Quantcast Monster Mania May 2005 review

Monster Mania, May 20th - May 22st. 2005 (Cherry Hill, NJ)

I really had a great time at Monster Mania last August, despite the 2 hour drive and getting shut out on meeting Robert Englund. It was a very well organized show, the guests were easy to approach, and it was nice to see Q & A panels and screenings at a horror con again. So, Rob G and myself decided that we would make the May ‘05 Monster Mania our first official Icons of Fright sleepover. We wouldn’t regret it.

Getting to Cherry Hill, NJ was it’s own adventure though. As we sat in nearly 5 hours of traffic we thought to ourselves, "We’ll never get there in time for the Friday events, the hotel will give our room away, and we’re going to be very, very cranky when we get there." Fortunately, when we did arrive we found the show still in full swing, and our room was rather cozy. First things first, we headed down to the guest room and found the inspiration for Icons of Fright: Michael Berryman of 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'The Devil’s Rejects'. I started this site because I saw an interview with him on the "Hills" DVD and thought, "Hey, I want to talk to that guy! He sounds that like an awesome fella!". This is the first convention we were able to catch Michael at since we launched. Indeed, Mr. Berryman is GREAT with his fans. He really took the time to talk with everyone who came to his table, gave us a few lines from "Hills" and signed my DVD for a cool $10. We even caught up with him later in the evening in the hotel lobby. After meeting Michael we stopped by the line to meet Robert Englund, Mr. Freddy Kreuger, only to find it had been cut off. Damn – would Rob G ever be able to complete the autograph on his photo of all 4 80's slashers?! Would Mike ever be able to show off his "V" tattoo?

So, after meeting up with a few guests we headed out to the dealer room, where we found Icon’s friend Jill from Lixonline.com. Pretty much the same dealers as the Chiller show, but that’s not surprising since that’s also in Jersey. I managed to pick up an excellent copy of 'Werewolves on Wheels' (a phenomenal piece of crap cinema history) from CryptFlicks. This guy had some great stuff. We had a great talk about crap cinema, he showed off some crazy apeman movie from the 70's called 'Skullduggery'. It’s always a thrill to meet a dealer who’s still excited about the merchandise he sells. Maybe he’ll get around to making those DVD’s of 'Death Ship' soon. (You bet your ass your humble IoF editor is still looking for a decent copy of 'Death Ship'. And no, I won’t buy it off Ebay, thank you. I get a real kick tracking these things down at conventions.)

Next stop for me and G, after 5 hours of driving and trolling the convention floor, was dinner. Now, at dinner, we mapped out the rest of the evening. After our meal, and a drink, we would catch the next screening and then head off to bed so we could get ready to wait on line for hours on Saturday. Ok – so that’s when they closed the guest room (about 10pm) and all of our favorite stars began to head to the hotel bar for drinks, dinner, and schmoozing. My friends, G and myself were in absolute geek heaven. In fact, I couldn’t believe I was in the same room where Freddy was having a drink with Pinhead, where the Tall Man stopped by for a sandwich, where Young Jason and Andy from 'Child’s Play' sat around swapping stories and downing Heinkiens. I couldn’t believe it so much that I had to have several more martinis before it all began to make sense to my fragile, fragile mind. Ok, so I got a little tipsy... I found myself roaming around the hotel lobby, having a great conversation with Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface 2003), introducing Rob G to my "friend" Angus Scrimm, saw Ari Lehman (Jason, Friday the 13th) playing piano, and watched a fan film called 'A Nightmare on Halloween' or something with Doug Bradley (Pinhead). Michael Berryman was around too, and still as gracious as he was at his table! It was the most amazingly geeked out night of my life and I must recommend that any true horror fan spend an overnight at a convention at least once in their lives. Your head will spin, and you won’t even need to consume as much gin as I did.

After cocktails with the stars, we headed up to Jill’s room with her friend, TJ, where they graciously helped us staple all the Free Icons of Fright Minizines that we like to give out at shows, and we watched the infamous bootleg of 'Stars Wars, Episode III'. Good times – 4 AM - then we finally headed to bed. We had a long Saturday ahead of us, and Rob’s Movie Maniacs photo will still one signature short of completion.

We managed to wake up early, and headed back down to the guest area. The line for Robert Englund had already formed and it look like there were at least 300 people ahead of us. The line was moving slow, because Mr. Englund does take his time with each of his fans. We met some great new friends on that line though – and as much as we complain sometimes, the line is just part of the experience. Where else can you stand around and chat about everything horror, or music with a bunch of similarly minded people from around the country? So, 5 hours later it was finally our turn. G got his picture signed, I forgot all about my "V" tattoo, and got an Icons minizine signed. Robert was really very friendly, even while delivering the sad news that the "V" sequel will likely now be a "V" remake with a "pretty cast of young people". Damn it!

After meeting Robert we decided it was time to head home. Overall, this was another great convention from Monster Mania. We look forward to spending the entire weekend in August when they will be bringing in George A. Romero and Chris Sarandon.

See you at the next show,


Ahh... the beautiful view from our room.

It's Friday night & we are ready to go! You can blame CVS for this print.
Although technically, this is how we were seeing a few minutes after this photo anyways.

A FRIGHT friend and fan, Robg. with Icons buddy Leah!!!

Leah joins Mick Foley for some dinner & drinks!

The lobby (and party) is in full swing!

Robg. with Jill from LIX. Coffee, anyone? How 'bout Episode 3?

Jason from Friday The 13th Part 1 jumped out of the water, grew hair and became a wacky musician!
Ari Lehman plays some piano for the Icons staff and fans.

Robg. & Mike C. hang with the super cool Michael (The Hills Have Eyes) Berryman!

Doug (Pinhead) Bradley enjoys a short film with some fans!!!

Again Doug (Pinhead) Bradley spends some time chatting with the fans!!!

Crap Cinema at it's Finest!!!

Good lord!!! The guys who made Killer Klowns From Outer Space! The Chiodo brothers!!!

Crazy yet super cool. The bad-ass Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface from the Texas remake).

Costumed Crazy Clown!!!

Fans brave the 5 hour wait for Robert Englund's autograph!!!

Believe it or not, this fan made this Freddy out of aluminum foil!!!

A fan in Freddy costume and... the... great adventure guy!?

Fear not, folks... that is NOT a real baby. ...Or is it?

Dressed to kill? ...or die?

Prison can do this to you. That, and the long waits in line.


Mike C. shows Robert Englund the Icons Of Fright minizine AND he digs it!!!

Finally, Robert Englund completes Robg.'s Movie Manics photo by signing for 'FREDDY'!


Giveaways and fans everywhere. Monster Mania in a nutshell!

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