Exploitation Alley: FOXY BROWN!


When  people think of the Exploitation/Blaxploitation genres, many amazing movies come to mind. If you’re awesome, one of the films that would come to mind would be this special gem. Directed by one of my personal favorite directors: Jack Hill, this 1974 film is definitely a classic. Pam Grier steals the show, and instantly becomes […]

Exploitation Alley: INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS!!


  I am not over exaggerating when I say that the first words out of my mouth immediately following my viewing of this EXPLOITATION ALLEY film was “Wtf did I just watch?! No, really…what was this?!” I found myself trying to process what I had just seen, and trying to make some sense out of […]

Exploitation Alley: THE MINI-SKIRT MOB!!


I was drawn to the film I chose for EXPLOITATION ALLEY for two reasons: the poster looks cool, and the words “mini” and “skirt” are in the title. So my love for vicious, beautiful female motorcycle gangs sparked my curiosity and I caved in. I am glad I did. I expected a cheesy, over-acted, and […]

Exploitation Alley: BARRACUDA


The question I sometimes ask myself while watching films that contain vicious fish or animals is “Why am I watching this?” However, good or bad, we can all agree that they are downright entertaining. During this film, the question I asked myself was “Why haven’t I seen this before?” The title caught my attention because […]

Exploitation Alley: BLACK SUNDAY


I made the mistake of watching the film I chose for EXPLOITATION ALLEY alone. Usually I have someone to watch movies with, but I decided to watch this solo. I will forever (well at least for a few days) be uneasy and downright frightened. Within the first five minutes of this film I realized this […]



While viewing the film that I have chosen for the return of EXPLOITATION ALLEY, a few questions came to mind: “what is this?” “What the hell is happening?” and of course “Why am I still watching this?” If you ever find yourself asking those questions during any film, most likely you are having a bad […]

Exploitation Alley: BLACULA!!


Blame it on the weather cooling down by a few degrees, the gory decorations making their way into my shopping cart, or the 2 pound bag of candy corn that I have been feeding on for the past couple of days…but I have been all about the glorious season that is Halloween. I can’t think […]

Exploitation Alley: NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN!!


For this week’s Exploitation Alley, I picked a film that I had the pleasure of viewing recently. I was interested in this for a couple of reasons: I had never seen it before, and the cover looked so awesome. I was expecting epic rituals with naked ladies, snakes eating humans, and possibly a plot that […]