Scream Factory’s Blu-ray Cover For Cannon Slashers X-RAY & SCHIZOID!

Scream Factory continues their onslaught of cult releases with a Blu-ray double feature of Cannon Films’ slashers X-RAY (aka HOSPITAL MASSACRE) and the Klaus Kinski SCHIZOID! Both are making their stateside digital debut on Blu-ray and DVD! X-RAY will be the full uncut version, which should please fans who’ve long held on to their VHS […]

Mondo Slices ROB’s MANIAC Score Onto Vinyl!

Frank Khalfoun & Alexandre Aja’s modern redux of Frank Lustig’s sleaze capsule MANIAC is majorly impressive, and what I believe to be one of the best slashers to emerge in quite some time. It’s enormously creepy thanks to Elijah Wood’s largely off screen-sympathetically schizo turn as Frank Zito, and features some tremendous gore courtesy of […]

HANDS OF THE RIPPER Hammers Onto Blu-ray From Synapse Films!

After what seems like an eternity, Synapse Films’ has finally fine tuned the next release in their Hammer Horror Collection, and it’s ready to rip onto Blu-ray! HANDS OF THE RIPPER will be released July 9th, and comes uncut & restored in High Definition! It also has quite a few newly produced supplements (if you […]

Brand New Poster, Release Date for THE HAUNTING OF HELENA!!

Bloody Disgusting Selects, who recently announced their upcoming film ALYCE KILLS, have now debuted a new poster and release details for the psychological thriller THE HAUNTING OF HELENA. “A tale of a mysterious woman, a little girl, and her single mother, THE HAUNTING OF HELENA presents a new twist on the legend of the Tooth […]

SCANNERS II & SCANNERS III Explode Onto Blu-ray From Scream Factory!

David Cronenberg’s mind exploding classic spawned two direct-to-video sequels in the 90s (as well as two spinoff SCANNER COP films), and Scream Factory has announced they’ll be bringing SCANNERS II: THE NEW ORDER and SCANNERS III: THE TAKEOVER to a Double Feature Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack! I’ve personally never seen any of the films that followed, […]

NECA’s Upcoming FREDDY’S DEAD Figure Is Playing With Power!

I’m willing to bet if you asked any horror fan what their least favorite ELM STREET sequel is, it’d be a unanimous vote for FREDDY’S DEAD. The 6th entry in the franchise has the Dream Demon in full on stand-up comic mode, so much that it infamously features Freddy donning a powerglove to kill a […]

Scream Factory Announces Larry Cohen’s “Q” Bluray, to be Released in August!!

The gang over at Scream Factory made the announcement and today that in August, they’ll be releasing Larry Cohen’s flying monster film Q (THE WINGED SERPENT) on Bluray, complete with new special features. While it’s still a while away, and no specifics other than the month of August have been announced, they’ve given fans a […]

Brand New Red Band Trailer for Eli Roth & Nicolas Lopez’s AFTERSHOCK!!

Eli Roth and Nicolas Lopez’s disaster/horror film AFTERSHOCK hits theaters on May 10th (review soon), but in the meantime, a brand new bloody as hell RED BAND trailer for the film has found its way online, and guess what? it is!! “In Chile, an American tourist’s vacation goes from good to great when he meets […]