Tis’ Friday, which means another episode of AMERICA’S BAD KIDS! John meets up with former front man of the Misfits Michale Graves to talk about his new movie from After Dark Films PERKINS 14. Michale fills us in on the new movie and let’s lose his feelings on a possible Misfits reunion, his new solo […]

Del Toro’s THE STRAIN Website Now Live!

If you recall, we posted a video message from filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro a few weeks back where he talked about his upcoming vampire trilogy THE STRAIN. Now, the official website for the novel has been launched over at: Below you’ll find the book cover & synopsis to THE STRAIN, which hits store shelves […]

Check Out The DARK HOUSE Trailer!

The trailer for Darin Scott’s latest film DARK HOUSE (which we previewed at the recent LA FANGO) has debuted on the film’s official website Written by Kerry Douglas Dye & co-wrtten/directed by Scott, DARK HOUSE stars Jeffrey Combs, Diane Salinger, Matt Cohen, Meghan Ory, Bevin Prince and Scott Whyte. The trailer is embedded below […]

Theta Pie Must Die! New SORORITY ROW Poster!

A new theatrical poster for SORORITY ROW has made it’s way on-line and you can check out the humorous teaser below! Check out the trailer below: An update/remake of Mark Rosman’s 1983 THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, the new version was directed by Stewart Hendler from a script by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. It […]

Yet Another DRAG ME TO HELL Clip!

Wow. The studio must have a lot of confidence in DRAG ME TO HELL! (And rightfully so!) They keep revealing even more teases from the film! Below you’ll find the latest clip from the movie courtesy of My Space: Yahoo is hosting the clip "Flies", a portion of which was screened for the LA FANGO […]

“It Hurts So Good.” New Poster For HBO’s TRUE BLOOD: THE NEW SEASON!

EW has debuted yet another brand new poster for HBO’s TRUE BLOOD: THE NEW SEASON which resumes with 12 new episodes starting June 14th! Check it out below! Also from the article are the synopsis for the first 3 episodes. (Beware of minor spoilers!) June 14: “Nothing But the Blood” A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s […]


Below you’ll find the teaser trailer to the eagerly awaited documentary THE PSYCHO LEGACY, celebrating 50 years of PSYCHO, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary 1960 film and exploring the 3 sequels and beyond! Featuring dozens of brand new interviews with PSYCHO series alumni, rare candid photographs and never-before-seen interview footage with Norman Bates himself, Anthony […]

TOOLBOX MURDERS At The Myers House?!

Earlier this week, we posted the story on recent casting for the upcoming TOOLBOX MURDERS sequel TBK: THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, as well as an early teaser trailer with Jeffrey Combs! FRIGHT friend Kenny Caperton wrote in with another interesting tid-bit. A portion of the upcoming shoot for the sequel will take place in his house. […]