Horror Posters Made Of Vinyl Records? Check Out TransylVinyl!

A couple of months back, I got together with a handful of friends to catch CABIN IN THE WOODS on the big screen and I met a filmmaker named Colton Tran through out mutual friends. When he found out that I worked at a record store (technically in the video department), he broke out his […]

BEYOND FRIGHT: Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS & New Upcoming Projects!

The past couple decades Cronenberg has strayed from his body-horror roots that made us love and adore his films so much, but luckily his focus on other genres (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, etc.) have been equally impressive and is a prime example of a director honing his craft. Cronenberg’s latest film COSMOPOLIS (based […]

REVIEW: Freddy’s Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street The Series – Episode 5: “Judy Miller, Come on Down”

Dear Fred Heads, I have a confession to make. I’ve been cheating on you. No, no, no not with other television shows – don’t be silly! It’s just that lately the drab responsibilities of being an adult have hit me harder than an Acme anvil, thus temporarily forcing me to dump my weekly date with […]

Tom Holland Giving Stephen King’s THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE A Feature Adaptation

Along with Frank Darabont, Tom Holland’s (the master of horror who brought us Fright Night, Child’s Play and penned Psycho 2) love for the literary works of  Stephen King is very clear, turning King’s short story The Langoliers into a TV series – as well as King’s Thinner into a feature film back in 1996, […]

Do YOU Remember The Days of VCR HORRORS? You Turned Out Fine, Right?

Ha! This is kind of interesting to watch now in retrospect, and I stumbled upon it completely by accident as I was searching for old live videos of the band Vision Of Disorder. (Long Island, NY represent!) It’s an “expose” segment from the 80’s on 20/20 about “VCR HORRORS” and how kids were too obsessed […]

Amazon Studios Taps Clive Barker to Rewrite ZOMBIES VS. GLADIATORS

Aaron here.  Word came through this morning that one of my all time favorite horror authors is attached to a project involving zombies…and gladiators?  At first glance, this sounded like the title of a Facebook game but it definitely is not that.  Clive Barker is back in the director’s chairs! Ring the alarms! Throw the […]

SCREAM To Slice Up Television…on MTV?!

  Wes Craven’s seminal horror satire SCREAM single-handedly revitalized the modern slasher and spawned 3 sequels, concluding with last years critically & financially disappointing SCREAM 4 which was meant to be the beginning of a new trilogy. Obviously that didn’t pan out due to the negative reception, leaving the future of the series dead in […]

Naughty! First Images from SILENT NIGHT Remake!

These images first surfaced over on Dread Central in Sean Decker’s excellent interview piece with director Steven C. Miller and FX guru Vincent Guastini and then I spotted them again on Bloody-Disgusting; here’s your first peek at the SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT remake, now re-titled simply SILENT NIGHT. Personally the above image is the most bad-ass […]