Quantcast Bruce Campbell "Chins" in-store
Bruce Campbell "If Chins Could Kill" signing.

What? Bruce Campbell will be signing his new book on Long Island? Well, of course as soon as we heard this, my friend Matt and I had to be there to meet "the man." We eagerly awaited in our seats of the Huntington book store for Bruce to take the podium. He was running a bit late, coming from another apperance in Manhattan. But it was well worth the wait. My buddy Matt managed to ask the burning second question in all our minds. "Bruce... I don't know how many times I've seen 'The Quick And The Dead.' Where exactly are you in that movie?" The audience snickers and Bruce shoots a dirty look as he replies "What are you trying to say, man? That I'm NOT in the movie?" And so it began. His 45 minute panel can be only be described as 45 minutes worth of stand up comedy. I've never laughed harder at a convention or in-store apperance then I did for Bruce's witty stories about the real behind-the-scenes deal in making movies and his sarcastic replies to almost every question. "Will there be an Evil Dead 4!?" an eager fan calls out. "Well, gee... I don't know. I've never been asked THAT before. Listen folks. I don't know. No one in Hollywood is saying... 'Boy we need another one of those!'" Behind the sarcasm though was just a regular guy who seemed to get a kick out of people wanting his autograph. In other words, Bruce is a really humble guy. He gladly signed books following the Q & A and traded jabs with fans, including yours truly. I asked the dude to sign my book to Rob G. Love because... well I though it'd be funny and that chicks would be impressed. Of course, Bruce poked fun at me right away for this, but did it anyways. Anytime this man appears somewhere, just go! You won't regret meeting him. -robg.

"Do I own a copy of the Necronamicon? ..........no."

"There are no small parts. Only bad offers!" Bruce explains.

"No, sir. I am not in 'The Quick & The Dead.' I was never in the movie.
I don't WANT to be in the stupid movie! But I will accept the residual checks!"

"If I didn't try to carve out Kurt Russell's eye... he wouldn't have tried to escape... from LA. Now, would he?"

"Rob G. Love, huh? Any relation to Buddy Love?"

"Yea, they're will be more 'Jack Of All Trades' ... when monkeys come flying right outta my butt!"

All joking aside, Robg. & Bruce meet & have a 'moment'!

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