TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 5: “Room Service”


Forget any short comings I felt earlier episodes of this season might have had. They were merely preparing us for the complete insanity HOTEL had in store and episode five was filled with blood soaked fun and terror. Alex (Chloe Sevigny) feels the after effects of being infected by The Countess (Lady Gaga) and heads […]

Longtime Genre Journalist Alyse Wax Releases CURIOUS GOODS: BEHIND THE SCENES OF FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES Book; Features 60+ Interviews!


Alyse Wax has been a horror community staple for years, formerly being the Associate Editor of (RIP), and currently writing for an impressive roster of genre sites/publications including, Fangoria,, and An accomplished and respected journalist, Wax now can add book author to her bio, with the recent release of Bear Manor Media’s CURIOUS […]

Scream Factory Giving Empire Pictures’ THE DUNGEONMASTER/ELIMINATORS The Bluray treatment This December!


As a massive fans of Charles Band’s now defunct Empire Pictures (following the end of Empire, Band then founded Full Moon), I for one, couldn’t be any more excited about this one. On December 15th, the gang at Scream Factory is releases a combo Bluray of both 1984’s THE DUNGEONMASTER and 1986’s ELIMINATORS, complete with […]

Review: STUNG


*Written by Jovy Skol “What’s a bee’s favorite movie?” When I was a kid, there was a TV show that showed a reenactment of a kid outside at a picnic. When he was not playing, he would go sit down at the table for a bite or a sip from his soda can. However, what […]

Scream Factory Unleashing Classic Horror Anthology NIGHTMARES This December!


When it comes to horror anthologies, there are very few classics that filled my childhood with dread and entertainment as much as CREEPSHOW and NIGHTMARES did. While the former has a Bluray release already and it’s been a regular staple in my household, the latter, a four-tale anthology directed by Joseph Sargent (The Taking Of Pelham […]

Trailer Debut for Onur Tukel Horror/Comedy APPLESAUCE; Hitting VOD/EST November 24


It’s no secret that we at Icons of Fright absolutely love director Onur Tukel’s films, especially last year’s S.O.B. (SUMMER OF BLOOD) and the forthcoming APPLESAUCE (review). Tukel has a real talent for making films that have razor sharp dialogue and are as sarcastically dry as a desert, just the type of horror/comedy hybrids that […]



Bullying has been an absolute virus, steadily grown throughout our nation’s schools within the last decade. Whether it be over the way a kid looks, the type of music he listens to, or hell, just because he exists, the fact is that it’s grown to astronomical proportions, and it’s only a matter of time before […]

Kino Revives F.W. Murnau’s Horror Expressionist Masterpiece FAUST To Blu-ray!


Legendary filmmaker F.W. Murnau’s silent film mastepiece FAUST is making it’s High Definition debut thanks to Kino Classics! Having released Murnau’s unforgettable horror classic NOSFERATU two years ago as a lavish edition, Kino has restored the striking German Expressionist film from a archival 35mm elements, which is fancy for saying the transfer should look quite […]