ALIEN Prequel Confirmed!

A few days back, we were reporting that B-D got a tip that Fox was planning a "remake/reboot" of their ALIEN franchise. Now, got confirmation from Tony Scott, one of the producers on board. The upcoming ALIEN movie will be a prequel to Ridley Scott’s original. (And thankfully NOT a remake) Carl Erik Rinsch […]


For the last several months, every Friday we’ve been posting another episode of FRIGHT friend John Torrani’s web series AMERICA’S BAD KIDS. With last week’s D.W. Frydendall episode, we’re now completely caught up and eagerly awaiting the next season from Torrani & company. In the meantime, we thought this would be the perfect time to […]

New Making-Of Video For HALLOWEEN 2! With New Footage!

Dimension Films has launched it’s own You Tube page catered specifically to their genre titles and they’re kicking it off with a brand new featurette on the making of HALLOWEEN 2! Whether you liked the first one or not, this looks pretty darned intriguing to us! Check out the new footage below right after the […]


HBO has secretly launched a cool viral campaign for the upcoming season of their hit show TRUE BLOOD in the form of a website called Fashioned after, you’ll find several vampire-centric articles such as "Top 5 Ringtones For Vampires" and "Try A TruBlood Cocktail… If You Dare" (a tutorial on how to make […]

The GRACE “Red-Band” Trailer!

FearNET has debuted the new "red-band" trailer for Paul Solet’s debut feature GRACE.(Watch it below!) This was actually the clip that premiered at last month’s LA FANGO show (report HERE). GRACE is a film we’ve been covering here at ICONS since it’s inception & this trailer is a pretty good indication as to why we […]


The Sleepaway Camp Films website pointed out this press release that popped up on the Market Watch. It’s a "pre-announcement" for SLEEPAWAY CAMP REUNION 3D, the sequel to last years RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. This would be the third in the Robert Hiltzik trilogy (excluding Michael Simpson’s parts 2 & 3) which started with SLEEPAWAY […]

[REC] U.S. DVD Finally Coming Out July 14th!

The original Spanish instant cult classic [REC] is finally coming out here in the US on July 14th via Sony Home Entertainment and DVD Active revealed the cover art. (Below!) Remade last year into QUARANTINE, the far superior original version will finally be available here in America! The only special feature on the disc will […]

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Back In Theaters This Summer!

"REPO! The Genetic Opera is the modern day "little engine that could."  Critics panned it, many tried to bury it, the Razzies awarded it and THOUSANDS are clamoring for it.  Icons of Fright’s Spooky Dan couldn’t help but notice the massive stir REPO! is causing globally and traveled nationwide to capture it on film in a […]