Quantcast Halloween Returns To Haddonfield
Halloween: Returns To Haddonfield Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2003

The 25th anniversary of the original Halloween was fast approaching and along with my buddies John and Neil, I knew we had to fly out to Pasedena for this once in a lifetime event. Our first day in town, we spent eating well and drinking an awful lot in our room, in preperation for the following day's convention opening. Well rested by the morning, Saturday started out with the bus tour though all the various spots and locations filmed for Halloween 1 & 2. This was definitely a fantastic way to start the weekend's events off. There's nothing cooler for a horror fan then walking thru the Myers house or walking by Lori Strode's high school. After the bus tour, he headed back to the convention center for the actual event. Walking in, it reminded me of an old Fango con. There were plenty of tables set up, both with celebrities signing autographs & vendors. One room was open for panel discussions and another room was screening fan-made Halloween short films. There was so much to do and plenty of people to meet. Among the non-Halloween alumni, I was thrilled to meet Lisa Wilcox, Ken Foree, & Bill Johnson. The event also hosted a Last House On the Left reunion, a look at Sandy Collora's Batman short film 'Dead End', and midnight screenings at a local theater for Halloween 1 and 4. Vendors were selling plenty of great Halloween related stuff such as various masks & exclusive comics. Some people had props & collectibles set up from all the movies on display. And of course, it was amazing to meet so many people from ALL the Halloween films in one shot & then hear them speak at the panels. It was a pleasure meeting Dick Warlock, Danielle Harris and my personal crush, Kathleen Kinmont. Brad Loree (Michael Myers from Halloween: Resurrection) turned out to be one of the nicest people I've ever met at one of these events, and we spoke at great length. Overall, this turned out to be one of the best convention experiences I've ever had. And props to the organizers. I know these things aren't easy to put together, but I've been to a lot of cons and this was by far one of the best organized ones. There is a documentary DVD in the works, so check the official Halloween Movies website for details. -robg.

The official poster for the event!!!

First night in Pasadena, enjoying our beers!

The bus pass for the Halloween tour of Pasadena (aka Haddonfield).

It's the hardware store where Michael gets his knives, rope and his mask!!!

Right down the block is the Myers house!!!

Robg. poses in front of the Myers house!

... and look who's home!!!

Inside the house where it all began!

Here's a peek at the event's weekend schedule.

Robg. poses with the beautiful and sweet Lisa Wilcox (aka Alice Nightmare 4 & 5).
She signs my autograph "To One Major League Hunk!"

After a few missed chances, Robg. finally meets Patricia Tallman!!! (NIght Of The Living Dead)

Halloween 2's Nurse Jill aka Tawny Moyer.

Robg. finally meets Halloween 2's Pamela Susan Shoop.

The Halloween 4 panel!

A look at the Halloween 2 panel!

A closer look at the Halloween 2 panel! Pamela answers fan questions.

It's been a few years, but Robg. gets to meet Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead, Leatherface: TCM 3) again!

Michael Myers of Halloween 4 & 6, George Wilbur!!!

Robg. shakes hands with Bill Johnson, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw 2!

Robg. catches up with the amazing Kathleen Kinmont!!!

Halloween 4 & 5's Danielle Harris!!!

Actual props from H20, Freddy's Dead & Halloween 6!

Original props from Halloween 4 & 6!

More props from Halloween 6!

One of Michael Myers masks from Halloween 6!

John salutes the Freddy glove.

Various Michael Myers masks for sale!!!

Another look at the masks for sale.

These two cool cats were happy to pose for a picture fully dressed in their Halloween costumes!

A picture of the Last House On The Left cast!

A look at our scores for the first day of the convention!

... and the celebrating continues...

Neil finds our trip antics humorous.

Here's a look at the flyer for the Halloween 1 & 4 screenings!!!

Neil, Robg. and John enjoy a good meal before the midnight screening of Halloween!


The line starts to form in front of the theater... a mere few minutes before the harsh rain comes!!!

Robg. is unprepared to meet Halloween 2's Dick Warlock...

Ok. Dick Warlock, Michael Myers from Halloween 2!!!

The latest Michael Myers, Brad Loree of Halloween: Resurrection!

A look at the convention!

Halloween 2 's Cliff Emmich!

A look at the Batman mask from Sandy Collora's short film Batman: Dead End!

Halloween fans from all over pose for this historic shot.

Catching up with the lovely Ladies of The Evil Dead!!!

A glimpse at a Halloween fan's huge collection!

Robg. catches up with his buddies from Jersey, Ron & Dave.

The Halloween 6 panel!

The man who produces all the Halloween films, Moustapha Akkad!

ALL of the men whom have played Michael Myers!!!

Ellie Cornell (Halloween 4 & 5) stops by at the end of the event to sign autographs!!!

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