Just added! Jsyn takes a look at the New Zealand horror flick that everyone’s talking about, BLACK SHEEP! Written and directed by Jonathan King, Jsyn’s saying it’s one of the best new "What The F*@#?" movies he’s seen in years. Readon and click on the logo below to read his FIRST LOOK review!

“From Beyond” DVD FINALLY!

We were in the office of Stuart Gordon today working on Rob G’s Psycho Documentary. I asked Stuart if I was ever going to be replacing my worn out VHS tape with something restored, widescreen and BEAUTIFUL. Stuart Gordon says we can finally expect the “From Beyond” restored edition DVD this September 11th. Awesome.

LOST Harry Penderecki Film, “People Pesticide” FINALLY To See Release

Harry Penderecki’s "People Pesticide" will finally see a DVD release in early June 2007, according to LMB Productions. Rights issues between Harry and producer Russ Clark were put to rest in a private settlement in January finally clearing the way for the film to hit the home video market.


Your ICONS staff have been lucky enough to check out some really great new films in the past few weeks, and we’ve got a slew of FIRST LOOK reviews for you.