Bluray Review: BLOOD RAGE

When I was a kid just starting high school in 1989, I’m sure everyone who ever got to spend time at the local video rental store during that time can relate to this: there were those videocassettes whose covers struck memorable impressions on us. Some of them were just graphic photos of a still from […]

Jovy Skoll’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2015!

2015 really brought on a variety of horror films for different tastes. From the low budget IT FOLLOWS to the much larger scale CRIMSON PEAK, there was something for everyone. While there’s plenty of argument as to what works, everyone has their opinion and that variety has also found its place on television. Two of […]

Jerry Smith’s TOP 10 Horror Films of 2015!

2015 was, in my opinion, a great year for horror. I’ve read quite a few lists that mentioned the lack of good studio genre films and for the most part, I agree. With that being said, there’s a film or two that were made within the studio system that I absolutely loved, so it’s fun […]


PART ONE: ORIGINS Growing up in the eighties, I was one of those hundreds of thousands of fortunate kids who were given the wonderful opportunity to get to witness and be a part of not only the beginning of the Home Video boom, but it’s rise, it’s dominance, it’s influence, and ultimately, it’s legacy. The […]

TV review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 10: “She Gets Revenge”

There’s a heavy emphasis on love lost in the latest episode of AHS and those feelings sink in, allowing a bit of three dimensional story telling that sometimes gets lost in the absurdity the show is guilty of exploiting. While previous episodes sometimes only took a dip into the heart of our characters, it’s in […]


The gang at Scream Factory has done an excellent job bringing some of Empire Pictures’ earlier films to the masses with new blurays that for the most part, offer some good transfers and a hefty amount of new supplemental material for fans of those ’80s gems. They’ve also looked into long lost genre films from […]

SILENT NIGHT, BLOOD NIGHT 2: REVIVAL Now Available on DVD/Digital/Limited Edition VHS!

I love me some Christmas horror. Whether it’s family horror films like GREMLINS or the fun as hell slasher sequel SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 (an Xmas staple as far as I’m concerned), there’s nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying some Xmas terror and excitment. I’m all about that stuff, so I’m always on the […]

Jacob Gentry’s Sci-Fi Time Travel film SYNCHRONICITY Gets A New Trailer/Poster

We recently reported that Jacob Gentry(THE SIGNAL)’s mind bending Sci-Fi thriller SYNCHRONICITY was acquired by Magnet Releasing and will be hitting theaters/VOD and iTunes on January 22nd (write up here). We loved the film (review) and we’re excited to share the film’s brand new poster and trailer with you fright fanatics. It’s one hell of […]