Quantcast Chiller Spring 2005 review

Chiller Theatre, April 29 - May 1st. 2005

"I don't think I'm going to Chiller."
Of course you don't. At the last Chiller you spent $200 on autographs, $100 on obscure movies, $30 on gas and tolls, $25 for food, and my favorite, $2.50 to use the goddamn ATM. Then, a few months before the next show they posting the guest list. So when we found out there would be a Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead Reunion, we knew we'd be braving the odiferous Jersey Turnpike, and the crowds, and heading out to that crazy Sheraton in East Rutherford for the Spring 2005 Chiller Theatre Expo.

Getting there was no easy task--our exit on the Jersey Turnpike was closed and while we purchased pre-show tickets, we didn't end up making it to the show until 15 minutes before everyone else was let in. Still--it's a good thing we had those pre-show tickets--the line for the rest of the hoi-polloi was already snaking way out past the hotel into the pouring rain. We may not have had the full hour, but we did get to walk right into the convention area as soon as we finally got there.

The guest list was fantastic--there was a Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead Reunion featuring every major cast member from those Romero classics. Lori Cardille from "Day of the Dead" was very friendly. She says she's already seen George's "Land of the Dead" and assures us that it's been well worth the wait. Next to Lori was Joe Pilato ("Rhodes") keep shouting something we didn't understand and looking a lot like William Shatner. Also in the guest tent was Adrienne Barbeau of "Carnivale", "The Fog", "Creepshow". Tom Atkins from the underappreciated "Halloween III" and "Maniac Cop". If you get to meet Tom at a convention buy the "Atkins" t-shirt. I don't know why I was having a moment of frugality at Chiller, but I need one, and I regret not buying it. Rob G. got to meet the lovely Lisa Zane from "Freddy's Dead". I promised that I would go over to Don Most from "Happy Days" and tell him how much I really loved that wacky 80's comedy "Stewardess School", I never quite found the time to do so. Autographs ran from $15 for your item to $20 for a signed 8x10.

Inside the hotel we finally got a chance to walk around the dealer rooms and meet a few more guests. We found Ted Bohnus of "The Deadly Spawn" standing around with a few of his pets (see below). He says to prepare yourself for a real, official sequel to "Deadly Spawn". The dealer rooms were packed again, and I was on a mission to find a copy of 80's crap cinema masterpiece "Death Ship". Unfortunately this Asian horror trend has taken over almost every dealer in the room, making it very hard to find much else. If you wanted to see Haute Tension before it's June release date, this was also the place to pick up a DVD import. It's all a trend though, I remember a few years ago when Italian horror seemed to peak in popularity and that's pretty much all you could find. I did pick up an excellent copy of "Don't Go Into The Woods", which is at least 15 times worse than "Death Ship".

Until the next Chiller that we claim we won't be going to,
Mike C.

Lord have mercy!!! The beautiful Lisa Zane of Freddy's Dead!!! (and Billy Zane's sis!)

Ah, Adrienne Barbeau smiles big for a pic with Robg.

And now Mike smiles big for Adrienne Barbeau !!!

Yep, Robg.'s geeky excited to meet Day Of The Dead's Lori Cardille. (A great hugger, by the way)

How cool is Tom Atkins? He's got Atkin shirts for Crom's sake!

Man oh man. Robg. gets down & groovey with new found buddy Tony 'Candyman' Todd.

Jsyn gives the thumbs up to Mick Foley!!!

Ahhhhh!!! Ted Bohus was on hand with some of 'The Deadly Spawn'.

And he tells us there is an official sequel in the works to 'Deadly Spawn'!

What's any event without a few drinks? Mike & Robg kick back...

Robg. & Jsyn get comfortable at the bar.

And what's a Chiller show without some costumed folks!!!

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