Can You Survive The Night? Trailer & Poster For THE PURGE!

Before INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER II & PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 hit, Blumhouse has THE PURGE (once titled VIGILANDIA) coming our way. Today the poster & trailer dropped, and apart from looking like a blatant, high-concept remake of THE STRANGERS (also distributed by Universal) , it’s looking pretty cool. Also of note, this is Platinum Dunes’ first non-remake […]

Science Gone Wrong in The ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY Trailer Debut!!

I’m a huge fan of David Cronenberg, and the type of body-horror that a lot of his films have the angle of. So after seeing the trailer for Eron Sheean’s ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY, I was instantly enthralled by it. It has that Cronenberg feeling, without seeming to rip it off. Definitely looks pretty […]

Some Vampire Lovin’ in Brand New NSFW KISS OF THE DAMNED Clip!!

If there’s a clip from KISS OF THE DAMNED that could be labeled as not safe for work (NSFW), it would definitely be this one. So put the kiddos down for their naps and get ready for some serious vampire lovin’ with this clip, exclusively available via Hulu, and if you’re up for it, check […]

Second Spook Filled Trailer For THE CONJURING!

Wonder-Con attendees got first dibs on the new footage from James Wan’s THE CONJURING, but Warner Bros. was kind enough to release for public eyes, and damn if it ain’t scary! According to the MPPA, it’s in fact too scary, enough for it to warrant an R-rating. So grab an extra pair of underoos, press […]

Movie Review: KISS OF THE DAMNED!!

Vampires should not be sparkly teenagers full of angst and awkwardness, at least not in my opinion. Somewhere in the last few years, all of the elements that made the vampire character so damn appealing, have been sucked up and recycled into the current trend of whatever passes for bloodsuckers these days. The same could […]

Movie Review: THE MOORING!!

*Editor’s note: We’d like to officially welcome Norberto Aguiar to the ICONS OF FRIGHT team! Here is his first review. * Every 40 seconds a person goes missing. Could you function if your cellphone was taking from you? No texting. No facebook. No talking on the phone. Not being available for anyone to get a […]


Horror comedies are tricky for me. They either work really well, or they’re a flat out disaster. When movies try to walk both lines, more times than not, they’re unable to properly give both genres their fair share, and one overpowers the other. Boris Rodriguez’s EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL not only properly executes a successful […]

Watch the Wondercon Exclusive Footage of HEMLOCK GROVE!!

Thanks to the folks over at IGN, we’ve got the exclusive Wondercon footage for the Eli-Roth produced HEMLOCK GROVE series debuting on Netflix on April 19th. Check it out! Starring Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, Penelope Mitchell and Freya Tingley “From executive producer Eli Roth and based on Brian McGreevy’s novel of […]