PIRANHA 3DD Clip Shows The Hoff Getting Old…

Piranha 3DD‘s marketing is in full effect and it’s choosing to play up the ridiculous nature of it all. It has monstrous hordes of blood thirsty-killer fish descending upon a water park that’s filled with D-cup bikini clad babes. Plus Gary Busey is in it. This isn’t meant to be wholly taken serious folks, being […]

Must See – NSFW EXCISION Trailer/Poster Loves The Red Stuff!

I’m not quite sure what to make of Excision, but judging from the Red Band trailer below it’ll be quite explicit. Newcomer Richard Bates Jr has a dual role as Director & Writer and looks to have injected quite a bit of angst and dream like imagery into this. If anything it boasts an interestingly […]


Anchor Bay gives Steven C. Miller’s highly entertaining and briskly violent The Aggresssion Scale a brutally good looking Blu-ray release! Specs: Director: Steven C. Miller Starring: Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook, Derek Mears, Ryan Hartwig Year: 2012 Runtime: 85 Minutes Company: Anchor Bay Format: Blu-ray Discs: 1 Video: 2.41:1 – 1080p Audio: English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 […]

The GREMLINS Are Back… on Blu-Ray!

The first GREMLINS has been on Blu-Ray for a bit now, but today marks the release of both of Joe Dante’s beloved monster flicks GREMLINS and GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH on Blu-Ray! Hit up your local video store or Amazon and snag these bad boys now! We’re going to revisit both GREMLINS movies in […]

Rest In Peace Director James Isaac

It is with tremendous sadness that we’ve just learned about the passing of director James Isaac; the helmer of JASON X, THE HORROR SHOW, SKINWALKERS and most recently PIG HUNT. He was 51 years old. Isaac got his start primarily in the special effects world and worked on several David Cronenberg productions including THE FLY, NAKED LUNCH […]

Finally! PIRANHA 3DD In Theaters AND On Demand on June 1st!

What better way to kick off your June of 2012 than with PIRANHA 3DD!!! We’ve just learned that Jon Gulager’s sequel to Alex Aja’s PIRANHA remake will finally be released on June 1st, both in theaters and available for On Demand services. So you can see it on the big screen (in 3D, I assume?) […]

EVIL DEAD Remake Begins Filming, Raimi & Campbell On Board!

Sam Raimi’s debut film, The Evil Dead is a cult gem amongst the horror community for good reason. The 1981 “Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror” is terrifying, ferocious and features cinema’s only rape by way of demonic tree in history. It also introduced us to Bruce Campbell who’d become a genre icon as the chainsaw […]

Paramount Sets June Release for THE LOVED ONES, Trailer/Poster Revealed!

Insurge Pictures, Paramount’s genre label for micro budget films has finally slated Sean Byrne’s incredible Australian horror flick THE LOVED ONES for a June 1st release. Independently shot in 2009 where it soon after played dozens of film festivals (there was even a screening at this years past SXSW in Austin, TX) to great acclaim […]