Quantcast Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors Sept 24-25th, 2005 NJ/NY

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors - Icons Of Fright hit the vendor room!!!

Sat. Sept 24th, 2005 (Secaucus, NJ)
Icons Of Fright was on hand with a vendor's table this time around at the FANGORIA Weekend Of Horrors convention. Our goal was to introduce Fango fans to the site and also to give the slew of new, up & coming local independent filmmakers a place to hang. We had visits from various members of this year's Fangoria Blood Drive - including Adam Barnick, Paul Solet, Jake Hamilton, William Rot, as well as 'MALEVOLENCE' writer/director Stevan Mena & more. Icon's own Jsyn came down with his WICKED FX crew to do FREE demos thru-out the entire day. (More on that in a bit.) Here's a few highlights from the dealers room!

Mike C. sets up our base of operations!

John Torrani examines the Charles Band table across from us.

It's still too early for Jill at the LIX table.

Blood Drive 2 winner's William Rot, Erik Candiani, Adam Barnick & former Blood Driver Christopher Garetano.

The Blood Pack! Adam Barnick, Robg. & Christopher Garetano!

Hangin' with FRIGHT friend Jenn!

Proud parents?!

The WICKED FX FREE demos!!!
Jay Alvino is no stranger to the cons. He's been attending them with fellow Icon staffer Robg. for years. But for this event, he brought his newly formed make-up FX crew 'WICKED FX', consisting of Jay, Marissa Masella, and Ed Melamed with him to do FREE demos for the Fangoria convention goer's. Here's a sample of the day's work!

Sat. Sept 24th, 2005 Afterparty
Ok, so none of us were able to get into the Ice Cream party downstairs. (Well, except for John Torrani). So, we opted instead to order a few pizza's and have our own little get together in our room. We were joined by a slew of new-found friends and fellow filmmakers & screened the latest episode of America's Most Wanted (with FX by WICKED), followed by screenings of 'Means To An End' (available on the Blood Drive Volume 2 DVD), Vin Morone's Beaster, and John Torrani's Alpha Dead. We then continued the party downstairs at the hotels bar & lobby. Here's the highlights!

The "Blood Pack" in full force!

Adam Barnick, Paul Solet, Robg. & John Torrani.

The Icons Of Fright crew have a few drinks! Vin, Mike C., Robg. & Jsyn.

Getting tipsy with Jill & Adam!

Having a toast with make-up effects artist Tate Steinsiek.

Sun. Sept 25th, 2005 - Back to the ICONS OF FRIGHT Table!!!
Sunday, the festivities continued at the Icons Of Fright table, although, we did keep running off to enjoy the panels and all that the convention had to offer. Besides, we were giving out freebies anyways, so it didn't matter much if we left the table unattended for a bit. Below Vin & Jsyn enjoy some hotel lunch. And note the faces on the "Blood Pack" below.

1st picture - regular shot.

2nd picture - our "what the f*" pose.

3rd picture - crazy horror faces.

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