Quantcast Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors 2002

Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors, Brooklyn, NY 2002

Ah, so it's another Fangoria Weekend Of Horror's convention in it's first apperance in Brooklyn, NY. The location actually was fairly easy to get to driving-wise, so we knew the day was off to a good start. The 4 of us got there early enough to catch some of the trailers for upcoming releases, and after some brief shopping, we managed to catch a couple of the panels. Among them, we were introduced to filmmaker Dante Tomaselli, who was showing clips of his first film 'Desecration' and also showed us a 5 minute trailer reel for his upcoming 'HORROR'. The 'HORROR' footage blew all of us away, and Dante took the stage for a panel discussion with some of the cast of the film. Our buddy Wilkie asked "So... What's with the goat?", which drew some laughs from the crowd. But overall, we were impressed with what we saw and happy to meet everyone afterwards at a signing. The highlight for me was finally meeting Felissa Rose, whom I had missed at the 'Sleepaway Camp' reunion the last Fango con. The main attraction for us all was of course Robert Englund. Mister Englund always makes the stage his own and answers every single fan question in great detail. After his panel, he did a signing for free at the side of the stage and we were informed that the line would have to be cut off due to the time. Robert and the fans seemed to ignore the threats to end the show early and he stayed and met every single fan that waited on line; taking pictures and spouting Freddy dialouge at fan's requests. Hand's down, a real class act. And with that, we walked away from this Fango very content & happy with our experience. Visit: Fangoria.com. -robg.

Vin, Wilkie and Robg arrive to the event!!!

Dawn enjoys Heineken. Vin enjoys ketchup. Robg enjoys tomfoolery!

The HORROR panel with Dante Tomaselli, Felissa Rose, and more of the cast & FX crew.

Robg. nervously meets Felissa for the first time.

Robert Englund takes the stage and as always... wins over the crowd!

"I'm your boyfriend now, Dawn!"

YES! Wilkie & Robg are very excited to pose with Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund!

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