CASSADAGA Gets Limited Theatrical Run; Check Out The Trailer!

Finally! Last year at SCREAMFEST LA, I had the opportunity to catch the flick CASSADAGA, the second feature from filmmaker Anthony DiBlasi, who wrote and directed DREAD, one of the few faithful and solid Clive Barker adaptations. At the time of the screening, I knew next to nothing about CASSADAGA, but ended up blown away […]

Rejoice! Scream Factory Reveals Major Blu-Ray Lineup for 2013!

The wait is over! Scream Factory for the win yet again! The gang from Shout Factory is currently at the Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis and as promised, they’ve made a big announcement of 6 (!) titles we can expect from them in 2013, most of which are making their Blu-Ray debuts. Special features from the original […]

The Lost Films Of HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS Arrive Jan. 8th!

Wow. Now this is cool. Although I don’t consider myself an authority on the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man and I own a handful of his movies on DVD. (TWO THOUSAND MANIACS! being my personal fave.) Well, for all you completists out there, CAV Distribution […]

OUCH! Smith’s review of 247ºF!

Gimmick movies are definitely a hit or miss for me. When they’re done well, they succeed at keeping you entertained with whatever chosen surrounding the film’s writers have forced the unfortunate characters to be stuck in. Movies like 2002’s PHONE BOOTH or 2010’s FROZEN keep you on edge the whole time, caring about the characters […]

It’s Showtime! BEETLEJUICE Cartoon Headed to DVD From Shout Factory!

Just yesterday, Icons head honcho RobG wrote up a piece dedicated to children’s cartoons spawned from the most unlikeliest of films (including Robocop, The Toxic Avenger, check that out here for a nostalgia rush!), one of which included Tim Burton’s BEETLEJUICE! A good majority of these cartoon’s have not made the transfer over to DVD, […]

Scream Factory Announces SCANNERS II and III For DVD!!!

Whoa! Scream Factory has already proven to be the most fan friendly new horror DVD company out there, especially with their weekly Friday announcements via their official Facebook page. Today’s titles however hold a special place in my heart. I love David Cronenberg as much as the next genre fan, but SCANNERS was never a […]

V/H/S Arrives Home on Dec. 4th!

We’ll keep this short and sweet. After playing via VOD platforms and then a limited theatrical run this past month, Magnolia Home Entertainment has not set December 4th as the release date for the anthology horror flick V/H/S on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Written and Directed by Adam Wingard (The ABC’s of Death, You’re Next, […]

PRISON Finds A Home With Scream Factory!

Before Renny Harlin further transformed Freddy Krueger into a wise cracking anti-hero with the MTV-toned A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, he came to America to make a horror film for Empire Pictures (one of my favorite, now defunct, studios’ who brought us Terrorvision, Re-Animator, and Dolls to name a few) titled […]