I have a confession to make: I have never seen THE INVOKING. I heard about it once during an episode of THE SCREAMCAST podcast, but never had the pleasure of watching (also, Icons of Fright’s Editor in Chief Jerry Smith LOVES IT). From what I gather it is a supernatural horror film that went straight […]



LAST SHIFT is a legitimately scary movie. One of the few movies where it is a character’s actual responsibility to investigate the strange noise coming from a dark room. This is one of the few movies where it is a character’s responsibilty to remain exactly where she is at, despite any strange occurences. This is […]



When HBO aired its vampire series TRUE BLOOD, its arrival came at just the right time. The TWILIGHT series was everywhere and horror was hitting the mainstream at every shopping mall in America. TRUE BLOOD had creator Alan Ball at its side, therefore, already providing a sense of authenticity due to his resume consisting of […]

FRIGHT AT HOME – October 6th, 2015


This week’s Fright At Home is going to be a jam packed one. Quite a few releases hit shelves and online stores today, so it’ll be a bit lengthy. Everything from sci-fi/action to straight up horror, and even some horror/comedy fare thrown in for good measure. Our last F.A.H. post was a video one, and […]

Giveaway – Like Vampire films? We’re giving away (3) NOCTURNA Blurays!!


As always, we love to give you fright fanatics anything we’re able to, so when Alchemy offered to partner up with Icons of Fright to give three lucky winners a free Bluray of the now available vampire film NOCTURNA, naturally we had to say yes. We like to keep things simple with giveaways and contests, […]

A24’s GREEN ROOM Thrashes Into Theaters April 2016!


Ready to have your head smashed? A24, unarguably one of the best independent-genre production companies in the game, is unleashing BLUE RUIN helmer Jeremy Saulnier’s nasty, punk horror-thriller GREEN ROOM into theaters April 2016! First it will open in limited screens April 1st (no joke!) and then expands nationwide April 15th! We’ll have a one-two […]

Review: TREMORS 5


1990’s TREMORS was a hit with audiences and was one of the first horror comedies that really took off and appealed to its viewers, offering up likable characters, great special fx, and villainous mega-sized worms called “Graboids” that would instantly become horror favorites. The film, which starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, was about two […]



One topic that always comes up whenever someone learns I’m a horror fan is if I watched the latest WALKING DEAD episode (or FEAR THE WALKING DEAD at the time of this writing). This question tends to come from people who wouldn’t declare themselves a horror fan, but just a casual viewer. This is something […]