STREET TRASH To Meltdown In HD July 9th From Synapse Films!

Jim Muro & Roy Frumkes’ hobo’sploding, late 80’s melt-masterpiece STREET TRASH has been available on DVD for quite a while now thanks to a lavish Special 2-Disc Meltdown Edition, but now that Blu-ray stands as the predominant format, it’s time for a 1080p meltdown! Synapse Films has set a July 9th release date for the […]

The Animals Hunt You In YOU’RE NEXT Trailer Premiere!

Well, well, well, the trailer debut for Adam Wingard’s highly buzzed-home invasion film YOU’RE NEXT is finally upon us! And fellow fiends, it absolutely delivers the goods, without spoiling a single thing! No demons, ghosts, or never ending exorcisms here, just some good ‘ole stalk & slash with a gory side of revenge! Watch the […]

Catch Horror/Comedy KILL ME NOW on VOD!!

Travis Long’s horror/comedy parody KILL ME NOW just hit VOD, and it looks like a fun poke at the typical “kids go to cabin and get picked off” style horror film. “KILL ME NOW chronicles one unforgettable night in the lives of a ragtag group of small-town teens. It’s a night that will prove equally […]

TAG TEAM TV REVIEW: BATES MOTEL – Episode 2 ” Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”

Justin: Welcome back Fright-fiends! Icons editor-in-chief Jerry and myself are checking into the BATES MOTEL again to tag team review the second episode in the series titled “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…” So, there is a lot going on in this episode. It introduces new characters, sets up quite a few side plots, and gets […]

James Wan’s THE CONJURING Poster Is Minimalist & Creepy!

Warner Bros. marketing for James Wan’s fact based-paranormal chiller THE CONJURING has been frankly fantastic. The vintage teaser poster, the quite scary trailer that doesn’t spoil the entire film; all signs point to what may be 2013’s best horror film. The new theatrical poster above is wonderful. It’s minimalist, creepy, isn’t a bunch of floating […]

Movie Review: STITCHES!!

Every once in a while, a film comes your way that you have a feeling about. One that after it’s over, you instantly re-watch to see if it was really as good as you thought it was the first time around. There is something about those kinds of films that gives you the feeling that […]

Zom-Com WARM BODIES Unthaws Onto Blu-ray June 4th!

Back in December we got an early look at  Jonathan Levine (ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE)’s zombie rom-com adaptation WARM BODIES (read that review here), where I said “Basically, WARM BODIES is just cute, and geared for teenagers looking for an alternative to Twilight, or zombies in general. In that regard, it’s par for […]


Fresh off of grossing over $200 Million worldwide, Tommy Wirkola (DEAD SNOW) ‘s HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS is now flying onto DVD/BLURAY/ BLURAY 3D on June 11th, with an early digital download engagement beginning May 21st via PARAMOUNT. “Starring Jeremy Renner (THE AVENGERS, THE BOURNE LEGACY), Gemma Arterton (QUANTUM OF SOLACE), Famke Janssen (X-MEN), […]