Remember when Marvel Visited The Haunted Mansion?

If you are a fan of pop culture it is hard to not know The Haunted Mansion. Whether it is through watching Disney’s movie (please don’t, wait for the upcoming reboot) or actually going on the ride it is based on, we’ve all taken a trip through the creepy doors. It is that popular that […]


*Editor’s note – We’re very happy to have radio host/journalist/all around jack of all trades, Jay Kay, as part of the Icons of Fright team. The guy’s passion for all things horror is infectious and his “all across the board” approach to horror writing/hosting is something we’re always happy to see. As part of our […]

Marvel Comics and Horror: A long Relationship

If you are a fan of Marvel you’ll know that it was much more than just the superheroes that we tend to see today. There has always been a side to the comics that touch on the world of horror, but they also released comics that were much more focused on the scarier side of […]

Three Horror Comics You Should Check out!

When looking at the world of comics from the outside, it is easy to think that Marvel and DC are the only ones worth reading. With the likes of The Walking Dead making huge impact on television, it makes people look to the origins of the show and where they can see more of the […]

Little Known Comic Situations: The Creepier Side of Superheroes

When Marvel and DC are looking for the latest superhero to include in their movies, they have a vast catalogue of characters to browse through. One problem they sometimes have though is that some of the stories that these characters are part of reveal a darker side of the comic book world that may not […]

TV Review: DEAD OF SUMMER – Episode 1: “Patience”

I’m going to put this out there right away: Ever since I was a kid CANDYMAN has always scared the shit out of me. Whenever it comes on, I can not watch it alone. The Philip Glass score gives me the creeps and instantly showers my body with anxiety. One scene in particular is when […]

From A Wizard to A Corpse: Shannon on Daniel Radcliffe

When I was in 8th grade, I remember hearing about a book that was coming out called HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, and like all good Christian schools do, the book was immediately banned.  Being a young one who was always interested in the dark side of life, I knew I had to have […]

Botelho on De Palma: My Favorite Set Pieces

*Editor’s note – Our good bud, Derek Botelho (author of the GREAT book, The Argento Syndrome) is a big De Palma fan and really, aren’t we all? The guy has such a great filmography and Botelho thought he’d provide you fright fanatics with some of his favorite De Palma moments! –Jerry With the recent release […]