Scream Factory Releasing Joe Dante’s THE HOWLING Onto Blu-ray!

Prepare to howl at the moon Fright-fiends, Joe Dante’s THE HOWLING is getting a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory! The rising cult/horror video label is set to give Dante’s lycanthrope classic the HD treatment come June 18th! Dig on the newly commissioned cover art from Nathan Thomas Milliner, and preliminary bonus features below! From […]

ICONS OF FRIGHT Interview With COME OUT AND PLAY Director Makinov

Oh Makinov. Love the guy or straight up despise him, he’s definitely a personality, complete with wearing a hood at all times, and having his own manifesto. On the heels of his film COME OUT AND PLAY a remake of 1976’s WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? opening this month (March 22nd to be exact) in […]

ICONS OF FRIGHT Interview With MY AMITYVILLE HORROR Director Eric Walter!!

If you’ve previously read my review (HERE) of Eric Walter’s documentary MY AMITYVILLE HORROR, then you already know how much I enjoyed it. It was obvious from the get-go that Walter had a real respect for the subject matter and presented for the first time, the story of Daniel Lutz, the oldest son haunted by […]


Noel Clarke is a jack of all trades, having written, starred in and produced MAGNET RELEASING‘s new creature feature, STORAGE 24 (REVIEW). among many other projects past and present that he’s worn many hats on, including a long run as Mickey in the BBC sci-fi phenomenon DOCTOR WHO. Noel was nice enough to spend a […]

Movie Review: STORAGE 24!!

I love monster movies. They have a power to them, to serve as a means to push characters into action and into facing things they wouldn’t normally face, whether it be the obvious danger from said monster, or the internal conflicts that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to address. That’s what made 2008’s CLOVERFIELD […]


Dallas Roberts has made a name for himself playing memorable characters in films like THE GREY, 3:10 TO YUMA and WALK THE LINE, and it doesn’t look he has any intention of slowing down. Having recently joined the ranks as Milton, on AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, Roberts also has a recurring role on another TV […]

V/H/S/2 Unspools A Release Date And New Stills!

Since we last spoke about the highly anticipated sequel to 2012’s found footage anthology V/H/S, it had just premiered at Sundance, a teaser trailer was released, and the title S-VHS changed to a super-less V/H/S/2. The film opened to rave reviews, with just about every horror & film dedicated outlets praising it up and down […]

Texas Frightmare Weekend Scares Up A Trio of Screenings!!

Already sounding great with having awesome guests like ALIEN stars Tom Skeritt and Veronica Cartwright, Danny Trejo, Virginia Madsen, the cast of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, Marilyn Burns, Michael Berryman, Gary and Jake Busey, Jeffrey Combs, Stuart Gordon, Meg Foster, Clu and John Gulager, Mariel Hemingway, Jordan Ladd, Mary Lambert, Heather Langenkamp, Tyler Mane, Bill […]