ALMOST HUMAN Trailer Beams Down With Blood, Chainsaws, & Aliens!

ALMOST HUMAN is another film hitting the “Midnight Madness” programming block at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it’s one we are highly anticipating. Starring RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL‘s Graham Skipper, ALMOST HUMAN looks to be an insanely bloody extraterrestrial-slasher that harkens back to the golden era of the mid to late 80s. Also, dig on […]

Take 60 Seconds To Watch Jason Eisener’s Horror Short ONE LAST DIVE!

In case you missed it, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and V/H/S/2‘s Jason Eisener contributed a one-minute short film for VICE‘s 3:07 PROJECT anthology titled ONE LAST DIVE, and it is hands down the greatest of the bunch. All of the segments center around 3:07 am in a nod to THE CONJURING; the time when ghosts & […]

Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT Premiering At Toronto International Film Festival!

If Fantastic Fest is the greatest film festival in America, then the Toronto International Film Festival is its Canadian equal. Today the full lineup of films programmed to play at TIFF ’13 was revealed, and amongst them are Ti West’s latest, THE SACRAMENT! West reunites with AJ Bowen and his YOU’RE NEXT &  A HORRIBLE WAY […]

Fantasia Film Festival Review: BUSHIDO MAN!!

With the ever-increasing presence of computer generated imagery and special effects in today’s cinema, even the most action packed films have lost a bit of their adventure.  The low budget martial arts film BUSHIDO MAN seems to be making an attempt to eradicate this unsettling trend with this tremendously fun little flick.  The story follows […]

International INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER II Trailer Travels Into The Past!

If the first trailer for INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER II didn’t give some extreme chills, allow this new international trailer to crawl under your skin! There are definitely some more hints as to where Wan & Whannell’s sequel is going to go. It’s opening up the world they’ve created, expanding the mythology, and looks ten times as […]

HARD RIDE TO HELL Screenwriter David Rosiak Directs Horror-Comedy Short LEFTOVERS!

A project that we’re excited about here at Icons of Fright, is David Rosiak’s LEFTOVERS, a short film that not only includes MADISON COUNTY‘s Matt Mercer, and the funny as hell Ruben Pla (INSIDIOUS, CHEAP THRILLS), but also someone close to the Icons team, our own Graham Denman. Judging from the official press release below, […]

Scream Factory Unzips John Carpenter’s Horror Anthology BODY BAGS!

Scream Factory made a surprise announcement a couple months back about acquiring the horror anthology BODY BAGS! Presented & directed by John Carpenter (who also plays a coroner that ties the stories together) and Tobe Hooper, BODY BAGS was created to be Showtime’s answer to HBO’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT, but that idea was kiboshed. […]


If you live in LA, are visiting, or happen to be passing by, make sure to make a midnight pitstop at the New Beverly Cinema the midnight of July 27th. Why? Our pal Brian Collins of Horror Movie A Day & Badass Digest has another HMAD screening lined up, and it’s all the way from […]