New Poster/Trailer For Duplass-Led Blumhouse Film THE LAZARUS EFFECT Promises Resurrection!

ScreenHunter_198 Jan. 07 14.21

The poster and trailer for the Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde-led film THE LAZARUS EFFECT was sent our way from Relativity Media, and the Blumhouse film, though somewhat reminiscent of 1990’s FLATLINERS, it still looks like a wild time. Dealing with a group of medical students trying to find a way to bring the dead […]

Beyond Fright Review: BAD TURN WORSE


A good Texas-pulp thriller can be hard to come by. That feeling and mood that filled stories written by Jim Thompson and various others just don’t seem to translate to film that often. When they do, it’s not only a rare occurrence, but something to latch onto.  Full  of twists and turns, the Simon and Zeke […]



For the past decade or so, there has been a rising number of haunted houses or “haunts” that have taken up the majority of the Halloween season. Whether they be smaller, home-based huanted houses or warehouses decked out in scary decorations and masked workers chasing people out while trying to make them piss their pants, […]



(still from IT FOLLOWS) 2014 came and went and I’m now looking ahead towards the horror of 2015.  A quick google search popped up CRIMSON PEAK, POLTERGEIST, THE FINAL GIRLS, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, IT FOLLOWS, AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, PHANTASAM V, SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES, KITCHEN SINK, and a slew of other titles.  With […]

Scream Factory Set To Make Your February A Busy One With Vampires, Ghosts and Slashers!


The gang at Scream Factory are making it incredibly easy to choose Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant horror loving other, with the announcement of FIVE titles, all ranging from hilarious to frightening. Personally, I’m looking forward to all of the February releases and think it’s pretty awesome how all across the board the films […]

Fan-Made Short Film Pitch For CRITTERS Reboot Looks Great; Check it Out!!

ScreenHunter_196 Jan. 05 09.39

Talks of a potential CRITTERS reboot have been making their way around circles for ages, but fans of the series that began with Stephen Herek’s 1986 film can at least know that while the only information given about the redux thus far, is that it’ll be via “Blue Ribbon Content”, the newly started digital division […]

Editorial: Where 2014 Took Us and Where 2015 Will lead Us


2014 was a year full of interesting times. A mixed bag with so many varying degrees. With it finally being over, and 2015 starting off with a New Year’s bang for me (more on that soon), I felt the need to write this editorial piece on how 2014 led to what will, in my opinion, […]

Icons of Fright Interview With POKER NIGHT/SEE NO EVIL 2’s Michael Eklund!!


Michael Eklund has done a hell of a job making a name for himself by playing characters that aren’t easy to forget. His role in the 2011 Xavier Gens’ directed film THE DIVIDE was pure insanity, and he stole the show in 2013’s THE CALL. Not allowing himself to slow down, in between appearing in […]