Quantcast Chiller Spring "Dead Of Winter" 2006 review

Chiller Theatre, Jan. 27th - Jan. 29th 2006

I secretly love the grade-B'ness of The Chiller Theatre Expos. The Fangoria conventions are great when you want a no-stress show with polished Q&A panels, Big Name Stars, and the most exciting horror previews and news for the coming year.

But where else can you hand over $20 to meet Robert Vaugh from Zombie 5: Killing Birds. Right?

So your editors, Mike C. and Rob G. (with special guest appearances by Mikey of "Icons of the Ring.com" & friend Stevie D.) headed off to our first Chiller Convention in quite some time. The draw to us was the new venue (The Crowne Plaza Hotel used for the recent Fangoria Weekend of Horrors") and the shorter guest list that included the gotta-meets (Ernie Hudson, Michael Berryman, Margot Kidder), the that's-sort-of-neat (Michael Peck, Irvin Kursner, Sybil Danning) and the who-the-hell-cares (Christopher Knight, 80's Wrestlers).

(*editor's note: Mikey cares about the wrestlers!)

The crowds for a Saturday were remarkably light and we didn't encounter any line. We were buying pre-show tickets (1 hour early entry) for an extra $10, but even the line for regular ticket holders wasn't very long. The smaller crowd made it very easy to get around and meet all the guests and run from guest room to vendor room without hitting a 3 hour line (thank god). Lines were long all day to meet Christopher Knight of "The Brady Bunch" & his girlfriend Adrianne Curry but, er... you're Icons staff didn't have to wait on that one.

The guest list was smaller, and did feature a lot of filler, but it was great seeing Michael Berryman, Ernie Hudson, Margot Kidder all there. Margot had a fantastic selection of pictures with her. Kane Hodder returned to Chiller for the first time in while. All those guys mentioned are great to their fans. Autographed pictures will cost you, but they're all chatty, willing to answer questions, and happy to take a picture with you for nothing.

The vendor room was the same room used for the last Fangoria show, so it was small and a little crowded, but more than sufficient. Our buddy from CryptFlix was there. If see him at a convention, buy his stuff: The quality of the DVDs are extraodinary and his title selection unbeatable. He knows his vintage horror, guys. Overall selection at DVD vendors was typically repetitive, and extremely competitive. Shop around those tables guys! What'll cost you $45 at one dealer, might run you $20 at another, and don't be afraid to haggle and strike deals. The titles available finally seem to reflect a slow-down in the Japanese trend and a fantastic new focus on retro horror TV shows. Complete series of "Werewolf", "Twin Peaks 2nd Season", "Dungeons and Dragons", "Monsters" etc. were in no short supply. I, however, still do not have a copy of "Death Ship". Can't win them all. My friend at CryptFlix assures me he's working on it. For that guy, I'm willing to wait. I cannot, CANNOT, say enough great things about the CryptFlix DVD collection (for the record I got a beautiful copy of the BBC's "Day of the Triffids" miniseries, "The Possessed", and "Don't Go To Sleep").

-Mike C.

Your Icons staff Mike C. & Robg. arrive at the event!!!

Mikey wastes no time snagging pics for his wrestling site, Icons Of The Ring.com.

Mikey scores an interview with Brutus Beefcake!!!

King Kong Bundy & Brutus Beefcake chat it up with their fans!

Here's a slew of pics of Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry.
Robg.'s buddy Nicole, & Mikey's girlfriend requested these pics.
Why do you gals love this chick so much?

All was well at Bill Mosely's table - Bill is always a fan favorite guest!

There's always something wacky in Bill's corner!

Bill Mosely gladly chats it up with some fans.

Mike C. demonstrates to us how quickly your money goes at a convention!

Mike C. meets Margot Kidder!!! (LOIS LANE!!!)

Robg. is a HUGE Superman fan. So, meeting Margot Kidder was a treat!

The Chiller staff keeps the crowds in line!

Robg. chats up with Michael Berryman about The Devil's Rejects!

Thumbs up for this sweet fellow!

Robg. meets the beautiful Deborah Van Valkenburgh from The Warriors & The Devil's Rejects!

At Kane Hodder's table, you could check out some of his personal Jason masks!

Kane Hodder signs Robg's Devils Rejects banner.

Jeez! He's really choking Robg.!

And Mike C. is getting lifted off his feet as well! That nutty Kane Hodder!

Star Trek star Nichelle Nichols!

GO-GO's gal Jane Wiedlin!

Mike C. meets Robert Picardo! (We know him as the cowboy in Innerspace)

Mike C. try's to convince George Lowe (Space Ghost's voice) not to charge him $25 bucks to talk to his friend on the phone.

Stevie D. runs over to Ernie Hudson to let him know he loved him in 'The Crow', 'Ghostbusters' and 'The Human Tornado'!

Starstruck Steve is also SMART Steve. He opted not to pay for anyone's autograph!

Stevie D. meets his hero Ted Bohus! And his Deadly Spawn!

Icons Of Fright friends!!!

Robg. meets FRIGHT friend Cara!

Robg., Ruthie, & Stevie D.!

What's this? A high school photo? Robg. meets up with FRIGHT friends April & Jenn.

Robg., Irwin Keyes, our buddy Chris & Mikey.

"Holy SH*T!" Robg. bumps into some stormtroopers!

Ernie Hudson was charging $10 to take a photo with him...

...Stevie D. opted for this instead!

Oops! Steve drops his video tape in front of Felix Silla (Cousin IT), who's playing with a dog.

Almost done with our shopping! Robg., Mike C. & Stevie D. take a break.

Holy hot coffee, BATMAN! Robg. meets Batman in front of the Starbucks booth!

Steve starts opening his new DVD's as we await a panel.

Jennifer Delora, Margot Kidder & Sybil Danning sit in for an audience panel discussion.

Sybil Danning fields questions & talks about getting back into the biz.

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