Once again, the crew at Fright Rags have decided to bless us horror fans with some pretty awesome shirt designs, this time for SLAUGHTER HIGH, HIGH TENSION and last but definitely not least, the They’re Creeping Up on You! segment of CREEPSHOW. SLAUGHTER HIGH HIGH TENSION CREEPSHOW All three pre-orders are $21.95 each and are […]

ICONS OF FRIGHT Interviews SUSHI GIRL Writer Destin Pfaff and Director Kern Saxton!

Kern Saxton’s ensemble thriller, SUSHI GIRL was one that I really enjoyed (see the IOF review HERE). The film hit dvd/bluray this past Tuesday, and ICONS OF FRIGHT recently spoke to Saxton and co-writer Destin Pfaff about the film. Read on! SUSHI GIRL seems to have already found its audience; did you expect it to […]

Movie Review: DARK SKIES

Aliens are one of the most terrifying fiction and (depending on who you talk to) non-fiction creatures that may or may not exist. These little green men from outer space have abducted, experimented, and terrorized their way through decades of cinema, literature, and (allegedly) real life occurrences that will forever fascinate or haunt your imagination. […]


It’s no secret that I loved Kern Saxton’s gritty thriller SUSHI GIRL (review HERE). It was by far one of the coolest movies that I’ve seen in a good while, and it brings a smile to my face to turn folks onto the film, if they haven’t gotten around to checking it out. So…with that […]

Get Ready to Play DEADBALL on DVD & BLURAY April 9th!

DEADBALL, the latest sports splatter comedy directed by Yudai Yamaguchi (BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL), is slamming onto DVD and BLURAY on April 9th. From the press release, which proclaims that “This riotous, over-the-top epic of excess is the movie for the psycho sports fan in everybody and more fun than a prison cavity search!”, is a fun […]

Red Band Trailer for KISS OF THE DAMNED Shows its Fangs!!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited to see a vampire movie. Aside from Matt Reeves’ LET THE RIGHT ONE IN remake LET ME IN, there hasn’t been anything having to do with fanged characters that has made me want to do anything other than shoot myself, but that definitely looks like […]

Severin Films Rereleasing THE MANSON FAMILY Into Theaters, Blu-ray Streets May 7th!

Severin Films announced today the May 7th Blu-ray debut of Jim VanBebber’s legendary, award-winning indie THE MANSON FAMILY on the 10th anniversary of its original release. US theatrical dates in 20 major cities are scheduled through March and April and new poster artwork has been created by artist Stephen Romano for the occasion. VanBebber’s highly […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: February 19th’s Blu-ray & DVD Releases

Happy new release day Fright-fans! I’m back with another edition of Fright At Home to give you the lowdown on February 19th’s video releases. This week sees a slew of cult films being upgraded to Blu-ray (THE NEST, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2), and in some cases making the transition from VHS to debuting on […]