One look at the cover art for WAY OF THE WICKED and it’s instant excitement time, for anyone who grew up watching ’90s Christian Slater films. Slater stands there, holding his cross like a knife, with fire spread out, and hell, there’s even a whole MASSIVE city blazing brightly on the back cover. Obviously this […]



Walking into a film called POSEIDON REX, you kind of already know not to expect CITIZEN KANE.  With the amount of buzz surrounding concept b-movies being released in the wake of SHARKNADO, independent studios have not only amped up their output of similar ideas, but have made the majority of them even worse. Unforuntately, Mark […]

Demonic Ritual Film THE MIDNIGHT GAME Hitting DVD This August!

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When it comes to horror,  I’m a sucker for anything occult-related. While it’s safe to say that I’ll give any film a chance, throw a ritual or two my way, and I’m there. So, of course I’m going to throw this announcement that was sent our way regarding Anchor Bay’s August 20th DVD release of A.D. […]

Scream Factory Conjures New Art For PUMPKINHEAD Blu-ray!


After Scream Factory’s “Summer of Fear” (including such titles as THE FINAL TERROR, SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and GINGER SNAPS) simultaneously drains our wallets and gives us a reason to stay within the comfy confines of air conditioning, their fall slate of releases will be upon us to do it all over again. Amongst them is Stan […]

Derek Mears and Tyler Mane Starring COMPOUND FRACTURE Hits DVD May 13th!

Coming to DVD from Level 33 Entertainment is COMPOUND FRACTURE, the supernatural-horror film that teams a trio of iconic killers together for the first time: Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN), Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13TH ’09, and Muse Watson (I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER)! Back when this was shooting, Icons contributor Aaron Pruner […]

Golden Age Slasher CURTAINS Opens On Blu-ray & DVD From Synapse Films!


When you think of classics of the slasher subgenre, you’re guaranteed to think of the golden age era in which they thrived: HALLOWEEN, BLACK CHRISTMAS, MANIAC, THE BURNING, etc. But what about the more obscure titles that maybe aren’t as great, but should rank right amongst the aforementioned? Films like INTRUDER, SLAUGHTER HIGH, and maybe […]

Craziness Runs In The Family In SAVING GRACE B. JONES, Heading To DVD In May!


Heading to DVD on May 27th, Connie Steven(THE PARTY CRASHERS, BACK TO THE BEACH)’s Southern Gothic Thriller SAVING GRACE B. JONES looks like it could be some fun, boasting a cast filled with Michael Biehn, Scott Wilson and Tatum O’Neal. Judging from the trailer, it seems like it could be a decent little thriller. As always, […]

Christian Slater Takes Up The Cloth And Battles Demons In WAY OF THE WICKED, Hitting DVD May 20th!


Christian Slater as a priest, battling evil forces, do you need to know anything else really? Sign me up. RLJ Entertainmen/Image is set to send WAY OF THE WICKED to DVD beginning May 20th, and well, it looks pretty fun. Slater is always fun in anything he does, he’s joined by tough Vinne Jones, and […]