Short Film Collective BLOODY CUTS Premieres Brand New DONT MOVE Short!!

British filmmakers Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton have caught a lot attention with Blood Cuts, a 13-episode horror anthology featuring the talents of Franklin and Melton, along with quite a few other writers/directors/crew members. Each episode in the series deals with a different kind of horror film, with everything from straight up slashers (DEAD MAN’S […]

Del Toro’s THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE Is Criterion’s Spine #666!

Already an inductee into the Collection thanks to a lavish release of his debut film CRONOS, illustrious home video distributor Criterion has set a July 30th release date for Guillermo Del Toro’s haunting, Spanish Civil War set-horror THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE! The Blu-ray & DVD will be fittingly graced with the mark of the beast, spine […]

James Cullen Bressack’s Home Invasion Film HATE CRIME hits VOD!

Fresh off of last year’s MY PURE JOY, director James Cullen Bressack’s newest film HATE CRIME has been unleashed onto VOD for one month only, before making its DVD/BLURAY debut this August. Check out the trailer below (and watch the film HERE) for what many people are calling quite the intense experience! “This is the […]

Victor Crowley Hides in the Shadows in Brand New HATCHET 3 Teaser Poster!!

Monsterpalooza attendees will be treated to quite a bit of HATCHET III greatness this Saturday, when the cast and crew of the film will be doing a free signing of a brand new teaser poster. We’ve got the teaser poster here, thanks to the folks at Dark Sky Films for sending it our way, so […]


Usually when a group of films are released under a series, like the EIGHT FILMS TO DIE FOR, or GHOST HOUSE imprints, the results are about as mixed as it gets. For every good film, there are about four or five ones that well..aren’t so great. It’s a pretty hit or miss experience, and I […]

Red Band Trailer Debuts for Luke Evans Revenge Film NO ONE LIVES!!

Ryuhei Kitamura (VERSUS, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN)’s new revenge film NO ONE LIVES is set to be unleashed to a limited theatrical run beginning May 10th from Anchor Bay/WWE Films, and a brand new red band trailer for it was sent our way. Check it out! “A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage […]

Cover Art For Scream Factory’s THE FOG Blu Rolls In!

After revealing their upcoming plans to release the original AMITYVILLE HORROR trilogy, Scream Factory keeps the retro hits coming with the debut of their newly commissioned art for their Collector’s Edition THE FOG Blu-ray! Here’s the official word: “Look what just rolled in…our newly retro-styled designed artwork for John Carpenter’s THE FOG! This new “remix” […]

Feel the Rage of The Lumberjack in new Trailer for AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN!!

Fairy tales. Like any trend, the fairy tale genre has has a renaissance of sorts, thanks to studios giving hip new twists on everything from Hansel and Gretel (in at least four different films based on the duo that were released just last year, including the big budget HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS), Jack and […]