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'HORROR BUSINESS' NYC Premiere. (July 20th, 2005)

I had already seen a screener copy of the new documentary 'Horror Business' on DVD a few days prior to this screening, but after meeting with director Christopher P. Garetano in person for an exclusive Icons Of Fright interview, I knew that I had to support the world premiere of my new-found friend's film in New York City.  I headed down to the Tribeca Cinemas on my own (Hey, it's Deniros' place!), but met up with a few friends at the screening, including filmmakers Adam Barnick & John Torrani and later I was joined by fellow Icons staffer Mikec.
We were first treated to a short film by Jake Kennedy titled 'We All Fall Down'. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but it blew me away. The short's about a group of adults whom accidentally kill a little girl and try to hide their dirty deed by disposing of the body. Low and behold, it's a few years later, they go to move the body before the property they hid it in is destroyed and they run into a pretty pissed off spirit! Although this short emphasized on a lot of trademark horror cliques, it was executed so darned well. And the soundtrack (in 5.1) really put the finishing touches on all the scares.

'We All Fall Down' was a nice way to lead into the film of the evening, 'Horror Business'. Now, again, I had already seen it, but it was far more entertaining watching it with a sold out audience, who were not afraid to laugh at loud. The film's got plenty of funny & heartfelt moments and it was interesting to watch it with a lot of the film's interviewee's present & sitting around me.  After the screening, we took a short break and headed to the lounge for some drinks and mingling. I was able to talk to Chris himself, and some of the film's subjects such as Dave (Slave) Stagnari, John Brodie and special effects make-up artist Tate Steinsiek. I also ran into actor Norman Reedus (from my all time favorite movie 'The Boondock Saints') who was there to check out his buddy Tate in 'Horror Business'. After a few minutes, we headed downstairs where Chris took part in a Q & A session about his film.  The session was playful & polite, and people asked good question about the making of his film. Some just wanted to know what it was like to hang out with someone like John Goras.

You can check out our interview with him to get a better idea of the man behind the documentary. Chris will be bringing 'Horror Business' for a few more screenings, so check the official movie site at HorrorBusinessMovie.com for details. I'll be there! -robg.

The front of the Tribeca Cinemas theatre/lounge.

'Horror Business' had it's world premiere as part of Visionfest 2005!

Icons Of Fright creators Mikec & Robg. are on hand for the event.

Also present were filmmaker's John Torrani, Steve Tsapelas, and friend Adam Bildzukewicz.

Christopher P. Garetano chats with filmmaker Adam Barnick.

Robg. bumps into actor Norman (The Boondock Saints) Reedus at the bar!!!

Chris fields some question during his Q & A panel...

Robg. bumps into filmmaker & 'Horror Business' star David Stagnari.

Chris Garetano stops to chat with Robg. for a moment!

Special effects make-up artist Tate Steinsiek poses with his sister, Tasy.


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