Want to Get Killed in MEGA SHARK VS. MECHA SHARK?? Here’s How!!

Producers of the instant sensation SHARKNADO are gearing up to start production on the next entry to the MEGA SHARK series, MEGA SHARK VS MECHA SHARK (written by the always friendly Jose Prendes, THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE), and reeeeeallly want to kill you. No, really,..they do. One lucky fan of the series is going […]


Here’s a contest that you should be excited about. The good folks at Paramount are partnering up with us for this contest, in which we have two copies of the fun as hell HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, one of which is signed by Gretel herself, Gemma Arterton!! To qualify for the contest, just send […]

Contest – Win a Poster & Pin Set from HOLLISTON!!!

In celebration of the upcoming second season of HOLLISTON, the fine folks at FEARnet sent us quite a few posters/pin sets to give out to you Fright Fiends. So…want some? As always, it’s easy to win, but this time, instead of one or two winners, we’re talking about at least 20 people who can win […]

Contest – Win a PSYCHO II Poster Signed by Tom Holland!!

Are you Fright Fiends enjoying BATES MOTEL and its weekly craziness? Well, to celebrate the show and what seems like a billion fans of the show, I went through some stuff I had set away for a while, and looked for something PSYCHO related to give out to a lucky reader. Well, this is what’s […]

Contest – Win A Bluray Copy of ONE HOUR PHOTO!!

Mark Romanek’s anxiety-filled 2002 thriller ONE HOUR PHOTO is finally being released on May 7th, in a brand new special edition Bluray , and thanks to the fine folks at Fox Entertainment, we’re having a giveaway where two of you lucky readers can each win a copy!! Read on! Robin Williams delivers his “finest hour” […]

CONTEST – Win a MANBORG Prize Pack!!

*CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!!* It’s ICONS OF FRIGHT‘s 9th birthday today, but we’re not the ones getting a gift, you are! The good folks over at Dark Sky Films have partnered up with Icons to give two lucky readers a MANBORG prize pack, in celebration of Astron-6‘s low-budget but highly […]

CONTEST: Win Japanese Horror/Comedy DEADBALL!!

Any of you like Japanese Horror/Comedy?..or Baseball? Interesting combination I know, but Yudai Yamaguchi’s DEADBALL combines all three, into a splatter-filled hell of a time. If that sounds like something you might be into, then hell, we’d like to help you see it. We’ve got a few BLURAY copies of the film to give out, […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD and ICONS OF FRIGHT Partner Up to Bring You FREE PASSES to The L.A. Convention!!!

*UPDATE: Contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!!* Planning on going to LA’s DAYS OF THE DEAD convention, and need some tickets? Well we’re partnering with D.O.T.D to bring you free passes to the Sunday date of the convention, which is gearing up to be a wild time, complete with a special screenings, […]