Exploitation Alley: THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN!


One of the main things that sparked my interest in the Exploitation Alley film I chose this time was the fact that it was a Rolling Thunder Pictures re-release. Of course, the Q-man and I have a similar taste in films, so I had a great feeling about it. Upon viewing, the positive feelings I had […]

A Look Back At: John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES


John Carpenter is one of the greatest directors of all time, but you already knew that. Is there a more influential director that has transcended genres with such ease, all the while creating massively iconic characters and becoming a “master of horror” in the process? A director who’s scores you can play on loop and […]

Natty’s Top Five Mothers In Horror!


We all love our mothers, and sometimes we make jokes about loving our friends’ mothers.  Especially able to be loved, are matriarchs in horror films. The bad ones make us appreciate the moms that we were given. Even if my mother didn’t understand my obsession with wanting to dress up like Kurt Cobain every day in Junior High, at […]

Classic Horror Trailers: PSYCHO II


I have a massive amount of love and respect for PSYCHO II. To take what is considered by many to be not only one of the greatest horror films of all time, but one of the greatest films of all time PERIOD, and make a sequel to it…that takes some courage. Not only did writer […]



Last year, my good friend Natty and I started doing “Double Feature Adventures“, which basically translated into finding two completely different types of films, and finding the smallest thing in common between them (for example, HALLOWEEN 6 and MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE both had cults in them, but couldn’t be more different in tone and […]

Natty’s Five Horror Families From Hell!


We can choose who we become friends with, who we spend our lives with, and depending on how much money we spend, who will give us a lap dance at our local strip club. The only people in our lives who we don’t get to choose, of course, are bound to us by flesh and blood. […]

Phil Fasso’s “Hell of Fame” Inductee: KING KONG


*Editor’s note: For Icons of Fright‘s ten year anniversary, we’ve extended our hands to have former members of Icons contribute something, if they so desired. Phil Fasso wrote for Icons and was steering the ship for a bit some years back, and he took us up on that offer. So, read Phil’s piece on King […]



Very few character deaths piss me off as much as that of Laurie Strode. HALLOWEEN‘s heroine was put through enough trauma to screw someone up for life, just within the first two films, before being killed off in off-screen events between HALLOWEEN 2 and 4, brought back with some serious retcon work inHALLOWEEN: H20, just to be killed again […]