Fright Exclusive Interview with Scream Queen BARBARA CRAMPTON!!

Genre fans adore Barbara Crampton, and well, to be honest, how could they not? Her roles in REANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND alone are worthy of being labeled a scream queen, not to mention the countless other great roles in films like CHOPPING MALL, CASTLE FREAK and BODY DOUBLE. Barbara’s always given off such a likable […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with HATCHET III’s Kane Hodder!!

Kane Hodder. If you’re a horror fan, then hearing that name INSTANTLY places images of Jason Voorhees, Victor Crowley and quite a few other monsters and characters into your mind. He’s an important figure to slasher history, and definitely a fan favorite in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise (he played the hockey mask-wearing character for […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With HATCHET III Director BJ McDonnell!!

BJ McDonnell is a courageous guy. It’s never an easy task for someone to come into a horror series that is held pretty high by fans, and attempt to give said series their spin, without facing a barrage of fanboy rants. With that being said though, if anybody has the qualifications to take over the […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With HALLOWEEN/COMPOUND FRACTURE’s Tyler Mane!!

*Editor’s note: Tyler Mane has made a name for himself playing some pretty big, intense as hell characters. Whether it’s Sabretooth in Bryan Singer’s 2000 film X-MEN, or taking on the iconic role of Michael Myers in both of Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN films. Pretty soon, fan will be able to see Tyler in COMPOUND FRACTURE, […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM Director Ryan Spindell!!

Hello Icons readers! Today we have a special interview with writer/director Ryan Spindell. An up and coming filmmaker whose short film THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, screened recently at Elric Kane’s cinema sanctuary, The Jumpcut Café, along with many other shorts presented by horror providers such as Drew Daywalt (BEDFELLOWS, MEAT) who showed a private […]

Fright Exclusive VIDEO Interview With Dee Wallace!!

*Editor’s note: All of us at Icons of Fright are big fans of Dee Wallace (our previous interview here). Her resume is definitely an impressive one, with roles in everything from E.T. to CUJO, and more recently, Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM. Our own resident Texan, Killer Kalyn caught up with Dee at last […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With Director/Actor Joe Lynch!!

I first came across Joe Lynch while attending the then Fangoria-led Weekend of Horrors in 2007. Tired of walking around, I sat in the presentation hall, and watched Joe talk about his then upcoming film, WRONG TURN 2 (a sequel to the 2003 original). What stood out about Joe, and was quite different than most […]

Fright Exclusive Interview With HATCHET/HOLLISTON Director Adam Green!

Director Adam Green has definitely been prolific since bursting onto the horror scene with 2007’s HATCHET. Since that film, he’s directed multiple films (SPIRAL, FROZEN, HATCHET II, CHILLERAMA), releases a Halloween-themed short every year, is in the process of making a documentary, DIGGING UP THE MARROW, and is getting ready to premiere season two of […]