Quantcast Monster Mania August 2007 review - FRIGHT NIGHT reunion - CHILD'S PLAY reunion - HALLOWEEN reunion

Monster Mania, August 24th - 26th 2007 (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Report and write-up by Mike C. Captions/Photos by Robg.

The Vendor Rooms
As usual, the MonsterMania vendor room (and vendor hallway) were stacked with excellent goods. MonsterMania's dealer room is starting to rival the usually unbeatable crop of vendors that hit up the Chiller Convention. Good news 80's fans, the seemingly unending wave of j-horror at the DVD vendors is starting to wane. I was able to pick up some great lost 80's crap movies (including several non-genre films like "Hamburger: The Motion Picture). It seems the 80's nostalgia stage for us kids from the VHS/USA Up All Night generation is about to hit it big and I couldn't be happier. Need further evidence?  Weekend At Bernies dolls for sale (!!!) and as soon as I saw that I couldn't get that damn song out of my head: "Some like it hot, oh yea, some like it cold, whoa-oh, some never know, oh-oh-oh..."

Paul Nomad guards the Dread Central table and hands out free swag all weekend!

The Anchor Bay table were representing HATCHET, which opens September 7th, 2007 across the country!

At one point, Tony Todd (Candyman), one of the stars of HATCHET came by to help with give-aways at the Anchor Bay table.

The dealers this year were all excellent! I bought Fright Flix trading cards from this dealer. (And stupidly ate the gum, dated 1985. I became ill shortly thereafter.)

Jack Sparrow? Actually, it's the Ravens Dream Online movie prop replica table. Visit: www.ravensdreamonline.com

Troma was there to represent, as usual.

Ben from Fright-Rags greets us! He has some KICK ass shirts! I personally bought 4! Visit: www.fright-rags.com

Monsterarm also had a fine selection of horror shirts! It was nice to have plenty of shirt vendors to choose from, all with completely different designs this show. Visit: www.MonsterArm.com

The lovely Jill offers plenty of cool goodies too! Visit: www.LixOnLine.com

The beautiful Jessica and lovely Little 1 of Little 1 Leather. Visit: www.Little1Leather.com

Convention attendee's could buy a professional photograph standing in this HALLOWEEN set-up!

The fine fiends from Wicked Pixel Cinema had plent of DVD's for sale, such as their latest releases SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD and THE SEVERED HEAD NETWORK. Visit: WickedPixel.com

These dolls were all amazing! From Terry Cruikshank Creations, all of the following were one of a kind, original creations by Pennsylvania horror and sci-fi artist Terry Chruikshank! Look for yourself! Visit: terrycruikshank.com

More from Terry Cruikshank Creations:


Check out the awesome masks from KreationX! Including a bad-ass Dr. Loomis mask! Visit: www.kreationx.com

Most of the tables got into the spirit of Monster Mania!

Sean Clark with some of his masks! Visit: HorrorShirts.com and SilverShampainNovelties.com

Need a Phantasm ball?


Johnny Butane mans the Dread Central table for a good portion of the weekend. Visit: DreadCentral.com

The Autograph Room

There's always quite a few familiar faces at MonsterMania. On hand were regulars Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, Danielle Harris, always great to see them. Making his first return appearance in some time was The Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm, along with Reggie Bannister, both of Phantasm fame. Karen Black made her first MonsterMania appearance and had a busy line of fans waiting to meet her all weekend. Also new to the show was Grindhouse/From Dusk 'Til Dawn's Danny Trejo (he's a little guy!), Warwick Davis. From the new Halloween remake there was Hanna Hall.

The kid who plays the young Michael Myers was on-hand as well. Honestly, he was a little rude, but he's what, 12 years old and, in what must surely violate some form of child labor laws, was working a table all weekend long. If I was 12 and someone told me to sit at a table all weekend, bark "Everything on the table is $20" at people, and sign pictures I might be a little pissy at the end of it myself.

Danielle Harris was nice enough to sign a picture that we'll soon be giving away to a lucky Icons reader.

A special treat was the Fright Night/Child's Play Reunion. Alex Vincent has done these shows before, but Chris Sarandon, Cathrine Hicks, Amanda Bearse, and Stephen Geoffereys were all a new faces to me.

Of course, the price of autographs continues to sit at $20, but I noticed a lot more tables this year with a lower "your item signed" price (about $15 if they were doing it). MonsterMania's management is very supportive of fans and they strongly discourage the stars from charging for a photograph with them if you purchase an item, so there was none of that nonsense at this show. Fact is, though, if you guys keep paying for that, they'll keep doing it. If you're at a con and you buy an autograph (and there isn't a 3 hour wait to meet the star) they should take a picture for you with no additional charge. It's up to you to not be starstruck or intimidated by the star or their management and say "No thank you, I don't pay for that." Of course we'll keep doing our part to stop the fleecing of fandom and reporting the stars that do.

Warwick Davis
, the star of LEPRECHAUN, STAR WARS EPISODE ONE and the HARRY POTTER movies signs for fans in one of the many autograph room.

PHANTASM's Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister greet fellow fright fans as well.

Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES) is seated next to Tony Todd (CANDYMAN).

Karen Black! Mike C. wants to talk to you about AIRPORT 1975!

George Wilbur, Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN's 4 and 6 signs for fans.

The lovely Danielle Harris (aka the new Annie Brackett) just keeps getting lovlier!

Chris Sarandon (FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD'S PLAY) listens closely to what his fans have to say.

From CHILD'S PLAY, Alex Vincent and Catherine Hicks (in her first con appearance)!


Take note, REJECTS fans - Bill Moseley and Sid Haig together again.

The new young Michael Myers Daeg Faerch does his first convention appearance ever. The Icons crew went over to greet him but before we could even get in a "hello", we were interupted with a "Everything on the table is $20 dollars!" Ok. We continued to try to explain who we were and what we do. We mentioned that we just interviewed Rob Zombie about the film & thought it might be neat to chat with him, when we realized him and his mother turned away and weren't even looking at us. Guess a conversation alone will cost ya at these conventions these days too. (Side-note: Hannah Hall, the new Judith Myers is in the background!)

George Wilbur poses with his HALLOWEEN 6 mask, a fan dresses up as LEATHERFACE!

Where else, but a convention would you see Leatherface and Judah Friedlander in the same room?!

Judah Friedlander - World Champion!

Karen Black had a long line all weekend.

The Icons crew, Robg and Mike C have a moment with Danielle Harris shortly after she signs an autograph for one of our upcoming Halloween contests.

Marcy Rhoades! (Or Marcy Darcy!) Actually, Amanda Bearse at the con for the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion!

The Panels

I missed the panels, Rob G!

You didn't miss much, Michael. Nothing really new to report. But here's some pictures!

The CHILD'S PLAY reunion panel:

Warwick Davis answers fan questions:

The HALLOWEEN "reunion". From left to right - George Wilbur (Michael Myers - HALLOWEEN 4 and 6), John Michael Graham (Bob from the original HALLOWEEN), Tommy Lee Wallace.

Continued - Tony Moran (Michael Myers unmasked at the end of the original HALLOWEEN), Brian Andrews (Tommy Doyle in the original HALLOWEEN), Eric Preston (Young Michael Myers in the clown costume from HALLOWEEN 4) and FRIGHT friend Brad Loree (Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION).

I still can't believe they found "Bob"!


After Hours at MonsterMania is my favorite after-hours. Look, there's nothing better than getting a little tipsy with some fellow horror fans, and as usual, even a few of the stars joined in the fun. Thanks to everyone who came up to the Icons staff during after-hours (and even during the show) and mentioned the site. Icons of Fright fans may receive free shots (just ask Dante) if you give us a shout at the bar after the show and our wallets haven't been emptied buying copies of "The Mutilator" and meeting the star of " Airport 1975".

Mike C
tries to catch a PREDATOR.

Robg looks concerned as V takes FRIGHT fiend Laura hostage.

Jeepers Creepers!

Jason Voorhess Vs. Michael Myers?! Although they're only having a friendly conversation, these two looked like they were ready to throw down. Look at how serious Michael Myers is!

FRIGHT staffers Neil and Robg.

Mike C decides to ask V for his political views. This is the response he gets.

East Coast Represent! Icons Of Fright's Robg with Dread Central's Johnny Butane!

Several of the Michael Myers are interviewed by a local news crew at the convention.

Brad Loree being interviewed.

A quick moment with the super sweet and super cute E.G. Daily! (Love her!)

Jill likes to Hula Hoop in the lobby!

After drinks we went to entertain sick children at the hospital.

What's a Monster Mania without a Midnight ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW?!

Robg supports HATCHET (and TEAM GREEN!)

Mike C supports HATCHET (by doing his best Ryan Rotten face.)

A Terry Kiser doll of him as Bernie from WEEKEND AT BERNIES?! This one's for Adam Green!

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