Anchor Bay Sends THE WALKING DEAD: Season Four Home This August!!


AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD is a household name by now, with millions of viewers tuning in each season to see Rick Grimes and co. battle zombies, and even themselves at times. With season five of the hit show heading to your TVs this October, what better way to celebrate, than to pick up season four, […]



  Korean director Bong Joon-ho (THE HOST, MOTHER) tackles his first English film with SNOWPIERCER, a unique film that takes place several years after global warming has turned the entire world into a frozen tundra, leaving only a few remaining survivors aboard a train with an immortal engine. While aboard the vessel, a class system […]

Review: SNOWPIERCER (2014)!


It is the year 2031. Global warming has frozen the planet, killing millions in its wake. What’s left of humanity has boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that circles the entire world, and keeps necessary conditions inside its walls to sustain life. Lately, Curtis has been receiving cryptic messages that have urged him to start a […]

A conversation with Mark Pellington (part one):

Mark Pellington needs little introduction to film fans. Getting his start working for MTV in its heyday producing interstitial promos led to music videos for such heavyweights as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails and Moby. Beginning his feature film career with the period drama Going All The Way led to atmospheric, frightening […]


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  The third film in a series featuring Rusty Nail, a malicious and downright evil trucker getting his kicks by taking people who piss him off and giving them gruesome death scenes, JOY RIDE 3 is no Citizen Kane, but instead, one hell of a silly and fun little splatter flick. Walking into the movie expecting something completely wonderful will […]

Beyond Fright Review: THE MOMENT


  *Editor’s note:  THE MOMENT in now playing in NYC  and opens in LA at the Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood beginning Friday, June 20th, with  Q&A’s  featuring  writer/director Jane Weinstock, producer Julia Eisenman, and producer Gloria Norris on June 20th and June 21st at 7:30 pm. From the very start of THE MOMENT, the film has a […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with BOUND BY FLESH Director Leslie Zemeckis!


  Director/actress Leslie Zemeckis gave viewers one interesting documentary in her debut, BEHIND THE BURLY Q, focusing on the world and history of burlesque, and complete captivating audiences. Returning behind the director’s chair again with this year’s BOUND BY FLESH (Opening June 27th in LA), Zemeckis gives viewers the very interesting and somewhat tragic story of […]

New Batch of Stills, Release Info for Shocking and Intense True Crime-Inspired NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN!


Ok, you crazy fright fiends, get ready for a tough one. We posted the trailer a while back for the true crime-inspired directorial debut by Katrin Gebbe, NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN, and to help promote the film’s June 27th LA premiere and July 3rd NYC premiere, we were sent a few new stills from the […]