Quantcast Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors BURBANK, CA - SUN. JUNE 4TH, 2006

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors BURBANK, CA, DAY THREE - Sun. June 4th, 2006
-by Robg., Mike C.

The beginning of DAY THREE was a late start. By this point, we were all fairly exhausted, so we didn’t catch as many of the panels as we should have. He made it over to the screening room to catch the first half of ‘DEAD SERIOUS ’, the off-beat horror/comedy directed by Joe Sullivan, written by Michael Hein & Joe Sullivan and starring Felissa Rose. The flick is a unique vampire tale that’s set in a gay bar, where a religious terrorist cult takes over the bar in an attempt to “remove” homosexuality from the planet. What I caught of this flick was pretty funny, so check it out. There was plenty going on in the vendors room. Our buddy and staffer John Torrani was able to snag a copy of Fangoria #1! (cont.)

We stopped by the ‘2001 Maniacs’ table and spent some time with writer/director Tim Sullivan, our My Space buddy Wendy Kremer, the beautiful Christa Campbell, and the lovely Lin Shaye (soon to be seen in ‘Snakes On A Plane’!) (cont.)

It wouldn’t feel like a Fango weekend if we didn’t pay a visit to the wonderful Troma table and say hello to Uncle Lloyd and his beautiful Tromettes! (cont.)

I caught up with Fango writer Ryan Rotten for a bit. I tried to steal his woman, but he just wouldn’t have it! (Rightfully so!) A little after this, Ryan took the stage to announce the big news – Rob Zombie is writing/directing and producing the next HALLOWEEN movie. It is not Halloween 9, but a new take on the Michael Myers character as Rob Zombie envisions it. He’ll also serve as music consultant on the new Halloween project. The crowd seemed very excited by the announcement! (cont.)

We caught a little bit of ‘THE TRIPPER ’ panel with actor Christopher Nelson, producer/writer Steve Niles, & director David Arquette. (cont.)

THE OMEN’ presentation began at 2PM with director John Moore and producer Glenn Williamson. Oddly enough, question weren’t open to the audience, as producer Glenn Williamson fielding all questions for the panel. They showed a rough version of the nanny suicide birthday party scene. Which was cool, even though they showed this version of the scene. And then they screened 2 more scene’s from the actual movie. The crowd response was overall positive. And director John Moore is a friendly, funny guy, answering all questions in that likable Irish accent. The movie’s out as of this reading, so the verdict is now up to you! (cont.)

Legendary director Bob Clark was presented with a Fangoria Lifetime Achievement Award after the Fango crew screened a short tribute montage reminding us why Bob is such a special director for the genre. This is the man who made Black Christmas, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Porky’s, and A Christmas Story! Bob said he’d love to do another horror/sci-fi genre piece called ‘LOST IN THE STARS ’ – a film he’s been trying to get off the ground for years, but will focus on a remake of his first film ‘CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS ’ next. He promises to make a zombie film like no one has ever seen. He described how he’d like redefine what it is we know about zombies. After 20 years, do they have to take a crap? Do the newly dead zombies still have a sex drive? It’ll have horrific elements to it, but it’ll be, as Bob calls it “a Monty Python zombie movie”. He says the ‘Black Christmas’ remake due out this Christmas is very true to the original, yet offers a unique and interesting fresh approach to the material, and explains who “Billy” is exactly. He doesn’t feel it will take away at all from his film. He also mentioned that Eli Roth is attached (although probably not to direct) to a remake of his film ‘DEATHDREAM’. And although he knows nothing about the ‘Porky’s’ remake, he’s looking forward to what the new version will be like. All in all, Bob is both a legend and a class act and he signed after his panel for the fans. (cont.)

Guillermo Del Toro took the stage with actor Doug Jones to preview ‘PAN'S LABYRINTH’, which the audience seemed to love. I only caught portions of his panel where he talked about ‘PAN'S LABYRINTH’, the upcoming ‘Hellboy 2’, and why he isn’t a Master Of Horror just yet. I had him sign my copy of ‘Blade 2’ and told him that although I love David Goyer, ‘Blade 2’ just couldn’t be topped. Del Toro really seemed to take his time when it came to meeting & greeting the fans, which is always an amazing thing to see at these Fango shows. Look out for this guy. He’s one of our upcoming director legends in the making! (cont.)

Howard Burger took the stage to answer questions about the numerous projects he’s worked on over the years with KNB EFX. Earlier in the day, Tony Gardner was also on stage showing his recently “banned” ‘Daft Punk’ video for ‘Prime Time Of Your Life’ (which you can watch on YOU TUBE HERE!) (cont.)

I stopped by the Anchor Bay table again before the end of Sunday’s show. They had specially made a set of 19 trading cards for a slew of their upcoming releases. Among them, is our buddy Dante Tomaselli’s ‘SATAN'S PLAYGROUND ’, which will finally be on DVD on August 22 nd, 2006!!! Buy it when it’s out!!! (cont.)

Mike caught the previews from 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes', the new series based on Stephen King short's. Here's his thoughts!

Battleground: We saw a 10 minute scene from the “Battleground” episode starring William Hurt and directed by Brian Henson. In the clip, Hurt is attacked by a boxload of green army men, you know, the little plastic toys. Not much to say about this clip, except the toy animation looked excellent and I was sorry to see the clip end after 10 minutes.

Crouch End: Something of a familiar tale: Newly married couple end up in a part of London everyone warned them not to go into and end up trapped there by some unknown force. I really like stuff like this, it’s very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Lovecraft homage “In the Mouth of Madness”. On their way to Crouch End, where they’ll be meeting a friend for dinner, their cab driver tells them the story of how the place is “thin in parts” and sometimes unpleasant and nasty things get through to our world. These include some absolutely creepy children (the kind even the Technoweenie would love), rat people, and my favorite scary monster: The Unseen Noisy Thing. In fact, so much of the creepiness in “Crouch End” really comes from what’s never shown, and with the excellent direction, production design and two really great actors. I’m pleased to call this excellent “classically trained horror” that works better than anything seen to date on “Masters of Horror”. Of course, a caution: This is a wonderful and successful attempt at Lovecraftian horror, but wasn’t it Lovecraft himself that once wrote about the effect of continuity in horror? Seeing the episode without commercials added an edge and a build up of tension that may not translate when the episodes are aired on broadcast television. My advice: Tivo it!!

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DAY ONE: featuring Tony Timpone, Rusty Nails - 'DEAD ON: THE LIFE & CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO', Ryan Nicolson - 'LIVE FEED', Fred Dekker, Sid Haig - Night Of The Living Dead 3D & Brotherhood Of Blood, Richard Moll, Tiffany Shepis - 'Nightmare Man', Jack Hill, 'Gravedancers', Jim Isaac, Sarah Carter - 'Skinwalkers', Paul Solet, Brian Austin Green, Eli Roth - 'GRACE', Lance Henriksen, Charles Band!

DAY TWO: featuring Lloyd Kaufman - 'POULTRYGEIST', HALLOWEEN, Masters Of Horror - Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, William Malone, David J. Schow, Tim Sullivan, Diamond Dallas Page - 'DRIFTWOOD', James Karen, Adam Green, Tony Todd - 'HATCHET', Hans Rodinoff, Matt Venne, Mark Wheaton, Jace Anderson & Adam Anderson, Stephen Susco, Scott Kosar, John Gulager, Clu Gulager, Gary Tunnicliffe, Diane Goldner, Bruce Campbell, Fango's costume contest!

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