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  The third film in a series featuring Rusty Nail, a malicious and downright evil trucker getting his kicks by taking people who piss him off and giving them gruesome death scenes, JOY RIDE 3 is no Citizen Kane, but instead, one hell of a silly and fun little splatter flick. Walking into the movie expecting something completely wonderful will […]



Hauntings and originality don’t mix well these days in films. While as viewers, we’re typically left with Ghosts in Georgia, exorcisms, haunted houses and whatever else we’re spoonfed at a rapid pace as of late, let’s just face it: an original take on ghost-filled horror films just isn’t something that happens very often. Lucky for […]

DVD/Bluray Review: DEVIL’S KNOT

Devil's Knot (2014) -- exclusive image

The Movie: You can very easily read a more thorough review of Atom Egoyan’s DEVIL’S KNOT, a take on the courtroom time period of the trial and wrongful conviction of three boys based on their love for metal and the occult here , which would say exactly what it is: a film that while full of […]

Beyond Fright Review: AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO!!


If you’re cool, then you are probably naturally drawn to films that contain the word “VS.” in the title. Pretty much anything VS. something else typically means that the film will be likable, surprising, and just downright awesome. With The Kondelik brothers’ AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, that unspoken rule continues its tradition, and is one of those fun popcorn movies that […]



One look at the cover art for WAY OF THE WICKED and it’s instant excitement time, for anyone who grew up watching ’90s Christian Slater films. Slater stands there, holding his cross like a knife, with fire spread out, and hell, there’s even a whole MASSIVE city blazing brightly on the back cover. Obviously this […]



Walking into a film called POSEIDON REX, you kind of already know not to expect CITIZEN KANE.  With the amount of buzz surrounding concept b-movies being released in the wake of SHARKNADO, independent studios have not only amped up their output of similar ideas, but have made the majority of them even worse. Unforuntately, Mark […]

Demonic Ritual Film THE MIDNIGHT GAME Hitting DVD This August!

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When it comes to horror,  I’m a sucker for anything occult-related. While it’s safe to say that I’ll give any film a chance, throw a ritual or two my way, and I’m there. So, of course I’m going to throw this announcement that was sent our way regarding Anchor Bay’s August 20th DVD release of A.D. […]

Scream Factory Conjures New Art For PUMPKINHEAD Blu-ray!


After Scream Factory’s “Summer of Fear” (including such titles as THE FINAL TERROR, SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and GINGER SNAPS) simultaneously drains our wallets and gives us a reason to stay within the comfy confines of air conditioning, their fall slate of releases will be upon us to do it all over again. Amongst them is Stan […]