Natty’s Favorite Holiday-Themed Horror Films That AREN’T Named Halloween!


Admit it, you love holidays. Sure, all of the ‘hip’ people may say that they only love Halloween, but chances are they may also be a sucker for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or maybe something completely random such as Arbor Day (is ANYONE an Arbor Day fanatic?). Celebrating holidays can be a hell of a lot […]

“Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Horror Trinity?” Part Two: FRIDAY THE 13TH


*Author’s note: In this second of three articles asking readers (and myself) if the HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchises really have anywhere else left to go, the subject under the microscope this time around is Jason Voorhees, his mother Pamela and everyone else involved in some unfortunate events that […]

How I Fell In Love with Horror Icons Before I knew They Were Horror Icons

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Despite being fortunate enough to be raised on a healthy diet of horror, I can’t deny the fact I was born in 1990.  I was born long after our most beloved genre actors got their start and made their mark in horror, and there are plenty of horror icons that I didn’t first see in […]

“Is it Time to Say Goodbye to the Horror Trinity?” Part One: HALLOWEEN


*Author’s note: Before jumping right into this, I must say: I am a horror fan through and through. There is nothing that I love more than to watch genre films (that’s not an exaggeration). My favorite film of all time is HALLOWEEN (’78), and as much as I have been made fun by my friends […]

Scream Factory Brings THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE home to Bluray This August!


It keeps getting better and better with this year’s slate of upcoming releases from Scream Factory. Set to be unleashed on August 26th, John Hough’s 1973 horror classic, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE is now getting the collector’s edition treatment, with brand new special features and being available on Bluray for the first time! Being […]



Last year, the Icons of Fright staff and I all began contributing to what we called “Icons Firsts”, a series of articles detailing the stories of our first encounters with classic horror films. While it’s a task at times to wrangle everyone together, due to schedules and such, I’m very into the idea of sharing […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with TORTURE CHAMBER Director Dante Tomaselli!


*Editor’s note: Icons’ own Justin R. Lafleur was awesome enough to not only conduct this interview, but to do it with a filmmaker that holds a special place with Icons of Fright. Dante Tomaselli was one of the very first interviews conducted for Icons, back in an interview that Rob G. did in 2004..a full […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With ALMOST HUMAN/RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL Star Graham Skipper!


Editor’s note: Graham Skipper has been making a good name for himself in some good and interesting genre entries, acting in everything from genre musicals (as Herbert West in Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL), short films (Will Rot’s THE CARTRIDGE FAMILY) and one of horror’s most recent fan-favorites, Joe Begos’ ALMOST HUMAN. Natty was able to […]