Quantcast Make Love/Man With The Screaming Brain Tour
Bruce Campbell 'Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way' signing.

So, Bruce Campbell's got this new book out. And it's a fictional book titled 'Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way'. In it, Bruce get's cast in a Mike Nichols film with Richard Gere & Renee Zellwegger called 'Make Love'. The catch? He's convinced his B-movie curse haunts every production he takes part in, as the movie for 'Make Love' starts to fall apart. Yep... sounds like trademark Bruce Campbell comedy gold for sure!!!

Well, with another book, comes another book tour! On Friday, June 17th, Bruce made a stop at the Book Revue in Huntiungton, Long Island New York, where he had appeared 3 years back to promote his first book, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions Of A B-Movie Actor".

As usual, his apperance started with a little Q & A. Almost immediately, he said, "All right. Let's get those damned 'Evil Dead 4', 'Evil Dead' remake, 'Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash' questions outta the way." Surprised, the audience fell silent. And eventually began asking mostly acting related questions. This wasn't one of his more entertaining panel's, but the guy did just blow away the Fango crowd 2 weeks earlier at their Burbank, Cali show. "Would it be asking too much for you to do a little Elvis for us, Bruce?", a woman in the front called out loud. "Asking too much for me to do Elvis? No. That is if I was your dancing monkey!", Bruce replied with sarcasm. That essentially was how the panel continued. He described the differences in working on scripts as opposed to books.

And he was horrified when he saw my friend Melissa's deer head in the back of the crowd insisting, "I am not signing that thing back there!" After about 45 minutes of answering questions, the book store set up a table on the second floor and got the line in order for all the patrons to meet "the king"... (Read the captions for more & scroll down for 'The Man With The Screaming Brain' review)

"Go ahead. Ask me about Evil Dead 4. Let's get this over with already..."

"Actually, I hope Ashton Kutcher is in the new Evil Dead remake. Wouldn't you love to see him covered in blood for 90 minutes?"

" ... Yeah."

"When is Ash going to kill Freddy & Jason? ... They're already dead, son."

"Will I write another book? I don't know. Depends on if you buy this one. If you do, then sure."

"We shot 'The Man With The Screaming Brian' in Bulgaria. There's nothing like catering in Bulgaria?"

"Will I write more comic books for Dark Horse? If you keep buying them, then sure I'll write more."

"Yes, folks... in Spider-Man 3, I will BE Spider-Man."

The Icons Of Fright staff, along with a few friends, eagerly awaits yet another meeting with the legendary Bruce Campbell.

Robg. and Iron Mike ready with books in hand!

Our buddies Cara and Sean meet Bruce!

Yes, folks. Our friend Melissa brought a deer head. And Bruce was terrified during his panel.

Jysn's baffled!

Picture of a picture.

Mikey forgets to ask about Randy "Macho Man" Savage, like he originally planned.


Having met Bruce a few times now, I put him on the phone with my buddy Steve, who always has to work during his apperances.
Bruce hangs up on him. (And hell... we all found it hilarious!)

"Ok. Ok. I'll sign the damn deer head."

Melissa gets her wish for the evening!

Jsyn tries to pull a fast one & asks Bruce to sign a "Date with Kirstin Dunst" coupon, to which he yelled, "Get the hell outta here! What are you trying to pull, pal!? Go get her on your own!"

'The Man With The Screaming Brain' NYC Midnight Screening.

The following evening, Saturday June 18th, Bruce hosted 2 screenings of his directorial debut 'The Man With The Screaming Brain' at New York City's Angelika Theater. One at 11:30PM and a special Midnight screening. He set up a table in the lobby and signed for a few hours before each screening, and then joined the audience for some Q & A. He described his shooting experience in Bulgaria and talked a bit about working with both Dark Horse entertainment on the comic book adaptations, and Anchor Bay on the film release. The film will tour select theaters for the next few months and then be released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment later in the year. His next film work will be with Dark Horse entertainment, who are making the brave leap from comic books to movies! The early word on the Bruce/Dark Horse film will be that Bruce Campbell will play himself. And when a monster haunts a town, the town's people decide to call in "that Evil Dead guy" to fight him off. Problem is, Bruce is just an actor and doesn't really know how to shoot a gun or weild a chainsaw. Hence, more people die. Sounds like all sorts of fun for us! It's definitely next on his slate after the completion of his book tour.

The Film Itself: A Review of 'The Man With The Screaming Brain'.

I had already read the first issue of the Dark Horse comic book out of curiosity as to what to expect from the new Bruce Campbell film, and quite frankly, I was nervous! It's not that I didn't enjoy the comic. After all it only represented perhaps the first 15 minutes of the film it was inspired by, but judging from that, the only way I could see it working as a film would be if it was a homage to cheeseball Sci-Fi B-movies of the 50's. Sure, enough, that's exactly what it was, and sitting there, watching the movie with a packed NY audience... the movie completely exceeded my expectations, and casted aside any doubt I may have had from the comic book sneak peak. 'The Man With The Screaming Brain' is trademark Bruce Campbell "camp", and it's very, very funny. I've read early reviews already stating this to be "funnier" then 'Bubba Ho-Tep'. I think that's an inaccurate statement, as both films are two completely different entities. But if you're a fan of slapstick/Evil Dead style Bruce, then you will find this film extremely entertaining.

Bruce Campbell plays the lead character, William Cole - an American industrialist visiting Bulgaria to close a business deal. Long story short, along the way, he's ends up getting himself killed by a jealous gypsy who had a "thing" with his cab driver, Yegor. (Whom by the way, has an affair with William Cole's wife, Jackie.) From there on, a crazed scientist uses a piece of Yegor's brain to revive William Cole (Frankenstein-style), but William soon discovers that both him & Yegor have to share control over their body. They must find a way to get along long enough in order to save Jackie and exact revenge against Tatoya, the gypsy who killed them both.

Highlights? Pretty much the whole film! Seriously... it's entertaining from start to finish. Ted Raimi plays the scientist's assistant Pavel, and he pretty much steals every scene he's in (even when he's drinking Red Bull!). The beautiful Tamara Gorski (who worked with Bruce on Hercules) plays the jealous & gorgeous gypsy Tatoya. And of course, Bruce himself is fantastic. When he first gets "the brain", he struggles for control over his body and has a fight with himself in a restaurant, reminiscent of the hand-fighting scenes from 'Evil Dead 2'. Overall, this movie is a wonderful oddball gem. And one that every Bruce fan should add to their DVD collection when Anchor Bay puts it out later in the year. Trust me, it'll fit perfectly on your shelf between your 'Evil Dead 2' and 'Bubba Ho-Tep' DVD's. - Robg.

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