Theatrical Poster For AVA’S POSSESSIONS Released; Hitting Theaters/VOD in March


Momentum Pictures is sending Jordan Galland’s horror/comedy AVA’S POSSESSIONS your way, when the film hits theaters/VOD on March 4th. The SXSW hit gives viewers a possession film that feels very fresh and unique, featuring an original score by Sean Lennon and great performances from Louisa Krause (Martha Marcy Marlene), Jemima Kirke (HBO’s Girls), Carol Kane (Netflix’s The […]

Devilworks Acquires International Distro Rights to Festival Favorite VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH; New poster/Trailer Released


John Portanova’s creature feature drama, VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, was one of our favorite films of last year (review) and rightfully so, it’s pretty great. Bypassing typical scares and cliches typically found in Bigfoot films, Portanova went for a very character-driven genre drama, focusing on a broken relationship between a father and his son and […]

Short Film Roundup Reviews: HEAD & INTRODUCING PARKER DOWD


I love short films. Don’t get me wrong, there’s an infinite amount of things to love about features as well, but I’m in love with the idea of having to tell a story and invoke emotions and tone within a small amount of time, it impresses me very much and for each of our Short […]

Will 2016 be another solid year for horror?


With how back and forth the horror genre and its films did in 2015, it’s a mystery how the genre will fare this year. 2015 saw studio films like IT FOLLOWS, THE VISIT and THE GIFT doing pretty well, while others such as Eli Roth’s cannibal revival film THE GREEN INFERNO and the criminally underrated SINISTER 2 missed […]

WOW! Epic Pictures Announces Rad As Fu%! 3-Disc “Ultra Turbo Charged” Edition of TURBO KID; Hitting Faces January 25th


Look, you loved TURBO KID, I loved TURBO KID, we all loved TURBO KID. The RKSS (the co-directoring collective of François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell)-helmed splatterfest was quite possibly one of the most lovable and unique genre films in years. Set in the futuristic year of 1997 (I’m still laughing about that one), it’s a film […]

XLrator Media Picks up critically acclaimed psychological horror film SUN CHOKE; Release Set For Summer


Ben Cresciman’s awesome as hell SUN CHOKE was by far one of the best films that I had the privilege of watching in 2015, having seen it during its festival run (review and it was featured on our TOP 10 Films of 2015 list). The psychological horror film features a career-defining performance from Freaks and Geeks/Buffy […]



PHANTOM OF THE WOODS opens with a man running from a dark, shadowy figure in the woods. It’s clear right away that the figure is not human, but we only get a distant and vague look at it in the beginning. This reminded me of the Slenderman mythos, one of the best inventions to come […]



I’m going to put it out there right away: I’m a sucker for holiday horror. I’m also a sucker for horror movies set in Illinois. As an Illinois native, I yearn more movies set here in the Midwest as I can’t relate to the horrors of sorority sisters in California. Two popular franchises originated here […]