Brand News Clips/Stills From Scream Factory’s Bluray Double Features of EMPIRE OF ANTS/JAWS OF SATAN & THE FOOD OF THE GODS/FROGS


Scream Factory’s release of not only one solid double feature but two (2!!) doubles that feature four fan favorite creature feature flicks. On May 26th, the gang at SF is ready to unleash both a double feature of EMPIRE OF ANTS/JAWS OF SATAN, and the fan favorite old school classic films THE FOOD OF THE GODS/FROGS. […]

Jessica Cameron-Directed MANIA gets New Teaser; NSFW Gallery


Jessica Cameron’s TRUTH OR DARE was a very entertaining and gory as hell film that opened eyes regarding Cameron’s directorial chops, with the majority of her previous work being in front of the camera. When it was time to followup that film with another feature, Cameron is set to return with not one, but three […]

GUT Director Returns With Tristan Risk-led AYLA (“A.”); New Poster Debut


Production on Elias’ followup to his intense and equally enjoyable film GUT is planned to begin this fall, when filmmaker Elias and his Clayface Pictures start work on AYLA (AKA- “A.” in Seattle and the surrounding areas.  The Elias’-helmed GUT was an intense, shocking horror film, one that is impossible to shake. If AYALA is anything like GUT, then […]

Practical Effects Front and Center in Hilariously Entertaining Proof of Concept Short EVIL NATURE


It takes a lot of impress me. Not because I’m uptight or a jerk, but because at this point, what haven’t we seen? With that being said/asked, after viewing Darin Beckstead’s proof of concept short, EVIL NATURE, I can honestly say: this is one to not only look out for, but a teaser to something […]

Festival Head Turner FELT Gets a Risqué Poster; Stills


The Jason Banker/Amy Everson-written, Jason Banker (TOAD ROAD)-directed FELT knocked people on their asses when it played at last year’s Fantastic Fest (where the film’s star and co-writer Everson won the “Next Wave” Spotlight Competition award for Best Actress) and AFI Film Festival, giving audiences a shocking and intense experience. Billed as a film that swings […]

Beyond Fright Review: TIME LAPSE

TL Still

Sci-Fi films can be quite the tricky genre to tackle at times. Either a filmmaker goes for the futuristic route, with flying cars, robots and technology providing the backdrop to the story being told or goes for what is sometimes a bit more effective, a minimalist approach to the sci-fi of the tale being told. Bradley […]

One-Sheet/Trailer Debut For Demonic Possession Film, THE VATICAN TAPES


Having made his mark as one part of the Neveldine/Taylor filmmaking duo (co-directors of CRANK, GAMER and GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE), Mark Neveldine’s first solo effort, the Michael Peña-led good vs. evil film THE VATICAN TAPES, is set to possess horror audiences when it hits theaters this July 24th, via Pantelion Films. The official one […]

DARK SUMMER and ALIEN OUTPOST Hitting DVD/Bluray This July Via Scream Factory/IFC Midnight


The partnership between genre favorites Scream Factory and IFC Midnight has definitely been a good one, with the team-up doing quite an excellent job putting out some pretty entertaining films, with everything from Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK to The Vicious Brothers’ EXTRATERRESTRIAL all being must have releases for horror fans.  Adding even more solid titles to […]