Fright At Home Spotlight: THE SACRAMENT!

Hitting shelves today, is everything from the Jim Jarmusch vampire flick, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE and Scream Factory’s new Bluray of LEVIATHAN, to the focal point of this Fright At Home article, Ti West’s Jonestown-like thriller, THE SACRAMENT. Having already had the chance to check out the Magnet-released disc of THE SACRAMENT, we thought we’d give you […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: November 26th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

It’s the last Tuesday before we all gather around and gorge ourselves silly with turkey and pumpkin pie, so FRIGHT AT HOME is here with a list of must-own discs that are perfect for putting on before we all slip into a week-long food coma! Scorpion Releasing and Scream/Shout! Factory own this week, as per […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: November 19th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

It’s Tuesday, so it must mean it’s time for FRIGHT AT HOME! Scream and Shout! Factory pretty much own the week with a whopping four releases, including ’80s cult fave NIGHT OF THE COMET, John Carpenter’s action classic ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, killer robot-run-amok EVE OF DESTRUCTION, and ’90s comic book adaptation TANK GIRL. Also […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: November 12th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

Another Tuesday, another round of FRIGHT AT HOME to give you the lowdown on this week’s must-have DVD & Blu-ray releases! November 12th is filled with an eclectic mix of genre titles, and in some cases making their way to both formats for the first time! Such an example is shot-on-video classics BLACK DEVIL DOLL […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: October 15th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

While not as insane and jam packed as last week, the week of October 15th is still loaded with gems old & new that deserve a spot on your shelf. The remake of MANIAC finally bows onto Blu-ray & DVD, which comes highly recommended since it’s one of the best 2013 has to offer. The […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: October 1st’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

The greatest month of the year has finally descended upon us for another 31 days of pumpkin spice flavored assortments and massive consumption of all things horror! Any honest-to-god horror fan gorges on the genre all year long, but the arrival of October is even more of an excuse to go all out. And what […]

Fright At Home: September 10th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for the weekly rundown of what’s hitting stores with Fright At Home! This week may be one of the most important and jam packed as it’s filled with must-own cult obscurities & horror classics alike that deserve a spot in your collection. For better or worse, FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE […]

FRIGHT AT HOME: August 27th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

Today may not be a massive day for home video for some people, but most people have not been introduced to the insane fun of I COME IN PEACE (or DARK ANGEL, whichever floats your Lundgren boat). It’s something of a miracle that Scream Factory’s brought it to Blu-ray, and a testament to how incredible […]