Quantcast Chiller 2002 review

Chiller Theatre Spring 2002

It was a beautiful spring day when we made it out to this particular Chiller convention. Although there was a celebrity tent set up, with plenty of genre celebrities to meet, our focus this trip was to buy some cool stuff from the vendors. Vin in particular was on the hunt to fill in the missing spots in his Living Dead Doll collection. This show wasn't all that crowded. And we were able to shop and get autographs with ease. Our buddy John couldn't help but get an autograph from Happy Gilmore's - - (aka Bond villian Jaws!) Overall, a brief but fun trip to Chiller. -robg.

Vin's future ride?!

"Good for Happy Gil-Oh-My-GOD!"

"This witch ain't so bad. Let me just pick you a winner."

Manza & Robg. salute our dark lord and savior.

Aw. Vin made friends with an evil wizard!

Preparing to fill the trunk with our loot for the day!

John Manza, Robg., Wilkie and Vin ready to call it a day!

And... it's our loot! Not bad!

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