Bluray Review: MULHOLLAND DR

Breaking down all aspects of a film, from the plot to set pieces, is a common aspect of critiquing. What motivates a character to do what do what she does that drives the main conflict? What kind of message are the filmmakers trying to convey? What is the lesson learned in the end? David Lynch’s […]

Kino Revives F.W. Murnau’s Horror Expressionist Masterpiece FAUST To Blu-ray!

Legendary filmmaker F.W. Murnau’s silent film mastepiece FAUST is making it’s High Definition debut thanks to Kino Classics! Having released Murnau’s unforgettable horror classic NOSFERATU two years ago as a lavish edition, Kino has restored the striking German Expressionist film from a archival 35mm elements, which is fancy for saying the transfer should look quite […]

Mike Mitchell Shapes Up A Timed Mondo HALLOWEEN Print; Act Quick!

Mike Mitchell’s signature series of pop culture portraits are just about some of the best art out there. From the X-Men, to Mad Max, and even some of our favorite horror heroes, Mitchell and Mondo have teamed up to deliver a seasonal treat without all the keyboard cowboy hassle with usual drops. “The Shape”, as […]


With how many DVD/Bluray releases the EVIL DEAD series has had over the years, it’s a given that Scream Factory’s announcement of their collector’s edition ARMY OF DARKNESS Bluray would be met with some skepticism. After all, if you’re a horror fan and you haven’t purchased at least five different editions over the years, then something’s […]

Syncopy/Zeitgeist Films set to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS Bluray This November; Features Christopher Nolan’s QUAY short

This is one we’re definitely excited about. Syncopy, the production company founded by filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, has joined up with Zeitgeist Films to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS, a brand new Bluray set featuring the works of Stephen and Timothy Quay (The Quay Brothers). The brothers’ dark stop-motion short films have […]


A fair warning to readers: While I will not ruin anything by spoiling the surprises of THE GHOST DIMENSION, in order to properly write about it, the events of the previous five movies will be discussed, so if you haven’t seen the others, I recommend you stop here as this is a full on piece […]


Like found footage, zombie films and a half a dozen other horror subgenres, the demonic possession film has seen quite the resurgence in recent years, with at least twelve films being released just this year alone, all involving an unfortunate soul being taken over by a demonic entity or the big guy downstairs himself. While […]

FRIGHT AT HOME – October 13th, 2015

This is an interesting week for horror releases, and we’ve thought we’d shine some light on a few stand out titles that are hitting shelves, physically or digitally. This week sees found footage films about doomed high school plays, big boxsets of fan favorite TV series, a few non-genre films hitting Bluray for the first […]