I have a confession to make: I have never seen THE INVOKING. I heard about it once during an episode of THE SCREAMCAST podcast, but never had the pleasure of watching (also, Icons of Fright’s Editor in Chief Jerry Smith LOVES IT). From what I gather it is a supernatural horror film that went straight […]



With a title like MANSON FAMILY VACATION, I expected to see a post-ironic millennial ​horror film with grisly murderers and the prey they torture during their road trip. Part of that came true, but not in the way I predicted and never have I been so pleased to have my expectations be incorrect. Instead, executive […]



I have never seen horses have sex (nor has the opportunity ever risen), but the opening sequence of Walerian Borowczyk’s THE BEAST decided to break my cherry. With close ups of horse vaginas gaping open for the taking, I did not deny what would come next, but a huge dripping horse penis accepting the inviation […]

Scream Factory sending TROLL/TROLL 2 to Bluray This November


Growing up, John Carl Buechler’s TROLL was one of my go-to films. It was wild, had imagination and was just a very fun movie to watch. I must have watched that film 40 times during my childhood. It looks like it’s time to raise that number now, with Scream Factory’s announcement that both TROLL and […]

John Fallon’s THE SHELTER Heading to Stiges 2015; Already Receiving Acclaim

shelter banner

Any horror fan knows the name of John Fallon. Known for many years in the horror journalism community as “The Arrow”, Fallon’s Arrow In the Head site is one of the OG’s of horror sites and with as many years under his belt as he has, his transition into acting in and now directing genre films […]

TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, Episode One “Checking In”


AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 1: “Checking In” I was in high school when the world went in an uproar over Janet Jackson’s nipple on the Superbowl and networks were under plenty of pressure when it came to censorship.The annual event has since aimed for some more safe alternatives, but that hunger to just provide […]

XLrator Media goes episodic with new 24 HOUR RENTAL series


Having recently acquired the North American rights to the Canadian T.V. series 24 HOUR RENTAL, indie genre staple XLrator Media is now set to release the series in the U.S. on various digital platforms. The series, which follows a retired Mafioso who runs a sketchy video store as a front for crime, will be available […]

Vicious Vinyl: THE BEYOND, CANDYMAN II, & FRIZZI 2 FULCI Dropping This Week!


If you haven’t already reduced your bank account to a barren wasteland thanks to Halloween goodies and decorations, then listen up primitive vinyl-heads because there’s some serious releases dropping this week! First up from Death Waltz and Mondo: THE BEYOND and FRIZZI 2 FULCI! MondoCon just ended its’ second year of being one of the […]