary studio, including GASLIGHT (a drama/thriller that teams Jack The Ripper with Scotland Yard), a sequel to THE WOMAN IN BLACK titled ANGEL OF DEATH, and THE QUIET ONES! Supernatural investigations may seem to have been mined for […]

UNIDENTIFIED Lands On DVD From Dark Sky Films!


Jason Miller has been a part of Adam Green’s Ariescope crew since the HATCHET days (he served as the second unit director for HATCHET II and FROZEN), and now he’s taken the leap towards directing his own feature film with UNIDENTIFIED! The horror/sci-fi/comedy starring another Ariescope regular Parry Shenn, is now coming to DVD from […]