Beyond Fright Review: 10 CENT PISTOL


10 CENT PISTOL opens up with two police officers investigating a silent alarm at the front door of Harris (Thomas Ian Nicholas, AMERICAN PIE, HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION). His reaction to find the police at his door proves to be of suspicion as the sweat rolls down and his need to get them to leave only encourages […]

Review: FELT

Felt Still

“My life is a fucking nightmare.” That opening line sets the tone for FELT, spoken in voice over by Amy (Amy Everson, who co-wrote the film with directed Jason Banker, (TOAD ROAD), based on experiences in her past) as she is walking barefoot down the street, sporting what looks to be a frog onesie. I’m […]

Fantasia Film Festival Review: MEATHEAD GOES HOG WILD


Films detailing a character’s descent into madness are always a tricky game. If done right, you get TAXI DRIVER or FALLING DOWN, and if you don’t succeed, you get a completely disjointed film that loses its viewers when the tone of the film makes its switch. Thankfully, the Sean Pierce, Zach Harris and Kevin Cline-directed MEATHEAD […]

Apartment From Hell Classic THE SENTINEL Gets the Scream Factory Bluray Treatment This September!


This is an exciting one, fright fanatics! Michael Winner’s 1972 classic THE SENTINEL is getting the Scream Factory treatment, when it hits Bluray on September 22nd. Easily one of my favorite films of all time, THE SENTINEL is a satanic masterpiece revolving around a troubled woman moving into an apartment building that is filled to […]

Warner Bros. Putting Out 10-Disc CANNON FILMS DVD Collection This September!


Growing up, Cannon Films was where it was at, when it came to some of the most insane, exploitation-filled greatness. Trips to the theater to see films like MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and COBRA, and VHS rentals of their other films made this writer an imagination-filled kid. Well, thanks to the gang at WB, a […]

Bluray Review: I, MADMAN


Scream Factory is showing some Jenny Wright love with their recently released Bluray of Tibor Takacs’ 1989 slasher I, MADMAN, a film that combines both the fantastical and the realistic approaches and was, well..screaming for an HD release (pun intended). Giving genre fans something that they might have accidentally overlooked upon its theatrical release, I, MADMAN not […]

Scream Factory Set to Pit Undead North VS. South With ARMY OF FRANKENSTEINS; Hitting Bluray This September!


While the gang at Scream Factory do a hell of a job giving genre fans special edition releases of their favorite horror films already, it’s always fun when horror company puts out new films as well. Films like BENEATH and the Macon Blair-penned THE MONKEY’S PAW were both a lot of fun, and coming September […]

Fantasia Film Festival Review: POSSESSED


One of the many lovable elements of 2012’s PARANORMAN was how easy it was for genre fans to latch onto. It dipped its toes into the horror genre, giving small homage-filled shout outs to films that horror lovers adore. While that film and those nods were fun, it left me wondering if we’d ever receive […]