Scream Factory set to send the Tooth Fairy your way with May 24th Collector’s Edition release of MANHUNTER!!; Full Specs Announced!


While a lot of people tend to reference THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS as their introduction to all things Hannibal Lecter, I grew up adoring the hell out of Michael Mann’s 1986 thriller MANHUNTER. Brian Cox did one hell of a job as the notorious cannibal, with both William Petersen (TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA) […]

Bluray Review: THE MUTILATOR


Ah, The Mutilator, the memories of my teenage years  you bring back. I remember the exact moment I gazed upon your VHS box in the summer of 1987 at El Chaparral Supermarket and held you in my arms for the very first time. Your artwork sent chills down my spine and I knew right then […]



  Marvel is almost universally known for its Superheroes, who are often forced to do battle against the forces of evil. This is an age-old comic book narrative, and one that translates well into the television and film sector. This trend is changing, however, with anti-heroes and villains holding much more intrigue and allure for […]

CONTEST: Icons of Fright and Fun Dot Com Team up For A POP VINYL/REACTION Prize Package!!


We know you fright fanatics love a good giveaway and hot damn do we have a good one for you. The awesome gang over at and Icons of Fright are teaming up to give one lucky reader a prize package that includes Freddy/Jason/Michael Myers & Ghostface POP Vinyl Funko figures! I think that’s really cool, and we’re […]

Need some Android Gaming Love? Here are FIVE Terrifying Android Horror Games!!


The science of being scared is always being researched but the fact of the matter is, we enjoy a fright sometimes. Android games developers are making the most of this by creating games in this genre for their thrill seeking players. As a result there are a whole load of excellent Android horror games just […]

Horror Pack Subscription Service Asks “What DVD/Blurays Are You Craving For in YOUR Collection?”; Giveaway!


Getting a package can be an exciting experience. Every time that I get something dropped off by FedEx or UPS, I start quoting Brad Pitt from SE7EN, “What’s in the box? What’s in the fucking box!?!” And with subscription services, that mystery is all the better. With HorrorPack, (previously reviewed here), that box is filled […]

Michigan Fiends Set to Face Their Fears At Newly Announced PHOBIA FEST; Meg Foster, Courtney Gains Among The Guests


March 12th and 13th is looking pretty spooky, with the recently announced, Michigan-based PHOBIA FEST. Taking place inside Tory, Michigan’s Motion Picture Institute (a 20,000 ft. production facility with soundstages and various other areas), the Fest focuses on what scares the living hell out of genre fans, as well as hosting over 12 Midwest premieres, a “Miss […]

WHOA,…Scream Factory Set To Give Fans One Hell of a MANHUNTER Release This May; Michael Mann Involved


Let’s all give a collective jaw drop at this one. Scream Factory announced today that they’re releasing a 2-Disc Collector Edition of Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER. While details on the release’s supplemental material haven’t been announced just yet, the gang at SF have said that it will indeed include enough material to warrant a 2-disc, and […]