Icons of Fright Chat With AWAKEN’s David Keith!!


David Keith has had a long career in filmmaking and being in front of the camera. Known for roles in films like AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, FIRESTARTER and countless others, Keith can be seen these days in AWAKEN, a film that has him playing a surgeon in charge of some questionable surgeries, taking organs […]



I love nothing more than to educate a “horror newbie” – someone unfamiliar with the genre as a whole who has decided to take their curiosity and take that plunge headfirst into the wonderful world of slashers and fright flicks. I get excited when I’m able to show someone “the ropes” and teach them everything […]


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Bullying has always been around, but hit the spotlight in recent years with the ever growing popularity of social media and viral videos. While the constant need to share everything online has spread across all demographics, the concept of going viral is still a fascinating piece. A mere photo of an all American cashier at […]


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There are filmmakers out there who themselves are die-hard horror fans that spend hours upon hours researching and brainstorming to try and come up with an idea of creating a film that will go against the norm and become something that will stand on its own and apart from the other films competing for that […]

Popular YouTube Series MARBLE HORNETS gets feature film treatment in ALWAYS WATCHING;Hitting DVD This August!

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Taking the successful YouTube series “Marble Hornets” and turning into a feature film, James Moran and his ALWAYS WATCHING film is set to make its DVD debut, when Anchor Bay/Gravitas Pictures sends the found footage shocker to shelves near you on August 4th. Already familiar with the YouTube series, I’m curious how it’ll translate to […]

Warner Bros.’ ARCHIVE COLLECTION Covering All Bases With Everything From WOLFEN to Noir-Classic SATAN MET A LADY


Warner Bros.’ Archive Collection has been doing quite the job giving genre and non-genre fans an extensive amount of DVD and Bluray releases of classic horror, crime noir and comedy films, some of which are available for the first time. Sure there are QUITE a lot of new genre films to keep us busy for […]

METAMORPHOSIS/BEYOND DARKNESS Double Feature Bluray Coming This September From Scream Factory!

SF M and BD

Sci-fi and Satanic horror are going to be coming in full effect, with Scream Factory unveiling their August 25th plans to release a brand new Bluray double feature of 1990’s METAMORPHOSIS and BEYOND DARKNESS. For fans of weird, sometimes VERY weird horror, these two films are two that would be worth picking up on their […]

Beyond Fright Review: GANGLAND: UNDERCOVER, Season One


Sons of Anarchy fans crying either over the fact that their favorite show is done or the fact that they wasted so many hours of their lives watching a soap opera on wheels now has a show that actually FEELS like you’re right up in the mix of one of history’s wildest gangs, in A&E’s GANGLAND: […]