Bored? We’ve got some horror family game ideas!

  If you’re a big fan of horror movies then this post is for you; in fact, it may be useful to anyone who doesn’t really enjoy watching horror movies as the game we will be looking at here is guaranteed to add more excitement and enjoyment to your next movie night! The game in […]

EXCLUSIVE Interview With BEFORE I DISAPPEAR Actor/Director Shawn Christensen

Once in a great while, you come across a film that not only entertains you, but one that really resonates with you on a very personal level. When these films come along, it’s important as cinephiles and also just as admirers of personal storytelling, to embrace those films and champion them as much as you […]


I’ve never been a fan of spaghetti westerns, but with the release of BONE TOMAHAWK this past year and now OUTLAWS AND ANGELS I may need to seriously consider watching more thriller/horror-esque western films.  OUTLAWS AND ANGELS is the debut film from writer/director JT Mollner and stars Chad Michael Murray, Luke Wilson, Teri Polo, Francesca […]

Enter to Win an Epic HARDCORE HENRY Prize Pack and/or Replica Prop Arm!!

HARDCORE HENRY is now available on Digital HD and we thought it would be nice to share this contest with you fright fanatics. Universal is always looking for new and interesting ways to engage their audiences and if you’re into the film or just want to enter to win some cool swag, do yourself a […]

Interviews: Horror Film Festival Promoters of the Northeast – Part 2

Putting together a film festival of any type takes time, commitment (or committed), a reliable team, a diverse lineup, luck plus so much more. We sat down with four of the most well established genre film festivals that have survived & thrived for over five years in the northeast part of North America. These four […]

FICTIONAL FRIGHTS: Heather Buckley’s “Streets”

What a way to dust off our FICTIONAL FRIGHTS column that this intense short story from film critic/journalist/Producer Heather Buckley (Dread Central, Fangoria, Vulture). One of the most unique voices in film journalism, Buckley writes the same as she speaks: with passion and fervor, with an in your face force of nature that is always […]

Comics and The Villains That Drive Them

When we talk about comics we tend to look at the superheroes and their impressive deeds. All of the films concentrate on them, and the video games are based on them. What about the super villains? Many of us are fans of them, yet they have to take the backseat when it comes to popular […]

EVENT REPORT: American Murder Song’s “II” E.P. Launch

Last year, while attending the “Alleluia: The Devil’s Carnival” tour, Terrance Zdunich addressed the crowd of rabid Devil Carnival fans to inform us that he was working on a new project with frequent collaborator Saar Hendelman called AMERICAN MURDER SONG.  As the months went on, the popularity of AMERICAN MURDER SONG grew and a devoted […]