DEAD OF SUMMER- Episode 4: “Modern Love”

At the beginning of this episode, I felt a little uneasy as I watched the very touchy subject of gender identity unfold in what started to be a vanilla format. The story was going through the motions of lack of acceptance and misunderstanding, but I was extremely surprised to find myself getting very emotional at […]

Second Season of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD To Add Ash’s Father & Linda to The Mix; FULL TRAILER Released!!

The first season of the Starz series, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD was one hell of a ride, throwing fans of the EVIL DEAD series right into a blood soaked return of one of the best anti-heroes around, Ash Williams, along with establishing a new take on the mythology of the series. It was one of the […]

Shannon Chats With OUTLAWS AND ANGELS Star Ben Browder!!

This past Friday, JT Mollner’s western/thriller OUTLAWS AND ANGELS came out in select theaters and VOD, after previously garnering love from the festival circuits.  In anticipation of the films release, Icons of Fright’s Shannon McGrew, sat down with actor Ben Browder to discuss his role of George Tildon in OUTLAWS AND ANGELS, the danger of wild […]

OUTCAST: Episode 6 – “From the Shadows It Watches”

What is it that can tear a man apart who has lived his life doing God’s work? What is it that makes a soft spoken figure, full of wisdom, finally crack and question themselves? Satan is often to blame for temptation and the root of all sin, but Reverend Anderson opened this episode of OUTCAST […]

Comics and The Villains That Drive Them

When we talk about comics we tend to look at the superheroes and their impressive deeds. All of the films concentrate on them, and the video games are based on them. What about the super villains? Many of us are fans of them, yet they have to take the backseat when it comes to popular […]

EVENT REPORT: American Murder Song’s “II” E.P. Launch

Last year, while attending the “Alleluia: The Devil’s Carnival” tour, Terrance Zdunich addressed the crowd of rabid Devil Carnival fans to inform us that he was working on a new project with frequent collaborator Saar Hendelman called AMERICAN MURDER SONG.  As the months went on, the popularity of AMERICAN MURDER SONG grew and a devoted […]

Remember when Marvel Visited The Haunted Mansion?

If you are a fan of pop culture it is hard to not know The Haunted Mansion. Whether it is through watching Disney’s movie (please don’t, wait for the upcoming reboot) or actually going on the ride it is based on, we’ve all taken a trip through the creepy doors. It is that popular that […]


*Editor’s note – We’re very happy to have radio host/journalist/all around jack of all trades, Jay Kay, as part of the Icons of Fright team. The guy’s passion for all things horror is infectious and his “all across the board” approach to horror writing/hosting is something we’re always happy to see. As part of our […]