Quantcast Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors BURBANK, CA - SAT. JUNE 3RD, 2006

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors BURBANK, CA, DAY TWO - Sat. June 3rd, 2006
-by Robg., Mike C.

Lloyd Kaufman kicked off Saturday’s festivities with his Troma presentation! He was joined on stage by the Toxic Avenger and a bunch of hot chicks. (As usual!) He introduced Adam Jahnke, the writer of the new Toxic Avenger novel, which as Lloyd puts it is “21 years in the making!” We were then treated to the ‘POULTRYGEIST’ music video, and then he promised to premiere for us the opening scene to ‘POULTRYGEIST’. (cont.)

Instead, a video “accidentally” started playing footage of Lloyd putting on lipstick and dancing around in a bra, to which he ran across stage begging for the Fango crew to “Stop the tape! Wrong tape!” The opening scene of ‘
POULTRYGEIST’ starts out with a couple dry-humping in a cemetery. “You’re the best dry humper in the school!” cries out our female Tromette. So, they decide to have real sex for the first time and unbeknownst to them, a bunch of zombie hands emerge from the ground around them. “You’re hands are all over the place!” says the male lead. That’s when a zombie finger goes right up his butt. AND breaks off in there. There was a LOT more, but I don’t want to spoil the entire opening of the film for you. Just know that it goes WAY over the top and that this is BOUND to be Lloyd’s best and most off-the-wall Troma movie EVER!!! (cont.)

Next up, Anchor Bay presented a ‘HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR ’ panel to promote the upcoming documentary DVD on the history of the entire Halloween franchise. Hosted by Tony Masi, surprise guests included Halloween 2’s Cliff Emmich, Brian Andrews (Tommy Doyle from Halloween), Sean Clark (The Horror Channel), composer Alan Howarth, and Halloween 2’s Gloria Gifford. 3 minutes worth of clips were shown from the upcoming documentary, which features footage culled from over 70 interviews with various cast and crew from the entire Halloween series, as well as material from 2003’s 25 th Anniversary convention. It looks like it’s going to be something special for Michael Myers fans! Each film in the series is covered during the 90 minute special, including the underrated Halloween 3. The disc will also boast hours of special feature material, including more footage from the interviews conducted, as well as additional panel footage from the Halloween 25 th anniversary convention and a tour of the original Halloween locations from Sean Clark’s ‘Horror’s Hallowed Grounds’ in a segment hosted by PJ Soles. The guests shared tidbits and stories about their Halloween experiences, which in turn made me very excited for this DVD release. (cont.)

Next up was the MASTERS OF HORROR panel, featuring writer David J. Schow, William Malone, Stuart Gordon, and series creator Mick Garris. I was kind of shocked when in the middle of this packed panel, a gentlemen walked up to the front of the audience with a camera and asked each filmmaker to individually look into the camera and state their “name” and “what they do”. Stuart Gordon had a bit of fun with the guy and made up a fictional name. (Guess he didn’t pick up a schedule at the front door on his way in?) Speaking of Stuart Gordon, the group talked about the currently lensing Season Two of Masters Of Horrors, and Gordon confirmed that his episode WILL be ‘The Black Cat’ with Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allen Poe, which drew loud applauses of approval from the audience. William Malone talked about a “dream” project he’d like to make called ‘Phoenix Dust’, which would be a HUGE expensive film. He’s currently prepping a 6-minute short and comic book of the sci-fi epic to raise interest into making the challenging full length. Other director’s mentioned for Season two included Bret Anderson (The Machinist, Session 9) and Tom Holland (Child’s Play). Sadly, the panel was disrupted by the fire alarm, which blared thru the building for 20 minutes!!! The Masters Of Horror crew later signed autographs at the Anchor Bay table. (cont.)

Writer/Director Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) took the stage with Diamond Dallas Page and actor Talan Torriero. They were on hand to preview Tim’s ‘2001 Maniacs’ follow-up film ‘DRIFTWOOD’. The story centers around a troubled youth who is sent to ‘Driftwood’, an "Attitude Adjustment Camp for Troubled Youths" run by the sadistic Captain Doug Kennedy (aka Page). It looks like one of those prison movies but with teens at an institute/camp, instead of prisoners. And to make things worse, it appears that the grounds are being haunted by the spirit of an angry teen who may have met an untimely end at ‘Driftwood’. They screened a fictional “infomercial” for ‘Driftwood’ with Diamond Dallas Page and then 2 clips from the movie. One of the clips was Yates (Torriero) parents (played by Lin Shaye and Mark McClure) telling him via video tape why they sent him away. The movie looks great on its own, even if you ignore the ghost elements. But with a spook, it makes me more intrigued. Plus, it looks like a completely different film from ‘2001 Maniacs’, which really excites me, because it proves Tim Sullivan is interested in being his own filmmaker. Looking forward to this one! (cont.)

Took a quick break from the panels to enjoy lunch outside, and we ran into Paul Solet and Jake Hamilton, the filmmakers behind the Fango Blood Drive winner ‘MEANS TO AN END ’. (cont.)

Mike C. meets ‘Return Of The Living Dead’sJames Karen (Soon to be seen in 'Superman Returns'). Or as Mike calls him, Mr. Pathmark! (cont.)

Ryan Rotten hosted the ‘HATCHET’ panel, a flick I’ve been interested in since I read the FIRST LOOK review that Adam Barnick wrote for our site about it. The panel featured (from left to right) Tamara Feldman, Joleigh Fioreavanti, Mercedes McNab, Joel David Moore, writer/director Adam Green and Parry Shen. They were later joined by surprise guest Tony Todd. Since only The Evil Barnick had seen this film, we were really excited when Green showed a complete scene from “Hatchet”. Folks—when this comes out, head to the theater in diapers because if the completed film is anything like this one scene, you’re going to need them. What did we see? A twitching, deformed, unrecognizable Kane Hodder repeatedly hack a nice middle-aged man to pieces, then grab his screaming wife, grab her by the mouth and literally tear the top of her head off. Loud and approving cheers from the audience followed. (cont.)

One of the best moments of the panel was when Adam Green called up a fan named Richard to the stage. He explained that he’d been in touch with Richard for a while via e-mail, and that Richard wouldn’t be allowed to come to the Fango con unless he passed Math. He announced that he got a B, and as a reward, Adam handed him an actual hatchet prop from the movie autographed by himself and Kane Hodder! How cool is that? Just goes to show, you should do good in school! (cont.)

Next up was the screenwriter’s panel, which featured Hans Rodinoff (‘Man-Thing’, the upcoming ‘Werewolf By Night’), Matt Venne (White Noise 2, Master Of Horrors “Pelts”), Mark Wheaton (the new Friday The 13th), Jace Anderson & Adam Anderson (‘Mother Of Tears’ – the Susperia sequel, ‘Toolbox Murders’, ‘Motuary’), Stephen Susco (‘The Grudge’ 1 & 2), and Scott Kosar (Texas Chainsaw, Amityville remakes). There wasn’t much to learn from this panel, although I liked the bit about Jace and Adam talking about working on Argento’s latest, ‘Mother Of Tears’, the third part in the “Mother’s” trilogy, which started with ‘Susperia’. They talked a bit about what it’s like to work with Argento and how refreshing it was to have a director constantly push their writing towards more grim territory. (cont.)

We were treated to an excellent ‘FEAST’ panel, with director John Gulager moderating. Joining him was FX artist Gary Tunnicliffe, who immediately started launching free t-shirts into the audience as soon as he took the stage. Also on stage, actress Diane Goldner, actor Clu Gulager (Clu!), screenwriters Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton. They screen a full clip for us, which was flat out AWESOME. I guess it’s the first moment when the “creatures” attack the bar. I can assure you this one’s going to be worth the wait. It was fastly paced, gory as hell, funny and very old-school. There were monsters breaking thru the windows and hanging from the ceiling, and people losing limbs. I can not WAIT to see this. I’m unfamiliar with the Project Greenlight show, but John mentioned that FEAST will finally be released this Fall and that Project Greenlight will re-air to co-incide with the theatrical release. We can also expect a DVD release of Project Greenlight around the same time. (cont.)

The highlight of DAY TWO was of course, the living legend himself BRUCE CAMPBELL . Bruce’s panels ALWAYS play like a session of stand up comedy, and this panel was no different. He plugged the upcoming ‘Jack Of All Trades’ and ‘Brisco County Jr.’, which he thought would never make it to DVD. When asked about the status of ‘The Woods’, he said he didn’t know why it was delayed, and then coughed into the mic offering a possible suggestion. “It-sucks”. Someone asked if we’re ever see ‘Crime Wave’ on DVD, and he sarcastically insists that the Coen Brothers have since made sure it’s been removed from their resume. Someone asked the status of ‘The Evil Dead’ remake, which drew loud boo’s from the audience. After a pause, Bruce responded with, “Fine. We won’t remake that one.” He was asked if he reads any of Ash’s exploits in the comic books, and says that he doesn’t. Although he was shocked to see recently the front cover to the upcoming ‘Darkman Vs Army Of Darkness’ comic book. He turned around and asked everyone to scream their least favorite movie of his while his back was turned, and he’d try to explain why the movie sucked. Most audible was ‘Serving Sara’. He started telling a story of how towards the end of the shoot, Matthew Perry asked him how to beat ‘The Evil Dead’ video game because it sucks. Bruce supposedly replied, “Maybe YOU suck!” And this apparently was the event that made Matthew Perry fall off the wagon. He also apologized for ‘Congo’. “That movie sucked because quite frankly, they should have gotten Rick Baker to do the gorilla’s rather then Stan Winston.” (cont.)

The audience cheered to this. A young girl named Summer with bright red/pinkish hair asked if he had any plans to do a movie in South Oregon because she lives there and would like to be in it. After thinking about it, Bruce invited Summer on stage so that he could “direct” her in a scene and see her acting abilities. The crowd seemed to get a kick out of this. Later, Bruce name checked Roman Polanski’s ‘The Tenant’ as his favorite horror movie. He tells us that Ted Raimi will be playing 2 roles in his upcoming film ‘They Call Me Bruce’ – his agent and a 75 year old Chinese man. As always, Bruce always puts on a good show, and he definitely made Fango’s Saturday show a memorable one. (cont.)

As usual, Saturday's show ended with a costume contest for a grand prize of $500. Among the contestants, we had a 'Halloween 2' Michael Myers, a devil girl in all red-glitter body make-up, a zombie, V from V For Vendetta, an odd version of Dr. Doom (who later danced to 'Bad To The Bone'!) and even... a tumor?! Check out the pictures below!

DAY ONE: featuring Tony Timpone, Rusty Nails - 'DEAD ON: THE LIFE & CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO', Ryan Nicolson - 'LIVE FEED', Fred Dekker, Sid Haig - Night Of The Living Dead 3D & Brotherhood Of Blood, Richard Moll, Tiffany Shepis - 'Nightmare Man', Jack Hill, 'Gravedancers', Jim Isaac, Sarah Carter - 'Skinwalkers', Paul Solet, Brian Austin Green, Eli Roth - 'GRACE', Lance Henriksen, Charles Band!

DAY THREE: Tim Sullivan, Wendy Kremer, Christa Campbell, Lin Shaye, Christopher Nelson, Steve Niles, David Arquette, John Moore - 'THE OMEN', Bob Clark, Guillermo Del Toro, Doug Jones, Howard Burger!

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