TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 3: “Mommy”


Probably the biggest marketing tool for this latest season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY was the casting of Lady Gaga. As an established pop star, she has proven to be a controversial figure, always upping her on stage antics, even spilling some fake blood to grab the audience attention. The irony with her casting, though as […]



It’s impossible to speak on independent horror/genre films without mentioning the name Larry Fessenden. A true auteur and renaissance man, Fessenden has not only written and directed his own films, but through his company, Glass Eye Pix, Larry has helped pave the way for up and coming filmmakers looking to tell personal and original stories, […]

Icons of Fright chats with TALES OF HALLOWEEN director Axelle Carolyn


When you have an anthology that features ten segments and has eleven directors, it’s a given that at least a few of them won’t be that great, right? Well, TALES OF HALLOWEEN is the anthology that proves that very wrong, with a solid film from start to finish. Whether it’s monsters, scary kids, or something […]

Spend Some Quality Family Halloween nights with fun with Horror-themed Bingo


As a child, most of my weekends involved taking a drive from the Central Valley here in California to the city of Coalinga, where my aunt and cousin lived. As soon as the Friday 3pm school bell made it’s loud as hell sounds, my father would pick me up and off we’d go, spending our […]

Fictional Frights: “FLIGHT” by Jason Jenkins


With the return of our FICTIONAL FRIGHTS short story series, we thought we’d give you fright fanatics one hell of a story. Icons of Fright friend Jason Jenkins (Jinx) (writer for Dread Central, as well as various others) sent this tale our way, one called “Flight” and was originally submitted to be a part of […]

Icons of Fright talks with THE ANOMALY actor/director Noel Clarke


Having caught sci-fi fans’ attention with his role as Mickey in BBC’s now massive show DOCTOR WHO, actor Noel Clarke has went from acting, to acting, writing and directing his own films, in every kind of genre from dramas, horror (STORAGE 24) and now Sci-Fi with his new film, THE ANOMALY (Now available on DVD/Bluray via […]



Rob Zombie has a big name for himself in the genre world. Originally known for his music and lavish concerts, he begin a directing career with the cult favorite HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and has achieved larger successes since then. Zombie clearly not only has a love for horror, but a knowledge that shines through […]

Jason Takes Manhattan and does a lot of dancing in VOORHEES STOMP video

VS YT Title Card

This fun little video comes straight from Sweden and into your horror loving eyeballs. Swedish composer/producer Magnus Sellergren (who goes by Videogram) has sent us the first video off of his Cineploit debut album, “Pre-Cert”. The video, “Voorhees Stomp” (directed by Aaron Romero), is an homage to not only the FRIDAY THE 13TH video game, […]