Quantcast Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors Sept 29th-Oct 1st, 2006 NJ/NY

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors - Sat. Sept. 30th - Sun. Oct. 1st, 2006 (Secaucus, NJ)
(by Robg, except where noted)

The HATCHET panel was up next, also moderated by Ryan Rotten and featuring cinematographer Will Barrett, Victor Crowley himself Kane Hodder, and writer/director Adam Green. Adam immediately proclaimed how cool it is to have Kane (Jason) in his flick and that he still can’t believe it. “I’m really a big fan. I brought shit for Kane to sign right after this panel!” HATCHET just picked up awards for Best Actor (Kane Hodder), Best Special Effects Make-Up and the audience choice award for Best Picture at last week’s Fantastic Fest in Texas, so Adam brought along 2 clips from the film. The first was of Kane Hodder out of make-up playing Victor Crowley’s father, and the scene showed the origin of Victor Crowley via a flashback sequence. It’s great to see Kane without the make-up for a change and see the heart behind Victor Crowley’s backstory. (It’s the stuff of classic 80’s American horror!). (cont.)

The second clip was the same one shown in Burbank which featured a nice little old couple getting brutally murdered by the insane, deformed and twitching Victor Crowley. Wait until you guys see this!!! Yet again, the entire audience ripped into applause by the end of the scene. When asked to clear up the rumors about the release of HATCHET, Adam couldn’t say much, but he did confirm “HATCHET WILL be in theaters EVERYWHERE in January of 2007.” Let’s hope the MPAA doesn’t force them to cut out too much! Also, depending on how HATCHET does, he's ready to jump right into a sequel, having already planned the plots of 2 & 3.

Adam Green and Will Barrett sign limited edition HATCHET prints for fans.

New Line Cinema presents a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING panel featuring R. Lee Ermey, actress Jordana Brewster, actress Diora Baird, director Jonathan Liebesman, and producers Andrew Form & Brad Fuller. The panel started with the theatrical trailer of the new Chainsaw, and was followed by 2 clips from the movie. Both were brutal and difficult to watch. (Even for a hardcore fan-boy, such as myself) The first had R. Lee Ermeys’ character Sheriff Hoyt patronizing and beating two pretty-boy actors into the pavement of the side of the road. The second showed Leatherface peeling the skin off of one of his victims and (for the first time?) donning his infamous mask made of human flesh. Again, both clips left me rather uncomfortable, especially the peeling of the young man’s face. I’m amazed a commercial studio would put out a flick like this, but the times are a’ changin’! (When there's money’s to be made, that is.) (cont.)

Jordana Brewster said that she was a huge fan of the first movie (the remake I assume, NOT the original) and really wanted to be a part of this new prequel. She also tells the audience that she’s already seen it twice and she loves it. The producers confirmed that if this one is successful, they have a few ideas for yet another Chainsaw movie. Possibly one that takes place in between this new prequel and the remake, which would explain the story of the first film’s hitchhiker. The producers also said that they have nothing to do with the recently announced Chainsaw Chronicles, but that they just finished their latest remake of ‘THE HITCHER’ staring Sean Bean (in the Rutger Hauer role), which is due out in April of 2007. They are also trying to get their remake of ‘THE BIRDS’ ready to shoot. And are sorting out the rights issue so they can move forward on their 'FRIDAY THE 13th' remake. (With 'Beginning' director Jonathan Leibesman) Gee, guys… here’s a thought… Stop remaking all of my favorite films and try making an original one? Please? Oh well.

Next up was a panel for THE GRUDGE 2 with lead actress Amber Tamblyn and director Takashi Shimizu who helmed the first GRUDGE as well as the original JU-ON films. He was joined on stage by an interpreter. They screened for us the theatrical trailer and then 2 clips from the actual movie. One of them (SPOILER!) showed the death of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character. Stylistically, the new Grudge looks pretty good. (Better then that second Ring movie!) But I’m bummed that it’s getting the PG-13 rating, just like the first. Takashi says that he hasn’t had much trouble in regards to working with the studios here in America, and that whenever he does run into trouble, Sam Raimi always has his back. Speaking of Raimi, Takashi says that “Sam Raimi likes Japanese school girls.” Think that one thru, folks.

Ron Perlman and writer/director Larry Fessenden stopped by to show clips from Larry’s latest film ‘THE LAST WINTER’ as well as trailers to ‘AUTOMATONS’, ‘I CAN SEE YOU’, and ‘TRIGGERMAN’. During the panel discussion Perlman admitted to becoming something of a curmudgeon lately in terms of sitting for long periods of time while uncomfortable make up is applied and also voiced his regret over not being cast in Fiddler on the Roof. He then launched into a flawless impersonation of Harvey Fierstein, and he and Larry closed the panel by singing a few panels of “If I were a rich man” much to the amusement of the audience. (Bunni)

Ron Perlman chats with fans during an autograph session following his panel.

Larry Fessenden & Ron Perlman pose for a picture with Icons Robg.

Ryan Rotten moderated a panel for SAW 3 featuring returning director Darren Lynn Bousman. We were treated to the theatrical trailer and a clip from the movie. The clip (which looked like a sick-o homage to ‘Hellraiser’) featured Jigsaw’s latest victim penetrated by numerous hooks and chains all over his body. Being a criminal who spends most of his time in chains, Jigsaw gives him a minute to “free himself of the chains” he’s so comfortable in. Otherwise, they’d pull him apart. Much like the other SAW traps, this one was so sick and inventive. It of course… ended a few seconds before the conclusion. So, we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see what happens. Darren talked about how this particular story developed and how it mostly focuses on the relationship between Jigsaw and his new protégée Amanda. In fact, when asked by an audience member how they go about thinking up the deadly traps, Darren answered that they actually wrote the entire story first and later fit in the “death traps” into the film. Also, we were treated to a trailer for the new double-disc SAW 2: UNCUT EDITION, also coming out later this month. Darren tells us it will feature a slightly longer cut of the movie as well as a 2 hours documentary on the full production of SAW 2. His first short film “Zombies” will also be on the 2nd disc, and he jokingly tells us “Watch my short, and you’ll realize that anyone can make a movie.” In regards to a SAW 4? It’s possible, but he feels this is HIS last SAW movie and that the 3 films make up a nice little trilogy, story-wise. Well, we’ll just have to wait another year to see if they’ll crank out another SAW feature. (Which I'm betting they will!) In the meantime, I’m excited for 3!!!

Robg. with SAW 3 director Darren Lynn Bousman.

Icons Robg. with Fango's Ryan Rotten.

FRIGHT friend Tim Sullivan with Robg.

SUNDAY: On Sunday, Robert Joy showed up for his first ever Fango convention appearance and panel! Before he took the stage, we were treated to a montage clip of his work from The Dark Half, Land Of The Dead, and The Hills Have Eyes. We fielded numerous questions from the audience in regards to all his work, including his recent appearances on CSI: NEW YORK and tells us his role has been somewhat expanded this season. In regards to The Hills Have Eyes, he says he’s still never seen the original because director Alex Aja asked the cast NOT to use it as reference. He also talks about a deleted scene that was filmed that involved more interaction between himself, Papa Jupiter and the rest of the family. I was surprised to hear about this because it’s no where on the DVD and also one of the key things I thought was missing from the Hills remake (The interaction between the Cannibal family) He has a tough time watching himself as Lizard in the trailer attack sequence and prefers not to sit thru it. He also talked about his experiences with George Romero and how he’d work with him in a heartbeat on anything. Although it’s not official, he did sign a sequel contract for the character of Charlie when he did Land Of The Dead and says that all the surviving cast members are obligated to a sequel. (Simon Baker & Asia Argento) He’s heard rumors that if (and when) they do it, it will film or take place in Australia (Where lead Simon Baker is from)

Robg meets actor Robert Joy!

John Torrani meets Robert Joy.

Max Brooks took the stage next to talk about his books ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE and his new book WORLD WAR Z. The hilarious Brooks explained that he wrote Zombie Survival Guide more as something to pass the time when he wasn’t working. And he really put a ridiculous amount of thought into things that you’d have to think about in the event of a zombie invasion. For example, chainsaw’s run out of gas? As humorous as Zombie Survival Guide is, he says his latest book World War Z is a more serious approach to the zombie genre. He recounts that a bidding war started for the movie rights to World War Z between Brad Pitt’s production company and Leonardo DiCaprio’s company and laughed about it, wondering why the urgency to adapt his zombie epic. He also (naturally) says that he loves anything that Romero does with the zombie genre. Max’s appearances are always funny & entertaining, and I’m looking forward to checking out both of his books.

Next up was the ‘REST STOP’ panel featuring writer/director John Shiban, actress Jamie Alexander, and FX creator Jamie Kelman. REST STOP is the first of 3 direct to DVD releases from the newly formed ‘RAW FEED’ label, distributed by Warner Brothers. We were treated to the trailer and 4 clips from the film. One of the clips focused on the special features for the unrated REST STOP DVD. John Shiban explains that since they’re designing these movies specifically for the DVD market, they are making special features that will further explain the films' backstories. Rest Stop shot for 15 days, and on the 16th day, bonus features were shot, which include 3 alternate endings. John also has directed a few episodes of the hit television show ‘SUPERNATURAL’. He tells us that one of his episodes (I believe the 4th one for Season Two?) will deal with one of his favorite horror subjects … killer clowns!!! REST STOP looked brutal and in the style of High Tension and even the recent Hills redux. John names Duel as a big influence, as well as Halloween. This doesn’t look like your traditional straight to DVD movie though, rest assured, Raw Feed is producing high quality films for their label. Looking forward to this one too and whatever else they've got for us in the future!

Fans line up for their REST STOP autographed posters.

Mariano Baino was on hand for a rare panel appearance to talk about his cult classic DARK WATERS, which just was released by No Shame on DVD. Our staffer John Torrani won a piece of original artwork from DARK WATERS director Mariano Baino for being able to name one of his early short films. No Shame always does a killer job with their releases, so this is one I’m curious to check out as well. (Plus, Mariano was so darned humble and nice to everyone!)

We were treated to a preview of the upcoming ANGEL’S BLADE, featuring actress Raine Brown, actor Joe Zaso and director Robert Stock. Fango guests were treated to free tickets of upcoming screenings for Angel's Blade in Bellmore, NY. For more info, check out the official Angel's Blade website!

J.T. Petty, the acclaimed director of SOFT FOR DIGGING and MIMIC: SENTINEL previewed his latest documentary ‘S&MAN’. Petty discussed why he chose to include contrived footage in a film that’s supposed to be a documentary about independent horror films. “After my film ‘Soft for Digging’ made it into the festival circuit, people started sending me movies. I would watch them, and often there is an effect that doesn’t match the production value. And I would have to wonder, ‘Did this person really cut himself?’ So the film is meant to produce in the audience the same ambivalence and unease that I had about seeing these films.” Staff member Bunni Speigelman won an “I Love Snuff” t-shirt from Petty.

Also, in a rare convention appearance at the end of the weekend, there was a panel with actor William Finley moderated by Fango’s Michael Gingold. Finley has a brief role in this years DePalma film "The Black Dahlia", but his history with DePalma goes much further back to the beginnings of both their careers. DePalma and Finley met when they were both in college at Sarah Lawrence, and this led to Finely appearing in DePalma's first few films, notably "Sisters", and as the lead in DePalma's horror musical "Phantom of the Paradise". Finley also worked with Tobe Hooper in "The Funhouse" and "Eaten Alive". Most interestingly was how he revealed the amount of pressure Tobe Hooper had been under by his producers on "Eaten Alive", which was supposed to be his big follow up to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Finley spoke about how the production was plagued with troubles, especially with the alligator aninimatronics (which were designed by the team that built "Bruce the Shark" for Jaws). The croc worked about as well as the shark famously did. Finley also mentioned that "Phantom of the Paradise" might still eventually happen on the stage, as had been rumored since the film came out in the mid-70's, as some Las Vegas producers were now interested in it. (Mike C.)

Mike C. meets William Finley!

Finally, the panels concluded late Sunday afternoon with one Mr. Tim Sullivan, of "2001 Maniacs" fame. Tim showed clips from the upcoming "Driftwood", about a haunted boys prison camp. Tim was inspired by the death of boys at teenage "boot camps" over the last years, and it really looks to be both a powerful statement and an excellent horror film. I've said before that the clips and trailers shown at the Burbank Fango really drew me in, and each time I see Tim discussing this one, or showing off new behind the scenes work I get even more excited. Tim also premiered the trailer for "Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror", which he wrote. It's a hip-hop influenced homage to the E.C. Comics. Tim amused the crowd by claiming that he can’t stop his compulsion to cast Lin Shaye in all of his films and advising that if one wants to cast Snoop Dogg in a film, for every one day of shooting you need him budget for four. While HOH doesn't sound too serious, Tim surprised everyone by annoucing that the film has been picked up for a major theatrical release, hitting 1,100 theaters this January. He also begins shooting the sequel to '2001 MANIACS' in February of 2007 and announced that not only will Robert Englund return, but Tony Todd is joining the cast as one of the banjo-totting musicians. (Mike C.)

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