Special edition of THE SHINING sequel, DOCTOR SLEEP being released this September!!

Growing up, Stephen King was god to me, hell the guy still is. I was threatened with being suspended for bringing a backpack of King novels to my fourth grade class and distributing them to the kids reading Beverly Cleary books. I wrote wannabe sequels to King’s books as a kid, and one of those […]


The leading lady of Ti West’s incredible HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, Jocelin Donahue, is about to enter a new home of horror in INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2! Donahue will portray a younger Lorraine Lambert (played by Barbara Hershey, who returns along with the rest of the cast), presumably through flashbacks that show just how the Old […]

Box Art & Pre-Order Available For VHS Of V/H/S!

Recently the UK debuted a highly limited edition tape of last year’s horror hit V/H/S, leaving us stateside fans envious and empty-handed. Well, the wait is just about over! Magnet Releasing is finally bringing their lo-fi horror anthology V/H/S to the format of it’s namesake, VHS! Amazon just threw up a Pre-Order Page for the […]

Movie Review: PURGATORIUM!

“Five strangers awake in an abandon two-story house with a few unanswered questions racing through their minds. Who are they? Where are they? Why are they there? They soon discover that the obvious answers are not always the right ones. With nerves stretched thin, and time closing in, those remaining realize that if they want […]

VHS Doc REWIND THIS! Ejects A New Trailer!

Growing up, nothing made me more excited than getting my allowance and rushing to one of the six or seven local video stores to spend it all on renting movies. The box art, the fun of sitting through the trailers before the movie, having to rewind them or being forced to pay a fee, just […]

MANIAC Blu-ray Set For France, But What About The US?

One film that we’re all excited about here at Icons is the Alex Aja produced/Franck Khalfoun directed remake of the slasher classic, MANIAC starring Elijah Wood. We’ve all been looking forward to finally getting a stateside release date for it, but alas, nothing more than Spring 2013 has arrived, except for France. Blu-Ray.com has recently […]

WORLD WAR Z Super Bowl Spot Debuts Early!

The Big Game isn’t till this Sunday, but that isn’t stopping Paramount from getting a leg up on promoting this Summer’s horror tentpole WORLD WAR Z. The :30 second spot includes no new footage outside of the already released trailer, so if your interest wasn’t piqued from that, this won’t change your mind. WORLD WAR […]

Mick Taylor Returns In WOLF CREEK 2!

Greg McLean’s 2005 film WOLF CREEK introduced us to Mick Taylor, a seemingly nice Australian man who ended up being a serial killer, stalking and eventually dispatching a group of backpackers visiting the Australian outback. The film caught a lot of people off guard and was definitely one of the movies to talk about that […]