Quantcast Chiller 2003 review

Chiller Theatre 2003

Wow, what can I possibly write about a Chiller '03? Rob recently dug up the pictures of your Icons of Fright boys, including pre-diet, fat, bloated Me (doing my best imitation of an East Coast Harry Knowles, perhaps?) meeting up with a bunch of celebs and picking up the loot at Chiller. I fondly remember this Chiller as the swan song of the "trunk pictures". We really don't pick up that much stuff anymore. It's a shame.

If I remember correctly this is also the Chiller that included The Infamous David Carradine Incident. I don't care anymore--I'm naming names, damn it.

THE DAVID CARRADINE INCIDENT: All I wanted that entire Chiller convention was to meet Mr. David "Kill Bill" Carradine and get my un-special edition DVD of "Q: The Winged Serpent" signed. I love that movie--I think David is fantastic in it. It's a campy piece of trash, but screw it all, it's a personal favorite. I was supposed to be my special treat of the day. So, I finally meet this legendary actor. "Sign your DVD? Sure, $20". Ok, I was a little startled by that price. This was still the days of $5 autographs at the time. And mind you, this is pre-Kill Bill. But this was it I figured--when else would David Carradine at another one of these conventions? "Can I take a picture with you?". Sure, sure, Mr. Carradine comes all the way out from behind the table. I hand my camera to Mr. Rob G. and then..."Whoa--wait a minute--if you want to be in the picture, it's going to be $10."

$10? To be in the picture? "Oh...well...I'm sorta broke you see...Can I just take a picture of you?" "Sure". Shit-eating grin. Picture gets snapped, and my love of conventions destroyed for another six months.

That about sum's up my Chiller '03 memories. -mikec.

The traditional empty trunk of the Icons Of Fright staff - pre-show!!!

So far? Empty handed. But hey, we just got there!

Robg. & Vin manage to score DVD copies of Cannibal Holocaust.

An awesome Freddy Krueger bust. Who's got $290 bucks for this thing?

'A Nightmare On Elm Street's John Saxon smirks. Mikec. & Robg. become giddy!

We're still giddy. Even as we meet 'Return Of The Living Dead's Don Calfa!

Robg. meets Kane (Jason) Hodder again. Techno-weenie Vin does what he does best.

Holy smokes! THAT is Gunnar Hansen -
the original Leatherface from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.

Paul A. Partain aka Franklin from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' lives!!!
And he's such a nice fellow!

Everyone's entitled to a smoke break. Even these two cool geeks!

Robg. loses composure around the beautiful Kathleen Kinmont from
'Halloween 4' & 'Bride Of Re-Animator'.

A huge Pretty Polly fan poses with frontman Robg. Sadly, Vin captures this moment.

And now at the end of the day... it's our loot!

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