One month left! Lionsgate brings the newest Ghost House Underground releases – Seventh Moon, Offspring, The Thaw and The Children – to DVD and Blu-ray Disc just in time for Halloween, along with The Gate: Monstrous Special Edition. These chilling releases creep into stores on October 6th. Ghost House Underground These terrifying tales are handpicked […]

New Theatrical One-Sheet Poster For LIVE EVIL!

Actor Lee Perkins gave us a sneak peek at the new theatrical one sheet poster for his latest flick LIVE EVIL. Written and directed by Jay Woelfel, the new vampire flick stars genre vets TIM THOMSERSON, KEN FOREE and TIFFANY SHEPIS along with Mark Hengst, Osa Wallander, Jeff Burr and Lee Perkins. It’s playing in […]

HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER Comes To Blu-Ray September 29th!

"He’s not Freddy. He’s not Jason. He’s real." I’ll never forget seeing that tagline for the first time on the VHS box of HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, which is still one of those disturbing genre films that gets to me. How far we’ve come that now we’re getting a Blu-Ray special edition of […]

Official Website For THE HILLS RUN RED Launches!

The official website for THE HILLS RUN RED has launched over at: http://www.hillsrunred.com. You’ll be greeted by the trailer upon arrival to the page, but also DVD info, synopsis, a gallery with some brand new images, video clips, desktops, buddy icons, blogs from the films characters and more! Check it out now over at: http://www.hillsrunred.com […]

Whoa! The Full [REC] 2 Trailer!

Whoa! The full length trailer for the eagerly anticipated Spanish sequel [REC] 2 can now be seen over on THIS website! The original [REC] served as the (practically shot-for-shot) basis of last year’s QUARANTINE. The follow-up is once again directed & scripted by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plazo. [REC] 2 is set to start hitting […]


Lionsgate has announced a slew of new Blu-Ray discs all hitting store shelves on November 24th. Below’s a breakdown of titles with their respective features: FRAILTY Synopsis: Fenton Meeks approaches an FBI agent one night claiming he knows the identity of a vicious serial killer. The FBI agent is unimpressed until Fenton reveals that the […]

DARK DAYS Are Coming! 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Sequel Nabs Director!

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Ben Ketai is set to direct 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DARK DAYS, the official sequel to David Slade’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Based on the original comic book sequel DARK DAYS, writer/co-creator Steve Niles also penned the script with Ketai. Ketai has experience in the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT universe having […]

First Image From THE HOST 2!

It always seems like foreign cinema is where it’s at in terms of new & original horror flicks, so after the success of Bong Joon-ho‘s THE HOST, it comes as no surprise that a sequel was inevitable. Directed by  Ning Hao (the director behind CRAZY STONE), THE HOST 2 shot earlier this year and now […]