10 Years Of ICONS OF FRIGHT! A Note From The Editors…


I’m somewhat at a loss for words right now. And not just because I haven’t had the chance to contribute much lately here on ICONS, but because I find it absolutely hard to accept that we’re about to hit our milestone 10 year anniversary. Mike C & I launched Icons Of Fright as the ultimate […]

Exploitation Alley: BARRACUDA


The question I sometimes ask myself while watching films that contain vicious fish or animals is “Why am I watching this?” However, good or bad, we can all agree that they are downright entertaining. During this film, the question I asked myself was “Why haven’t I seen this before?” The title caught my attention because […]

Cool Frights: Check Out This DAWN OF THE DEAD Screening Invite From 1978!


Imagine, you’re a horror fan in the 70s. You’ve seen all the recent gamechangers; NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABY, JAWS. You’re voracious in seeking out the latest horror film, scouring local film listings, and then your daily mail arrives. No big deal, except that a screening invite to George A. Romero’s […]

The Short Films Of Steve Daniels!


Greetings Fright fans! Rob G here. For those of you that have been with us since our humble beginnings, you may have heard us bring up the name Steve Daniels before. Our staffer Adam Barnick did a pretty lengthy Icons interview with him all the way back in 2006! And his short film THE GIBBERING […]

Exploitation Alley: BLACK SUNDAY


I made the mistake of watching the film I chose for EXPLOITATION ALLEY alone. Usually I have someone to watch movies with, but I decided to watch this solo. I will forever (well at least for a few days) be uneasy and downright frightened. Within the first five minutes of this film I realized this […]



Ya know what? I love soundtracks. And one of the (many) things that sets our beloved horror genre apart from other genres of film is the ambitious and radical music that usually accompanies our fright filled movies. 2013 was a strong, strong year for horror, but more than anything, there was a huge resurgence in […]



Editor’s Note: Justin here, hope you’re not done with the holidays just yet! Our contributor Josh Soriano is back to give the season a bloody yuletide sendoff with A LOOK BACK at Bob Clark’s perennial slasher classic, BLACK CHRISTMAS! Well that magical time of year is nearly upon us. Silver bells, sleigh rides and Santa […]

Icons of Fright Presents Justin’s Top 10 Horror Of 2013!


10 – JOHN DIES AT THE END Don Coscarelli lives! He doesn’t get to direct films as often as he should (which is an utter shame, this man gave us PHANTASM and BUBBA HO-TEP for god sake!), but as always the wait is absolutely worth it. JOHN DIES AT THE END is a wild trip […]