Limited Edition THE HILLS HAVE EYES Vinyl & Cassette Coming From One Way Static Records!


Following their lavish debut of issuing David Hess’ THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT score, newcomers One Way Static have announced they’ll be doing the same for Don Peake’s THE HILLS HAVE EYES! Continuing the trend of issuing Wes Craven’s early films, THE HILLS HAVE EYES eerie score has been taken from the original masters, […]



Blue Underground brings the wrong arm of the law’s final installment, MANIAC COP 3: BADGE OF SILENCE, to an Unrated Collector’s Edition Blu-ray! Film: Seemingly picking up moments after the fiery end that concluded with the burial of officer Matt Cordell in MANIAC COP 2, it seems the streets are once again safe from his […]

DEADLY EYES Crawls To Blu-ray In 2014 From Scream Factory!


Scream Factory has made a return to announcing titles (last week it was revealed they’ve acquired GINGER SNAPS and DOG SOLDIERS!), and today they lifted the curtain on their upcoming release of DEADLY EYES! 1982‘s killer-rodent flick will be given the Scream treatment, which is due out in Spring 2014! From Scream Factory: “Fans of […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: November 19th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!


It’s Tuesday, so it must mean it’s time for FRIGHT AT HOME! Scream and Shout! Factory pretty much own the week with a whopping four releases, including ’80s cult fave NIGHT OF THE COMET, John Carpenter’s action classic ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, killer robot-run-amok EVE OF DESTRUCTION, and ’90s comic book adaptation TANK GIRL. Also […]

Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Hammer’s FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMEN in 2014!


For awhile, the only way to get our Hi-Def Hammer Horror fix was through Synapse Films (their BDs of VAMPIRE CIRCUS, TWINS OF EVIL, and HANDS OF THE RIPPER are essential), or importing from over the pond. Luckily that is changing thanks to Millennium Entertainment, who’ve acquired a massive bulk of the legendary studio’s catalog, […]



Shortly after her ultrasound, expectant mother Esther Woodhouse walks down the street to her bus stop. Unfortunately, before she can there, a hooded stranger knocks her unconscious with a brick, and drags her into the nearest alley. The assailant then proceeds to strike Esther’s giant belly repeatedly, before running away. After losing her child, Esther […]

Limited Edition MANIAC COP 2 Soundtrack CD Available For The First Time Ever!


As if Collector’s Edition Blu-ray’s of Bill Lustig’s MANIAC COP 2 (read our review here!) and MANIAC COP 3 weren’t enough to herald the return of the titular brute, Blue Underground is issuing Jay Chattaway’s haunting score to CD for the first time ever! These are limited to 1,000 copies only, and includes all 14 […]


Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.32.06 PM

With the resurgence of anthology style horror films and the shrinking attention spans of today’s modern audience, short films are starting to become the future of filmmaking.  Shortened lengths makes films easier to share amongst friends and if someone doesn’t like the flick, they’ve only wasted a handful of minutes instead of two hours.  Director […]