DVD Review: Bottom Feeder

“Bottom Feeder”….exactly.

Wrong Turn II: Rollins Vs. Mutants Teaser Trailer

Aging alternative icon versus mutant, inbred monsters. It’s going to star Henry Rollins (“Feast”, spoken word artist and former member of “Black Flag”), Texas Battle (“Final Destination 3”), Erica Leerhsen (“Texas Chainsaw ’03”) and the DVD release date is May 30th. Click below for the official teaser trailer:

SUBLIME DVD specs. Out on DVD March 13th, 2007!

We also got word in on the next DVD release from the newly formed RAW FEED DVD label. Their second feature (following up REST STOP) is called SUBLIME. Here’s the info: "Sublime breathes new life into the horror genre with a surreal and stylized approach that will leave you terrified. First time filmmaker Tony Krantz […]