Quantcast Icons Of Fright Goes To TEXAS

INTRO: October 21st & 22nd marked the first two Austin, Texas screening's of Christopher P Garetano's documentary 'HORROR BUSINESS'. With Joe Bob Briggs announced as one of the screenings special guests, Icons Of Fright staffer Robg. knew he had to be a part of this event. We also hooked up with our buddy Edwin Neal, the hitchhiker from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who showed us around, introduced us to Texas BBQ & chili, and had dinner with us in the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, recently converted into a restaurant!!! Check out all the pics & captions below as Icons Of Fright Go To TEXAS!!!

Friday October 21st, 2005

The Alamo Drafthouse in Lake Creek

We arrive at the Alamo Drafthouse in Lake Creek!

Much to our surprise, Horror Business is prominently on the marquee!

The inside of the Alamo Drafthouse has... a freakin' bar!!!

A beer? At the movies?! AMAZING!!!

Chris & Lisa enjoy the atmosphere.

Robg. & Christopher Garetano enjoy their first beer at the Drafthouse!

Vintage posters grace the walls! Including one of Mike's favorite movies, The Poseidon Adventure!

Vintage poster for The Alamo!

According to our buddy Ed Neal, Rudy's is some pretty darned good BBQ!!! We had to try it out.

Ed let's the staff know that I'm from NY & it's my first time there. So, the entire staff starts screaming "ROOKIE!!! ROOKIE!!!"

Lisa & Chris enjoy some BBQ from Rudy's!

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

Yes, folks! That's Ed Neal (the Hitchhiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre) & Robg. enjoying creamed corn!

HORROR BUSINESS premiere in Austin!!!

It's Friday night and the first screening for HORROR BUSINESS is moments away!

The amazing set-up for the theaters in the Drafthouse! Vintage trailers & commercials play. None of that "20" bullshit!

Every row has a counter, and a menu, paper and pencil. Anytime during the movie, you can write down an order for burgers, popcorn, beer, soda... whatever YOU want, and you stick the paper in the silver counter slot. A theater waiter picks it up and brings it to you as you watch the movie!

Best movie theater EVER!!!

Ed Neal and Chris talk about his flick a few minutes before the screening begins.

Special guest Joe Bob Briggs greets fans out in the lobby!

Joe Bob Briggs brought copies of his two books.

And poses with fans for pictures.

Come on, folks! Joe Bob Briggs rules! And has some of the funniest moments in 'HORROR BUSINESS'!

Chris Garetano fields questions from the audience after the screening.

Almost everyone in the crowd had a question for Chris about his wacky cast of characters.

A successful first screening in Austin, Texas!!!

Chris & Joe Bob Briggs talk a bit more about the making of 'HORROR BUSINESS'.

Saturday October 22nd, 2005

Dinner with ED NEIL at The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house!!!

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

The house from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!! Now, a restaurant!!!

Ed Neal, the Hitchhiker comes home!!!

As soon as we walk in, we recognize the stairs!

The steel door may not be back there anymore, but that's still the door to the kicthen!!!

Actual still shots from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

The place was dressed up for Halloween. Otherwise, it's a regular restaurant!

Some props were spookier then others! Dining guests didn't seem to mind.

Ed remembers the room we're in! It's where the family sat down for dinner! How surreal!

It's hard NOT to be silly when Ed Neal's around.

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

This is the room where the "dinner sequence" took place. That middle window is the one Sally jumps thru at the end of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Chris sets up his camera to film inside the Texas Chainsaw house.

His interview with Ed will be on the special features for the 'Horror Business' DVD in a full length featurette titled 'Son Of Horror Business'!

Ed explains how he feels coming back to the house where he shot Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

And talks about the differences in independent filmmaking from back then to now.

The front porch to the house! I can see Leatherface dragging Pam back in right now!

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

The porch where Pam & Kirk find the tooth!

Robg. sitting on the Texas Chainsaw porch!

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

Robg. & Edwin Neal in front of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house!

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

Chris films more footage for 'Son Of Horror Business'.

Actual still shot from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

Lisa & Chris pose in front of the Chainsaw house.

HORROR BUSINESS screening #2 with Joe Bob Briggs!!!

Joe Bob Briggs does an interview after the 2nd screening of 'Horror Business'.

Robg. meets up with the lovely & beautiful Kate who arranged the Drafthouse screenings.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Lunch at the TEXAS CHILI PARLOR!!!

Ed Neil recommended the Texas Chili Parlor - "the best chili in the country!"

So excited!!!

The dining room!

Texas flavor!

Chris enjoys a Corona!

"You looking at me?!"

READY for our CHILI!!!

Feast your eyes on this amazing black bean & sausage chili!!!

A spoonful!


This is THE best chili I've ever had in my life!!!

We can't stop eating!!!

Finished every last drop!!!