Icons Of Fright Teams Up With Eli Roth’s Goretorium!

If you’re anything like me, you may have a preconceived notion of what a trip to Las Vegas may have to offer. VEGAS, BABY! Drinking, gambling, shows, wandering the strip in a stranger’s underwear at 3 am…you know, Vegas! However, there has been a new addition to the attractions that abound the tourist trap that […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD and ICONS OF FRIGHT Partner Up to Bring You FREE PASSES to The L.A. Convention!!!

*UPDATE: Contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!!* Planning on going to LA’s DAYS OF THE DEAD convention, and need some tickets? Well we’re partnering with D.O.T.D to bring you free passes to the Sunday date of the convention, which is gearing up to be a wild time, complete with a special screenings, […]

Horror Convention Doc FANTASM Debuts Teaser Trailer!!!

One film that we’re all anticipating is the horror convention documentary FANTASM. Being a pretty steady convention attendee, it’s awesome that horror fans are getting a doc devoted to what is by far the funnest parts of the year, when the conventions roll around. Director Kyle Kuchta apparently feels the same: “For years, I’ve been […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD/MONSTERPALOOZA guestlists looking solid!!

When WEEKEND OF HORRORS seemed to call it quits, decent California horror conventions seemed to be few and far between, until MONSTERPALOOZA took over the mantle and began giving us fans a really cool convention to go to. Now that MONSTERPALOOZA is twice a year, things seem to be looking even better…and it keeps getting […]

Screamfest 2012 – Highlights From Shorts Block 3 & 4

This year’s Screamfest has since finished its week long run. There were a few highlights of the festival for me and I’d be remiss if I were to leave out the short films that screened this past Friday night. It seems like Shorts Block 3 & 4 had a plethora (that’s right, plethora) of amazing […]

Screamfest 2012 Movie Review – UNDER THE BED

Cast: Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden   Writer: Eric Stolze   Director: Steven C. Miller This past Tuesday, Screamfest presented Steven C Miller’s UNDER THE BED to a packed house.  While aware of Miller’s previous work THE AGGRESSION SCALE and his next project, SILENT NIGHT, I really didn’t know what to expect with this […]

Screamfest 2012: Highlights From Shorts Block 1 & 2

This past Sunday, Screamfest held their first two short film blocks of the festival.  One of the highlights for me are peeping what directors can put together on screen in these shorts.  While it was indeed a mixed bag, as per usual, there seemed to be more that stood out to me this year. I’ve […]

Screamfest 2012 Movie Review: AMERICAN MARY

This past Saturday, The LA Screamfest held the Los Angeles premiere of AMERICAN MARY and I was lucky enough to be in attendance.  For months now, we here at Icons Of Fright have been hearing nothing but praise for the film written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska aka The Twisted Twins.  Folks, I’m […]